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Johnny's Boy of the Painted Cave Timeline


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Johnny's Boy of the Painted Cave Timeline for 6A English class.

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  • Johnny's Boy of the Painted Cave Timeline

    1. 1. BOY OF THE PAINTED CAVE TIMELINE Contains CH 1~15 odds only, made by Johnny C.; William L.; and Yu Jin C.
    2. 2. CHAPTER 1.A Tao leaves behind a rabbit while drawing in the sand.
    3. 3. CHAPTER 1.B Tao is a bad-footed orphan
    4. 4. CHAPTER 1.C Tao gives a field mouse to a thin-looking wolf-dog.
    5. 5. CHAPTER 1.D Volt is the leader of the Valley People.
    6. 6. CHAPTER 3.A Tao goes into the Slough, a forbidden land where evil spirits are believed to live.
    7. 7. CHAPTER 3.B Tao and the wolf-dog work together to get two eggs of an owl.
    8. 8. CHAPTER 3.C Tao and the wolf-dog become friends and Tao names the wolf-dog Ram after the Spirit of the Hunt.
    9. 9. CHAPTER 3.D Tao and Ram work together. Tao returns to camp with more than one rabbit.
    10. 10. CHAPTER 5.A The hunters knew Ram was there so the hunters chase Ram. Tao notices this happening and helps Ram get away.
    11. 11. CHAPTER 5.B Volt was rubbing a scar on his face and rubbed it while talking about the wolf.
    12. 12. CHAPTER 5.C Tao picked a cave where to spend most of his time which was not allowed.
    13. 13. CHAPTER 7.A When Volt was he thought he got attacked by a wolf- dog and his mother died.
    14. 14. CHAPTER 7.B Graybeard and Kala grew up together. But when Graybeard became sixteen, he left the Valley People and became a member of all the clans.
    15. 15. CHAPTER 7.C Graybeard brings news and paints in caves. He helps sick people, too.
    16. 16. CHAPTER 7.D Graybeard knows about Tao’s dad and mom.
    17. 17. CHAPTER 9.A Tao goes up to the cliffs to sketch the sacred bull, Saxon.
    18. 18. CHAPTER 9.B Then Graybeard agrees to teach Tao the ways of a shaman.
    19. 19. CHAPTER 11.A Graybeard uses ‘magic’ to contact Tao.
    20. 20. CHAPTER 11.B Graybeard finds a secret cave for them to practice.
    21. 21. CHAPTER 11.C Graybeard charges Tao with the task of finding ingredients.
    22. 22. CHAPTER 11.D Tao and Ram slew a boar for ingredients and brought it back to the clan, earning the clan’s respect.
    23. 23. CHAPTER 13.A Tao wants to prove that Ram is good at hunting and sicks Ram on a herd of deer.
    24. 24. CHAPTER 13.B The deer escape and the hunters try to kill Ram.
    25. 25. CHAPTER 13.C Ram crosses the river and Tao tries to cover up his trail.
    26. 26. CHAPTER 15.A Graybeard is sick.
    27. 27. CHAPTER 15.B Graybeard tells Tao to go into the valley.
    28. 28. CHAPTER 15.C Tao has to go the Hidden Cavern and paint.