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Cal poly thinking like an entrepreneur


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Cal poly thinking like an entrepreneur

  1. “Think like an Entrepreneur”<br />For Cal Poly<br />Chris McCann<br />
  2. Entrepreneurs are Fucking Crazy<br />
  3. 2 Main Life <br />Philosophies <br />
  4. #1<br />
  5. #2<br />
  6. Entrepreneurship is not Starting a Company<br />
  7. Life Philosophy <br />+<br />Way of Thinking <br />
  8. 6 Traits all of us Share<br />
  9. #1<br />
  10. #2<br />
  11. #3<br />
  12. #4<br />
  13. #5<br />
  14. #6<br />
  15. What is StartupDigest?<br /><ul><li>StartupDigest is a media company around startups, technology, events, and conferences
  16. 22 to 70,000+ subscribers in 10months
  17. 1 to 51+ cities and verticals in 10 months
  18. Regarded as the worldwide source for tech startup events by:</li></ul>"Plain and simple, Startup Digest seems like a pretty smart idea to me..."<br />
  19. Team<br />Brendan McManusCo-Founder of StartupDigest, first employee for Wildfire Interactive, Inc. and the UpDown<br />Chris McCann<br />Co-Founder of StartupDigest, organizer for Geeks on a Plane Tokyo, founding team TEDx Silicon Valley<br />Local Curators:<br />
  20. Growth<br /># of Subscribers<br />
  21. My Story<br />
  22. My Story<br />
  23. My Story<br />
  24. My Story<br />
  25. Questions?<br />Do I need to know CS for a web startup?<br />How do I get a job at startup?<br />How can I get involved at Cal Poly?<br /><br />@Mccannatron<br />Should I find a Cofounder?<br />Should I work for a corporation?<br />How do I get some startup experience?<br />Should I do Innovation Quest?<br />Should I move to Silicon Valley?<br />How do I come up with a Startup idea?<br />Would you go back to college again?<br />What did you study at Cal Poly?<br />How do I find a co-founder?<br />Should I stay in School?<br />What was the first “startup” you ever did?<br />