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We Have a Library Blog! Now What?


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Staring at a blank screen trying to think of something for the library blog? We'll review great blog examples that inspire ideas for blog content, and we'll discuss how you can organize those ideas and plan ahead for timely, relevant blog topics.

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We Have a Library Blog! Now What?

  1. 1. We Have a Library Blog! Now What ? Courtney McGoughGeorgia Council of Media Organizations 2012
  2. 2. Poll
  3. 3. Need Ideas?
  4. 4. Inspiration and Organization
  5. 5. Vision
  6. 6. Audience
  7. 7. Tone or Voice
  8. 8. Time and Effort
  9. 9. Ideas…You don’t have to reinvent the wheel
  10. 10. Promote Your Services text-us/
  11. 11. Use a Topic to PromoteItems from Your Collection
  12. 12. Promote Databasesand Database Features
  13. 13. Post Library Resources for CurrentEvents
  14. 14. Offer Practical Information toStudents
  15. 15. Public Service Announcements
  16. 16. Highlight Government Resources
  17. 17. Show Off Your Collection…and your great sense of humor
  18. 18. Offer an Online Exhibit
  19. 19. Point Out Interesting Items in the Collection
  20. 20. Help with Paper Topics
  21. 21. Help with Citations
  22. 22. Crowdsourcing Instruction
  23. 23. Post Photos from Your Area
  24. 24. Participate in Community Events(and post cute duck pictures!)
  25. 25. Get Caught Reading
  26. 26. Get Patron Participation
  27. 27. Let the Students Be the Stars
  28. 28. Highlight Faculty and StaffAccomplishments
  29. 29. Share Historical Photos
  30. 30. Georgia History…Then and Now
  31. 31. Relive Local History
  32. 32. Quiz Your Readers
  33. 33. Organizing Ideas Notebook Email folder Google Docs Evernote Calendar
  34. 34. Planning Posts Think ahead for blog topics during the next month, semester, season, or year Think about the best timing for posts Decide who will post what Use a calendar Write ahead when/if you find time Use blog software to schedule posts to appear on future dates
  35. 35. Tips Photos  Take them  Use your own image resources  Britannica  Digital Library of Georgia  Digitized special collections that you have  Find images online with a Creative Commons license Look at your blog’s feed in a feed reader Don’t be afraid to “upcycle” (update and recycle) old posts if they are still relevant
  36. 36. Questions? Comments?
  37. 37. ContactCourtney McGoughGALILEO Support