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with ken clark discussing positive discrimination

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    1. 1. Social Change in Late Modernity University and The Good Life 1
    2. 2. “I wrote last month about the fact that over thelast 20 years the employment rate gapbetween ethnic minorities and society as awhole had widened – stated another way, themajority of people from ethnic minorities areworse off in terms of employment now thanthey were two decades ago. I called ongovernment to take stronger action within itsown immediate grasp, most importantly byensuring that the companies they make theirbillions of pounds of annual purchases fromhave credibly diverse workforces.”The Guardian, 19th October 2009 2
    3. 3. Campaigners have welcomed an idea to givepoorer students a two grade "head start" tohelp them get places at the leadinguniversities.Business Secretary Lord Mandelson islooking at the idea, and a variety of others, toincrease social mobility.Les Ebdon, of university think tank Million+,said it was important to widen the social mixin universities. ... Mr Ebdon said: "I think whatall universities are in the business of lookingfor is potential among the students rather thanachievement." 3
    4. 4. Katie Ivens, of the Campaign for RealEducation, said the plan was positivediscrimination.She said: "It is not fair on those who studyhard , it is not fair on the schools that actuallyproduce a good quality education."You cannot just push people into universitybecause they come from a certainbackground and hope that will solve theproblem."The Guardian 9th August 2009 4
    5. 5. Kant and Rawls developed modern theoriesof justice that try to detach the ideas of justiceand rights from the ideas of moral dessertsand virtue.Kant: a priori categorical imperatives lead toprinciples of a fair society.Rawls: a hypothetical contract agreed to frombehind a veil of ignorance will lead toprinciples that create a fair society. 5
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    7. 7. 7
    8. 8. 8
    9. 9. Cowardice Courage RashnessInsensibility Temperance IntemperanceIlliberality Liberality ProdigalityPettiness Munificence VulgarityHumble-mindedness High-mindedness VainglorinessWant of Ambition Right Ambition Over-ambitionSpiritlessness Good Temper IrascibilitySurliness Friendly Civility ObsequiousnessIronical Depreciation Sincerity BoastfulnessBoorishness Wittiness BuffooneryShamelessness Modesty BashfulnessCallousness Just Resentment Spitefulness 9
    10. 10. CompassionCooperativenessDependabilityFairnessFriendlinessGenerosityLoyaltyPatienceSelf-disciplineSelf-relianceTactfulnesstolerance 10
    11. 11. Courage Temperance ToleranceJustice Modesty IndividualityTemperance Piety Generositywisdom Obedience Patience conformity loyaltyFaithHopelove 11
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    13. 13. 13
    14. 14. Inheritance tax should only be paid by therichest, by the millionaire, it shouldnt be paid bypeople whove worked hard and done the rightthing in their lives. We should in this country be trying to encourage people and reward people for doing the right thing. And to people who are queueing up who want to do the right thing and obey the rules, theyre being punished. Thats one of the things thats wrong in our country at the moment. We need a different set of values, and this is not them. It doesnt make sense. Anna, I have every sympathy with you because, frankly, today in our country, people who try and work hard and save, and obey the rules, and do the right thing. 14
    15. 15. maximising welfarerespecting freedom promoting virtue 15