StartupDigest: Passion, Marketing, Launch. - EventTech 2010


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Here is the presentation for my talk at EventTech 2010.

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StartupDigest: Passion, Marketing, Launch. - EventTech 2010

  1. StartupDigest: Passion, Marketing, Launch.<br />EventTech<br />Chris McCann@Cmccannatron<br />
  2. What is StartupDigest?<br /><ul><li>StartupDigest is a media company around startups, technology, events, and conferences
  3. 22 to 52,000+ subscribers in 26 weeks
  4. 2 to 34 cities in 16 weeks
  5. Regarded as the worldwide source for high tech startup events by:</li></ul>"Plain and simple, [Startup Digest] seems like a pretty smart idea to me..."<br />
  6. Team<br />Brendan McManusCo-Founder of StartupDigest, first employee for Wildfire Interactive, Inc. and the UpDown<br />Chris McCann<br />Co-Founder of StartupDigest, Advisor for SSE Labs (Stanford University) founding team TEDx Silicon Valley<br />Local Curators:<br />
  7. Growth<br /># of Subscribers<br />
  8. Online for Offline<br />Meetup is the best example <br />We’re using a media property to promote physical interaction<br />Level of engagement highest in person<br />Can’t replace physical interaction<br />
  9. Online for Offline<br />Examples<br />1 tweet $500,000<br />Free lawyer<br />Met a co-founder<br />Developer conquering social anxiety<br />Helping serial entrepreneurs give back<br />
  10. Very Powerful Stuff<br />+<br />
  11. Marketing your Event<br />We see 100+ events a week in 40+ cities<br />Media Sponsors for 30+ events in <2 months<br />Small meetup to huge conference corporation<br />We want to help make your events better<br />
  12. What I look For:<br />
  13. Good Story<br />
  14. How not to pitch<br />
  15. Get to Know the Media<br />
  16. Biggest Advice<br />Have fun with your audience!<br />
  17. SDbase<br />“CrunchBase” for events<br />Collection of data from all the events we featured<br />Ability to rate/review events <br />Built on a wiki<br />
  18. Contact<br />Chris McCann<br /><br />@cmccann7<br />