Reviews Management Programs: How can I get better reviews?


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Customer Reviews Management Program

People are talking about you… Without you!

It’s no secret that customer reviews can make or break a brand. People don’t just search, they search for what they want, and then the “re-search” on the company name or an individual within the company, essentially treating themselves to a free background check.

Consumers are more inclined to write negative customer reviews

Everyone expects to get good service and a quality product, so we rarely head to the reviews channels to tell everyone that something just met our expectations unless prompted. However when a consumer is dissatisfied (whether warranted or not) they’re self-motivated to tell the world.

Be proactive and stack the deck in your favor

So how do you leverage your best customers to become evangelists for your brand? Simple… ask them! That’s what we do on your behalf.

How does our reviews management program work?

You give us a list of hand-picked customers that you know will probably give you a great consumer review, and we take it from there. We will actually call your customers on the phone, coach them, transcribe their review, and publish it on your behalf. A single review can show up in many high-traffic places around the Internet…including directly on the search result for your company name.

• Customer Review Management
• Social Media Integration
• Referral Marketing
• Automatic Service Reminders
• Review Syndication
• Multi-channel review generation
• More Reviews in More Places!

Is it cost effective?

Yes, it’s surprisingly inexpensive, and a ridiculously good value. So much so that we actually just include it in many of our higher end programs, and offer it as a standalone service, as well as an add-on to all of our programs.

Contact us for details. You will be surprised at how affordable it is and the positive impact it can make on your company’s bottom line! | 949-276-6062 |

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Reviews Management Programs: How can I get better reviews?

  1. 1. The Power of Reviews Syndication Our Reviews Management Program syndicates your Customer Reviews Across the Internet
  2. 2. It Starts with your Master Reviews Page
  3. 3. Interactive Map to your Business
  4. 4. People who see your reviews can request an appointment directly from the Master Reviews page
  5. 5. Designate “Featured” reviews that always show up on top
  6. 6. Keep your eye on this review to see how it shows up on other review sites
  7. 7. Our reviews show up all over the search results!
  8. 8. Reviews automatically show up on your Facebook tab
  9. 9. This is what your Reviews look like on Facebook
  10. 10. Widgets for your Website
  11. 11. | 949 ● 276 ● 6062 |
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