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Internships in Communications


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For cmat 101. The benefits of finding internships.

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Internships in Communications

  1. 1. By Justen Barbierri, Megan Conner, Erin Mainhart & Ryan Raines
  2. 2. Training in a student’s area of interest Allow students to gain knowledge See what lies in their future career path
  3. 3. Gain valuable experience Experience  opportunities Opportunities  career
  4. 4. Real life tasks How a workplace runs Confidence and improved skills
  5. 5. Newspapers, radio, television Government, communication science Multimedia, public relations, journalism, advertising
  6. 6. Career services Advisors Professors Personal connections Job fairs
  7. 7. Salisbury University 98 Rock U.S. Census Bureau Walt Disney World Auckland University of Technology in Auckland, New Zealand
  8. 8. In your hometown In a different state In a different country
  9. 9. Know what you want Make decisions for the future Insight to your career
  10. 10. Internships are resume builders The number 3 resume booster (HackCollege) “Nothing looks more impressive than someone who knows what their goals are and sets out a plan to attain those goals” (HackCollege).
  11. 11. Several opportunities at WBOC Offers shadowing opportunities and internships to students Michelle Roberts shadowed Scott Abraham this summer
  12. 12. Students gain real life experience Michelle said that she “had an awesome time and learned so much” Working experience leads to careers
  13. 13. Helps in career decision making process Can help you figure out your interests Can also help you figure out what you don’t want to do
  14. 14. They: • Are easy to find • Are worth your while • Build your resume • Lead to careers “Gain exposure to real-world problems and issues that perhaps are not found in textbooks” (BYU)
  15. 15. The benefits outweigh the negatives “In a recent study interns received, on average, $2,240 more than non-interns for starting salary” (BYU) Internships open doors
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