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Mobile Webinar: Optimize for Mobile to Maximize Your Leads


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This action-packed webinar will teach you how to:
+ Increase your ranking in mobile search results
+ Target local buyers while they’re on the go
+ Convert more leads with mobile friendly design

PLUS: Save time & get more done with Mobile Apps

AND Discover…
How do you stack up against your local competitors?
A free website analysis shows you where your strong and where your not (including how mobile can benefit your current marketing).

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Mobile Webinar: Optimize for Mobile to Maximize Your Leads

  1. 1. Table of Contents 1. Mobile & Your Website 2. Mobile & Local 3. Mobile & Social 4. Mobile in Your Workflow PLUS: How we can help with GeoJuice& Mobile Responsive Sites
  2. 2. ------Common Question------ How important is it for my site to be mobile optimized?
  3. 3. ------Common Question------ What is the difference between Mobile & Desktop design?
  4. 4. The Mobile Take Over Analysts predict that mobile Internet use will outgrow desktop Internet use by 2015 Almost 30% of web traffic shown came from site visitors on mobile devices View of roofing client’s Google Analytics
  5. 5. More email is read on mobile than on desktop.
  6. 6. Mobile & Your Website
  7. 7. Keep file sizes small so they don’t effect site load time. If you have large images… compress them (you can use programs like jpegtran or OptiPNG) – *25 bytes is the minimum for creating any meaningful impact) To prevent site bounces: • Minimize quantity of images and video  both slow down your site • Test your site on a mobile device Use a basic photo editing program to reduce files by:  Cropping unnecessary space  Reducing color depth to the lowest acceptable level  Removing image comments Saving images using the best suited format (pngs for most files, gifs for very small images, &jpgs for photos) Plan for Impatience: Say NO to…
  8. 8. Anatomy of a Mobile Landing Page: • Big fonts for readability • High Contrast so elements stand out • Buttons/ Tappable Navigation Elements • Contact information • Click-to-Call # (mobile visitors are already on a phone – make it easy for them to call) • Map to your location • Social buttons Call to Action! Landing Page Formatting: Simplicity Rules Above All: Include an opportunity to convert site visitors into leads!
  9. 9. Keep content concise  Emphasize Visual Content: (eg. images, banners, videos)  Use clean, streamlined text layouts for written content  Headlines Matter: Make Them Compelling  Central Ideas of content should come across after a quick skim  Don’t forget….Social Proof! Interior Pages: Bite Size Content
  10. 10. A few specifics Sizes: • Set body copy to at least 14pts • Set headlines to 22pts • Screen width: maximum width of 640px so content scales to the device (especially a problem withAndroid) Page/Email Layouts: • Use single column layout • Keep CTA’s near the top of your page content Usability: • Remove content that requires plug-ins or flash • Include the option to see the desktop version of your website A few specifics
  11. 11. • To Research Your Company: Testimonials, social proof, business background & services • To Access Important Information: Your location, contact number, contact email addresses • To Ask questions • Educational Content & Entertainment: Video, images, short articles/blogs Bottom Line: Think about why people visit your website on a mobile device & help them get to the content/information they want What mobile viewers want from your site
  12. 12. DON’TDO
  13. 13. Mobile ResponsiveVS. Mobile Optimized Responsive Optimized What is it? Mobile responsive code is built into your website. It automatically adjusts site content so it fits an array of devices. A copy of your website that iscustomized specifically for mobile. Search •Preferred by Google •Preserves your canonical URL •Mobile URL’s will not add to your website SEO Maintenance/ Cost Typically requires a site redesign •Maintained separately from your desktop website. Updates must be individually added to each sites. •Potentially cheaper in the short term, but may require extra work to adapt to devices as they change over time. Speed Adaptive – customized to your website to show specific content to visitors on different devices Fast because it’s designed for mobile Additional Shows your complete desktop site Does not accommodate tablets, set desktop version as preference for tablets.
  14. 14. Testing for Mobile Sites ① Setup Google Analytics ② Examine areas with high bounce rates, especially those that get lots of site traffic ③ Check which pages visitors land on when they select the full desktop version (Use: Behavior Flow Report or Events.) ④ Speed up slow pages: Identify slow pages in Analytics (Use: site speed reports (page load times), page timings reports (individual page performance), & user timings report (shows how individual page elements perform)
  15. 15. Mobile search is location sensitive: • List your business in mobile directories to put your business “on the mobile map.” (including Yelp, Google Places, Google Maps, Mapquest, City Search) • Run localized pay-per-click ads • Run ads on FourSquare and/or Yelp Mobile Apps (after you claim your business on both) • Optimize your desktop website for local SEO Mobile & Local
  16. 16. Explosion of Local Search
  17. 17. Consumers are Searching Locally
  18. 18. Mobile & Social
  19. 19. The Status Quo Current Situation: People, especially those searching locally on their smart phones are more likely to use businesses with social media accounts Action Plan: Create compact, actionable content for your social accounts to engage mobile-users
  20. 20. Tips: Shorten your links  Have single focus posts  Use lots of visual content  Produce content for mobile social platforms (ex. vine videos, images for instagram)  Utilize mobile map and check-in technology (ex. foursquare)  Use crowd-sourced content (ex. Ask customers to send photos of them with a completed project) Social Mobile Posts
  21. 21. Take Advantage of Video:  Create product videos to show how your product works  Create a video introduction to your business 40% of YouTube's global watch time is on mobile Source: Youtube 1 year ago it was 25% 2 years ago it was 6% Mobile video use is GROWING
  22. 22. Make sure you have reviews on Facebook- they are the 2nd thing you see when you visit a Business Page &help build consumer confidence in your business.  Always keep your Facebook Business Page information complete and up-to- date, so users can get in contact with you. 1 in every 3 new page “likes” occur via mobile (source: The State of Mobile Benchmark, Adobe Digital Index) 91% of local searchers say they use Facebook to find local businesses online (Local Search Usage Study, comScore and Localeze, 2012) Facebook on Mobile
  23. 23. What is it? If you have the Facebook Mobile App on your smart phone you have Nearby (Select “more” button in lower right corner to see it). What does it do? Nearby enables users to search for businesses by category, business name, and location & see what’s close by on a map. *It also shows users what nearby businesses their FB friends likeClaim your business to allow checkins: 1. Change your businesses category to Local Business 2. Add your address to your page 3. Update your business hours & contact info 4. Check the box next to “Show map, check-ins and star ratings on the Page” 5. Save Changes & Test It Facebook Nearby
  24. 24. Mobile in Your Workflow
  25. 25. Productivity Enhancing Apps When you’re away from the desk, Apps help you get the job done: Common work tasks mobile helps with: • Delivering contracts • Modify social profiles & post content on the go • Add contact to your database • Maintain your office calendar & schedule appointments • Document completed projects • Log and update job statuses
  26. 26. How we can help with GeoJuice & Mobile Responsive Sites
  27. 27. Check-in from the client’s home in seconds  Users can snap a picture and type a quick message, and check-in from each client location straight from their smart phone  Automatically tagged with their location  Automatically uploaded to the right geo-landing page  Option to cross-post to Facebook and Twitter iOS Android
  28. 28. Powering Strong Local Landing Pages  Check-ins, photos and reviews from the mobile app flow automatically to pages on your site custom built to draw attention to the specific cities you serve, amplifying your brand for your most important services and service areas.  You also get an interactive heat-map for each service city, showing the general location of your jobs, and recent reviews, in each of your service areas.
  29. 29. Request a review at the point of service  Request a review by text or email, from the home  Clients responds from their own computer, tablet, or smart phone  Clients respond with a four star or better rating 40% of the time when the service provider makes the request personally, right away
  30. 30. Location Data Management Services Manually review data, enhance data content and identify/fix duplicate listings Submit the enhanced data to the top 20 search portals / directories; claim listings for top directories Syndicate the enhanced data to Acxiom, InfoGroup,Factual, and NeustarLocaleze Create a dashboard that shows current status of and links to live listings 1 4 3 2
  31. 31. Location Data Management Services Local Landing Page Claimed Profiles Syndication Transparent Reporting 1 432
  32. 32. Summing it Up! 1. Reduce website content & test it on a mobile device 2. Minimize file sizes to speed up your mobile site and prevent site bounces 3. Update your website and social profiles to reflect your location 4. Create content to engage mobile users on social apps 5. Uses apps to increase your productivity 6. + Try out GeoJuice
  33. 33. Talk to Us Chris Marentis is the Founder and CEO of Surefire Social. With over 25 years of experience leading traditional and interactive marketing businesses, Chris is a leader in helping businesses use new technology to enable dramatic growth. Need help or want to find out more? Come see us to get your FREE Online Visibility Checkup now at or call 888-804-8685
  34. 34. Who is Surefire Social? Surefire Social delivers personal, comprehensive strategies for effective local Internet marketing. To learn more about our Mobile Marketing, visit us