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E-act - Short Presentation


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A short presentation of our company, services and portfolio.

Published in: Business, Design
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E-act - Short Presentation

  1. 1. 2.10  billion   people  in  the  world     are  internet  users   ! !     97%     of  the  consumers     make  use  of  online  media     to  search  for  goods  and  services
  2. 2. Do  you  make   FULL  USE     of  those  opportunities?
  3. 3. The  Company
  4. 4. Since  2007,  E-­‐act  is  one  of   the  most  informed,  modern   and  updated  companies  on   the  Bulgarian  market  in  the   field  of  IT  technologies. We  provide  to  our  clients  full   constant  access  to  the   development  of  all  stages.
  5. 5. Our  team  unites  talented  young  professionals   possessing  skills  in  design,  web  development   and  programming,  online  marketing  and   promotion,  system  and  network   administration.
  6. 6. We  work  fast  with  a  high  sense  for  aesthetics   and  modern  thinking  without  affecting  the   quality  of  the  result.
  7. 7. We  never  refuse  to  consider  additions  and   make  suggestions  ourselves  in  case  there  is  an   opportunity  to  achieve  obvious  advantages   for  the  customer.    
  8. 8. Services
  9. 9. Media  and  Marketing   Research Account   Management   Digital   Creative Internet   Design DevelopmentMedia  Planning/ Buying c cc c cc
  10. 10. E-­‐mail   Marketing Web   Advertising Web  Video  &   Audio Rich  Media   Design Online   Marketing SEO c cc c cc
  11. 11. Mobile   Applications Viral   Marketing ORM Web   Programming Facebook   Applications Responsive   Design Facebook  &   Google  Ads cc c cc c c
  12. 12. Project  highlights
  13. 13. Client:  Schwarzkopf   ! Brief:  Website  localisation   and  development Client:  Syoss   ! Brief:  Website  localisation   and  development
  14. 14. Client:  Mall  Veliko  Tarnovo   ! Brief:  Facebook  application Client:  Fa   ! Brief:  Facebook  application
  15. 15. Client:  Playboy   ! Brief:  Website  design  and   development Client:  Forbes   ! Brief:  Website  design  and   development
  16. 16. Client:  Globul   ! Brief:  Website  design  and   development Client:  Subaru   ! Brief:  Website  design  and   development
  17. 17. Client:  Living  legends   ! Brief:  Website  design  and   development Client:  President  of  the   Republic  of  Bulgaria   ! Brief:  Bulgarian  Christmas   website  design  and   development
  18. 18. Client:  Plesio   ! Brief:  Website  localisation   and  development Client:  Plesio   ! Brief:  Responsive   design  and   implementation
  19. 19. Client:  Germanos   ! Brief:  Website  design  and   development Client:  Germanos   ! Brief:  Responsive   design  and   implementation
  20. 20. http://e-­‐­‐act/Presentation_E-­‐act.pdf For  our  full  portfolio  visit:
  21. 21. Clients
  22. 22.     Christo  Matov         International         Business  Development   ! 2  Prof.  Petar  Dzidrov,  bl.  8,  1700   Sofia,  Bulgaria   Mob.:  +359  (0)  894  59  63  00   Phone:  +359  (0)  2  417  52  79   h.matov@e-­‐   www.e-­‐ THANK  YOU     for  your  attention!