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Musicians for Music 2.0


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The old models of the making money in the music business are going away. The new models are still being defined.

Dozens of music discovery and taste maker sites/technology need financial support from musicians who succeeded through the old models of the past 50 years to help music fans discover new music so that musicians can make a living over the next 50 years.

It's not too late to build a better music ecosystem!

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Musicians for Music 2.0

  1. 1. Musicians for Music 2.0 it’s time to build a better music ecosystem Charles McEnerney, Founder
  2. 2. the music business has changed musicians no longer need record labels, radio, or magazines to become known by music fans
  3. 3. a new era of music discovery there has never been more access to music and more ways to discover new music than we have now
  4. 4. a new kind of relationship via the web, musicians are having a direct relationship with their fans, through mp3 sales, ticket sales, donations, merchandise, and licensing, cutting out “the middle men”
  5. 5. fostering a middle or working class of musicians if musicians receive the majority of profits from their work, they could live comfortably making music they want to make vs. aiming for mainstream appeal
  6. 6. the power has shifted labels or record stores will not have the exclusive distribution channels iTunes, Amazon, and Myspace are the new key power brokers
  7. 7. how different can this be? if these online entities have the majority of the taste making influence in the future, is that a good thing for musicians and music fans?
  8. 8. the new distributors have one goal in mind e-retailers are in the volume business, stocking as much music as possible to sell, but not providing any real editorial guidance
  9. 9. music discovery is changing sites + services like Pandora,, Spotify, Pitchfork, etc. are showing there is a hunger from both active and passive music fans to discover something new
  10. 10. discovery tools keep coming from mp3 blogs to podcasts, music recommendation engines to mobile apps, live event tools to music social networks, curated mixes to internet radio, this is clearly the future. (visit http:// for a list)
  11. 11. music commerce is changing artists are making less money from the sales of physical product, so musicians are needing to be more innovative with how they are “paying the bills”
  12. 12. many genres are suffering the shift away from radio, magazines, and record stores is having a negative impact on jazz, classical, and other genres which are not well served online
  13. 13. on the web, there are hundreds of new methods to discover music but the majority of these projects will not get funding from foundations or venture capitalists how long can they survive?
  14. 14. we need a new kind of organization we need to fund the best of these new ideas until they can generate their own revenue from advertising, grants, sponsorships, merchandise, donors, etc.
  15. 15. these new tastemakers will help musicians make money aiding music discovery projects will help fans discover a wider array of music, sending them to musicians’ web sites where musicians can engage financially directly with fans
  16. 16. it’s time to build a better music ecosystem this new organization will incorporate the best elements from non-profit foundations, venture funds, tech incubators, and advertising networks
  17. 17. and so an idea was born...
  18. 18. Musicians for Music 2.0 is... a fund where taste maker sites and technologies can apply for and receive funding so they can work on turning part-time pursuits into full-time jobs and help more people discover more new music
  19. 19. every 12 months, new taste maker sites can apply sites and technologies will be evaluated based on their concept, execution, mindshare to date, and ability to engage users
  20. 20. we need the help of successful musicians musicians who succeeded through the business models of the last 50 years can help launch Musicians for Music 2.0 and foster the business models of the next 50 years
  21. 21. these “guardian angels” will benefit musicians, too by donating $100,000 each, 12 different musicians each year will help change the music ecosystem, receive positive public relations coverage, and get a tax deduction, too
  22. 22. these are “guardian angel” musicians like David Bowie Yo Yo Ma Russell Simmons T-Bone Burnett Dave Mathews Sonic Youth David Byrne Jessye Norman Bruce Springsteen Bob Dylan Pearl Jam Sting Phillip Glass Tom Petty U2 Jay-Z Robert Plant/ Paul Van Dyk Jimmy Page Madonna Wilco Prince Bob Marley's Brian Wilson Estate Bonnie Raitt Neil Young Wynton Marsalis R.E.M. John Williams Rick Rubin
  23. 23. Musicians who succeeded through the models of the past 50 years donate to the Musicians for Music 2.0 fund Advertisers Musicians for reach music Developers, Music 2.0’s audiences bloggers, Board of through display $ podcasters, and $ Advisors ads across the entrepreneurs review ideas whole network create new music and or just specific discovery applications, sites and channels and granting bridge demographics apply for grants funding Musicians for Music 2.0 will manage a music advertising network that serves as a revenue stream for music- related entrepreneurs
  24. 24. fund, educate, and make a profit—fast in addition to revenue from display ads, Musicians for Music 2.0 will also serve as an incubator, with short, intense trainings that will help funded ideas become profitable faster
  25. 25. what if Musicians for Music 2.0 is not started soon? after retail CD sales stop in the coming years, the major online e-tailers will hold all the distribution cards without editorial, it is up to taste maker sites to help fans
  26. 26. what if Musicians for Music 2.0 is not launched? while Pandora, Pitchfork, and Stereogum are turning profits, music discovery will be better for musicians and music fans if there are many different perspectives and opinions
  27. 27. next steps secure a financial commitment from 12 “guardian angel” musicians from all genres of music gather a group of forward-looking Board of Advisors from both music and tech sectors launch Musicians for Music 2.0 by Spring 2010
  28. 28. for more information Charles McEnerney 617.233.6613
  29. 29. music courtesy of Yoko K.
  30. 30. visit the Facebook group to see how hundreds of people are already supporting the idea: