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Field Sport Concepts Portfolio


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Field Sport Concepts Portfolio

  1. 1. INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS FOR THE PRESERVATION OF RURAL LAND Founded in 1993, Field Sport Concepts, Ltd. ( is an affiliation of nationally respected consultants in the disciplines of resource and land planning, engineering, landscape architecture, equestrian architecture, environmental sciences, conservation finance, and field sport facility/venue design.Committed to sustainable ownership and rural land preservation, our organization offers a comprehensive resource aimed at presenting landowners with economically feasible and sustainable strategies for short and long-term land-use and conservation. FSC wasformed as an alliance of specialists whose core competencies lie in the planning, design, and development of rural land, and represents a unique arrangement where otherwise independent consultants are brought together as one organization to comprehensively address the complex issues surrounding rural land use, preservation/conservation and field sport activities. In order to fully unlock the economic and recreational potential of a property we are able to plan for multiple compatible uses such as appropriate sporting programs, in combination with conservation easements, habitat restoration, comprehensive wildlife, natural resource, and timber management, habitat or wetland banking, and agriculture.We seek ways to enhance and manage rural properties in a manner that is sympathetic tothe natural environment while providing opportunities for the pursuit and appreciation of outdoor activities. To learn more about our unique approach to rural land conservation and field sport programming, please visit our website 301 East High Street | Charlottesville, Virginia 22902 | (434) 979-3486
  2. 2. OUR INTEGRATED SERVICES INCLUDE Field Sport Facility / Venue Design and Programming Ecosystem Services and Conservation EasementsWater Resource Planning, Stream Restoration, Wetlands Delineation / Mitigation Agricultural Resource Management and Agritourism / Ecotourism Consulting Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Land Planning, Civil Engineering OUR CLIENTS INCLUDE Farm and Rural Land Owners Conservation & Preservation Organizations Field Sports Enthusiasts Resort Owners and Managers Land Developers Timber and Mineral Resource Enterprises
  3. 3. TABLE OF CONTENTSAffiliates 6Project Experience 8 The Fork Farm & Stables - Stanly County, North Carolina 8 Sagamore Farm - Baltimore County, Maryland 14 Bundoran Farm - Albemarle County, Virginia 20 Devine Ranch - Aptos, California 26 Jackson River Mountain - Alleghany County, Virginia 32 Oakhaven Ranch - Austin, Texas 38 Little Mountain Ranch - Highland County, Virginia 44 Monticule Farm - Lexington, Kentucky 50 Terra Chula - Brooks County, Georgia 54 The Oaks - Lake City, Florida 60 Woodstock Equestrian Park - Montgomery County, Maryland 64 Playa Secreta - Gulf of Fonseca, Pacific Ocean, El Salvador 68 Shoal Bay Villas - Anguilla, West Indies 74
  4. 4. AFFILIATED COMPANIES conservation | planning | conservation communityMCKEE CARSON, a firm of Landscape Architects, Civil Engineers, and Land andResource Planners located in Charlottesville, Virginia, is a progressive design firm with astrong background in low-impact, sustainable site development. Providing site design andland planning services to the public and private development sectors since 1978, McKeeCarson helps its clients to capitalize on the character and integrity of real property whileenhancing the environmental sustainability of the asset. equestrian | special events | preservationBLACKBURN ARCHITECTS, P.C., founded in 1983, is an architecture and planning firmwith a wide range of experience in both large and small projects. As a firm, they offer seniorlevel involvement and continuity of staff throughout all projects. Blackburn Architectshas special expertise in the planning, design, and preservation of equestrian facilities, fromprivate farms with breeding and training facilities to colleges and universities with showjumping and research facilities. Having planned and/or designed over 150 equestrian facilitiesthroughout the United States and internationally, the firm has developed a reputation forits unique use of natural light and ventilation in the design of equestrian structures and thesensitive placement of their buildings in harmony with the land. shooting | management | instructionBRITISH AMERICAN SPORTING CLUB and its principal, John Higgins, specialize inthe feasibility, design, construction oversight and project management of shooting facilitiesthroughout the world. Combining extensive high-end resort shooting facility experiencewith professional shooting instruction and design expertise, BASC is the ultimate resource inthis small but rapidly growing industry. restoration | mitigation | conservationTROUT HEADWATERS, INC. - The River Restoration Company - is a private companyspecializing in the creation, restoration and enhancement of rivers, streams, lakes andwetlands. Their customer-driven philosophy has made them the industry leader in natural,sustainable approaches to aquatic resource restoration since 1995. Using a multidisciplinaryapproach, they are proud to guarantee 100% client satisfaction on every project.
  5. 5. AFFILIATED COMPANIES consultation | operations | supportSPORTING HERITAGE CORP is a consulting firm whose expertise encompasses theworld of the traditional field sports--hunting, shooting, and fishing. Whether private orcommercial, lodge or club, SHC’s professionals are dedicated to serving their clients’ needsin establishing, acquiring, and operating first class sporting venues. And, once in place, theyprovide the ongoing support to ensure that their clients’ operation runs efficiently andperforms effectively. From short term consultations to extended operational commitments,SHG has the experience and knowledge to give their clients the best in the traditional fieldsports. resort | consultation | hospitalityPANORAMA INTERNATIONAL, INC. is an organization with more than 40 years ofexperience specializing in international hospitality and resort development consulting andfinance. The company has accomplished its mission in over 70 countries including thosethroughout the entire Caribbean, Latin America, Europe, North Africa and the Pacific Rim.Panorama has offices in Texas, Costa Rica, California, Morocco, Spain, Jordan and Mexico.Bill Clover, the company president, was one of the original consultants to FONATUR(Mexico’s Tourism Division) in the planning and development of Cancun. Quality,perfection, risk abatement, superior operations, sustainable development, environmentalintegrity, security, and profit are words that describe the culture of Panorama International. falconry | education | managementTHE FALCONRY AND RAPTOR EDUCATION FOUNDATION & RESORTOUTFITTERS have been involved in the promotion and design of high-adventure fieldsports and recreation for nearly 20 years. They have operated and designed programs atmany of America’s finest resorts including The Greenbrier, The Homestead, The GasparillaInn, The Lodge at Hershey, The Hotel Hershey, John’s Island, and The Resort at GladeSprings. The Falconry Foundation/Resort Outfitters team has the expertise to developinnovative revenue streams through field sport programming that are sure to create lastingmemories. From the creation of turnkey recreation programs to the long-term managementof existing recreational facilities, their professionals will help identify and establish unique,and profitable, outdoor
  6. 6. THE FORKThe 1,100-acre Fork Farm is located at theconfluence of two rivers in south-centralNorth Carolina. Field Sport Conceptsworked with our client to create a privateagricultural, equestrian and hunting preservethat was both sensitive to the environmentand sympathetic to the site’s historical andcultural resources. Included in the programwere sporting clays, a horse-breedingprogram, CTA-caliber eventing venues,continued agricultural use, extensive wildlifehabitat and husbandry efforts for dove,duck, quail, pheasant, turkey and deer, anda variety of architectural components thatmimic rural traditions.Site analyses, conceptual design studies, soiltests, and habitat and wildlife populationresearch converged in a charge to determinethe potential of the subject site to lenditself to a well orchestrated establishmentof the envisioned programs. Thecollaborative efforts of our diverse planningteam produced a comprehensive feasibilitystudy which identified the positive andnegative affects of various site conditionson each individual program and theirrelationship to one another.Project Location: Stanly County, NCClient: PrivateAcreage: 1,100Completed: 2000
  7. 7. equestrian | hunting | conser vation
  8. 8. THE FORK
  9. 9. THE FORK
  10. 10. S AG A M O R E FA R MSagamore Farm, historic home to NativeDancer, known to the public as theGalloping Grey Ghost, and consideredone of the greatest race horses of alltime, embodies all the farm was and willbe. A thoroughbred horse-breeding farmoriginally owned by Alfred G. Vanderbilt,II, it has held international recognition as apremier breeding and training ground in thethoroughbred industry. The current ownerplans to restore the farm to its formerworld-class status and was very clear abouthis vision for the property, saying simply,“We are looking for winners, period. That’sour only goal.”Affiliates Blackburn Architects and McKeeCarson provided project direction andsite design services for the restoration andrenovation of the facilities to meet theneeds of a modern equine facility with acareful eye and a measured respect for thehistory of the farm. Blackburn Architectsis providing architectural services for therenovation of two existing barns includinga 16-stall foaling barn and a 20-stallbroodmare barn. The project incorporatesseveral sustainable elements including re-use of original building materials, naturallighting and ventilation to reduce theenergy demand of the buildings, and useof recycled materials. In 2011, Blackburnprovided architectural design services for anew 24-stall training barn. McKee Carsonprovided preliminary analysis work alongwith site design services including theredesign of the gates and entrances andseveral spaces within the interior of thefarm.Project Location: Glyndon, MarylandClient: Sagamore Farm LLCAcreage: 250Completed: OngoingAwards/Recognition: Maryland LifeMagazine May/June 2008, Mid-AtlanticThoroughbred Magazine February 2008.
  11. 11. equestrian i
  12. 12. S AG A M O R E FA R M
  13. 13. S A G A M O R E FA R M
  14. 14. BU N D O R A N FA R MLocated twenty minutes south ofCharlottesville, Virginia, Bundoran Farmand its 2,300 acres of pasture, orchards,and woodlands present a place that isboth breathtaking in its natural beautyand classically Piedmont. Unique in bothconcept and execution, Bundoran Farmrepresents a rural community that combinesfarmland and forest preservation withlimited residential development.The Bundoran program places the propertyunder an intricate regime of easements anddeed restrictions, ensuring the preservationof the farm’s character and function. Feesimple property owners allow restrictedeasements and protective overlays on theirproperty. In exchange the farm protects andmaintains large contiguous areas for pasture,recreation and forestry, guaranteeing thefuture viability of all these functions. Thus,property owners protect their investmentand gain access to the larger maintainedproperty.From conceptual master planning todetailed construction documentation andengineering of systems such as alternativestorm water management and conscientiousroad design, Field Sports Concepts’ affiliatecompany McKee Carson has worked withQroe Farm Preservation Development tocreate a community that will enjoy, protectand enhance the working farm and all itsnatural resources.Project Location: Albemarle County,VirginiaClient: Qroe Farm PreservationDevelopmentAcreage: 2,300Completed: Ongoing
  15. 15. conservation community
  16. 16. BU N D O R A N FA R M
  17. 17. BU N D O R A N FA R M
  18. 18. DEVINE RANCHLocated on a stunning 80-acre site in Aptos,California, Devine Ranch is designed withthe temperate climate, ocean breezes, andscenic overlooks in mind. The eight-stallbarn lies in close proximity to the newresidence, also designed by BlackburnArchitects. The site plan includes a newoutdoor arena, covered round pen, and twoservice buildings to complete this first-classequestrian facility.Project Location: Aptos, CaliforniaClient: PrivateAcreage: 80Completed: 2003 (barn), 2006 (residence)
  19. 19. equestrian
  20. 20. DEVINE RANCH
  21. 21. DEVINE RANCH
  22. 22. JAC K S O N R I V E RMOUNTAINThe terrain and landscape typology ofthe Alleghany Highlands of northwesternVirginia couple with remarkable habitat tocreate an extraordinary outdoor recreationalopportunity. The area is home to the millionacre George Washington National Forest,the Homestead Resort, Lake Moomaw, andthe renowned trout waters of the JacksonRiver. Near the Jackson River tailwaters ofGathright Dam are 600+ acres of privatelyheld Crown Grant property.McKee Carson and Field Sport Conceptswas charged with master planning theproperty and establishing the vision for alow-density fishing and conservation estatecommunity. Spending days on site and onthe river, our team sited approximatelytwenty optimal home sites and countlesscommunity gathering areas. Each homesite will benefit from a complete crosssection of local ecology – from the heightof a climax forest, through understory,hedgerow, meadow, and stream. Communityamenities are considered in hierarchy – amulti-seasonal cabin/clubhouse, shelters,natural riverside plots, and a series of trailsthat meander along the Jackson, throughnewly established warm season meadowsand orchards, and along the mountain ridge.Project Location: Alleghany County,VirginiaClient: PrivateAcreage: 600+Completed: Ongoing
  23. 23. fishing | conser vation
  25. 25. JAC K S O N R I V E RMOUNTAIN N 6,650,000 N 6,655,000 N 6,660,000 N 6,665,000 N 6,670,000 PU B LIC MARINA TY TY N CO COU UN BA HANY TH G LE AL GEOR GE WASH IN GTON N ATION A L FOR EST 605 LA K E MOOMAW 605 687 J A CK SO TO C O V I N G TO N N AND I-64 687 RI (~10 miles) VE R G AT H R I G H T DAM 605 G E O R G E WAS H I N G TO N O LD N AT I O N A L F O R E S T R R E A V IL RI R O A S ON D TR A CK IL JA 687 605 CE D R A C RE Y EK NT U CO Y Y NT AN OU GH C LE TH AL BA 687 Jackson River Mountain Properties Alleghany County, Virginia N 0 350 700 1400
  26. 26. N 6,675,000 N 6,680,000 E 11,056,000 L E G EN D Railroad trail not owned by JRMP Railroad trail segment of interest to JRMP Railroad trail owned by JRMP E 11,061,000 E 11,066,000 E 11,071,000 605 E 11,076,000 THE HOMESTEAD’S 687 LOWER CASCADES GOLF COURSE 687 TO H O T S P R I N G S AND HOMESTEAD RESORT ( ~6 m i l es) E 11,081,000
  27. 27. O A K H AV E N R A N C HLocated in the Texas Hill Country, this16-stall barn features local “Austin Stone,”heavy timber framing, and natural woodtrim that blends with the landscape. The useof a deep perimeter trellis, steep roof withcontinuous ridge venting, and a translucentskylight on the north face providesabundant natural filtered light and verticalventilation.Project Location: Austin, TexasClient: PrivateAcreage: 90Completed: 2003
  28. 28. equestrian
  29. 29. O A K H AV E N R A N C H
  30. 30. O A K H AV E N R A N C H
  31. 31. LITTLE MOUNTAINRANCHThe vision for the 1,800-acre LittleMountain Ranch was to create a multi-functional retreat for the owner; a placeof respite and recreation designed to meetthe needs of a growing family today andinto the future. McKee Carson cultivatedthis vision in a master plan that employsconservation easements, enhancesecologically sensitive areas, and introducesnew rural recreational pursuits which can beenjoyed by family, friends and visitors alike.The master planning process beganwith a comprehensive analysis of thesite’s geographic, cultural, and historicalcontext. Resource maps and narrativesof Highland County were chronicledand site analyses conducted on localecology, plant communities, terrain andsolar aspect. Evaluation of the site’sopportunities and constraints associatedwith the programmatic goals led tofurther exploration and revelation ofthe site’s unique character. A thoroughunderstanding of the natural and culturalinfluences, site context, existing conditionsand programmatic goals all contributedto the unique landscape language that wasdeveloped for this master plan.In order to revive the ranch’s trouthabitat, Field Sport Concepts affiliateTrout Headwaters, Inc. participated in theevaluation of riparian and river restorationefforts for a one mile stretch of river withinthe property boundary.Project Location: Highland County,VirginiaClient: PrivateAcreage: 1,800Completed: 2006
  32. 32. fishing | hunting | conser vation
  35. 35. M O N T I C U L E FA R MOriginally on a 200-acre parcel of lush greenrolling hills in Kentucky horse countrybetween Layette and Bourbon Counties,Monticule Farm was named for the Frenchword for a small mountain. BlackburnArchitects worked with famed landscapearchitect Morgan Wheelock to develop theproperty, now over 600-acres, into one ofthe industry’s best commercial breedingfacilities. Blackburn designed a 20-stallbroodmare barn and a 16-stall yearling barnin the style of other large Kentucky horsefarms from the 1940s. In 2008, Blackburndeveloped a master plan and concept designfor a stallion barn complex, which consistedof four 4-stall barns and a breeding shed.Project Location: Lexington, KentuckyClient: PrivateAcreage: 600+Completed: 2000, 2008 (design concept forstallion complex)Awards/Recognition: Keeneland Magazine,Summer 2007
  36. 36. equestrian
  37. 37. TERRA CHULAField Sport Concepts, Ltd. worked closelywith the client, Summerour Architects,wildlife biologists, surveyors, and a hostof contractors to master plan nearly1,800 acres. The property is bordered tothe north by Piscola Creek. The variedtopography is highlighted by mature oakspecimens and four large cypress pondscomprising approximately 50 acres of theproperty.The overarching vision shared by the clientand design team was to create a place inwhich one can relax and enjoy the serenityand beauty of this property. Thus allelements, from the architectural vernacularto the wildlife habitat improvements, seekto lay lightly upon the landscape whileevoking a sense of permanence.In implementing the team’s master plan,our offices again worked with Summerourto design both the lodge and shootingfacilities. Responsibilities on the lodgeand guest cottages included entry court,pool, terrace, and garden design. WithSummerour, Field Sport Concepts carefullydesigned the equestrian facility - completewith a riding ring, paddocks, a 12-stallhorse barn – the maintenance barn and thekennels to ensure proper circulation. Theseefforts, coupled with the re-establishmentof native grasses on the plantation anddevelopment of perimeter food plots,combine to create a first-class huntingexperience.Project Location: Brooks County, GeorgiaClient: PrivateArchitect: Summerour and AssociatesAcreage: 1,800Completed: Ongoing
  38. 38. hunting | shooting | equestrian n q
  39. 39. TERRA CHULA
  40. 40. T H E OA K SField Sport Concepts, Ltd. and its parentcompany, McKee Carson, teamed withEquestrian Services to plan and designThe Oaks, a 1,222-acre site in the LakeCity area of Columbia County, Florida.Our goal was to maintain the agrariancharacter and quality of place of thesurrounding landscape and set a precedentfor future development in the region.Preserving the vernacular landscape wehave expanded upon critical features andsystems such as wetlands, ponds, vegetationand hydrological elements. Residentialcomponents are clustered, minimizinginfrastructure and protecting open space.Additional amenities include a twenty-fourstall barn, competition-quality riding arenas,a cross country course, a covered roundpen, more than fifteen miles of loopedriding trails and multiple park like openspaces.Affiliated with Olympic champions Karenand David O’Connor, Equestrian Serviceshas announced that the project will alsobecome the world’s first branded equestrianfacility. Modeled after successful brandedgolf facilities, the O’Connor Signaturebrand will designate a premier facility thatmeets the O’Connors’ standard in termsof planning, design, programming, beauty,quality of construction, and certifiedprofessional training, instruction, andmanagement.Project Location: Lake City, FloridaClient: Dicks RealtyAcreage: 1,222Completed: 2006
  41. 41. equestrian | conser vation
  42. 42. T H E OA K S
  43. 43. WOODSTOCKE Q U E S T R I A N PA R KField Sport Concepts was hired to providemaster planning and conceptual designservices for this 800-acre park designed forseveral equestrian uses. Phase I providespublic open space, including park accessand parking, and proposes an internal trailsystem that will allow users to connect to alarger county-wide trail network. Field SportConcept’s master planning services forPhase II includes the design of four outdoorarenas, competition facilities, a steeplechasecourse, a polo field, an indoor riding arena,and temporary stabling for 800 horses.Project Location: Montgomery County,MarylandClient: Friends of Woodstock Park &the Maryland-National Capital Parks andPlanning CommissionAcreage: 800Completed: 2006 (Phase I), 2010 (Phase II)
  44. 44. equestrian
  46. 46. P L AYA S E C R E T APlaya Secreta has been invrisioned as thepremier resort and residential destinationin the Central American county of ElSalvador. The coastline offers almost fivemiles of water footage on an undulatingshoreline that includes both beaches androcky cliffs. It’s been designed as a seriesof living villages, with residential pads, hotelsites, a marina and entertainment core, 18championship golf holes, shooting sports,fishing, equestrian activities, a chapel andarts community, and a village for localworkers and residents.Project Location: Gulf of Fonseca, PacificOcean, El SalvadorClient: Guerra Family of El SalvadorAcreage: 340 hectares (840 acres)Completed: Ongoing
  47. 47. resort | residential | hospitality
  48. 48. P L AYA S E C R E T A
  49. 49. P L AYA S E C R E T A
  50. 50. S H OA L BAY V I L L A SShoal Bay Villas will be an upscale hotel andcondominium development overlookingAnguilla’s famous Shoal Bay. Rated amongthe top ten beaches in the world by CondeNast Traveler and Travel + Leisure magazines,Shoal Bay beach is already a must-seedestination for visitors to the island. Whenfully complete, Shoal Bay Villas will alsofeature a boardwalk and arrival promenadewith several shops, restaurants and barsto service the popular beach as well as thehotel and condos.Project Location: Shoal Bay, Anguilla, WestIndiesClient: Shoal Bay DevelopmentCorporationAcreage: 1.74 acresCompleted: Ongoing
  51. 51. resort | residential | hospitality
  52. 52. S H OA L BAY V I L L A S
  53. 53. OUR MISSION To assist those who own or control rural landholdings in preserving, enhancing or planning alternative uses for the properties in their charge. We actively advocate theintroduction of outdoor activities and recreational pursuits as a means of sustaining rural traditions while promoting a land stewardship ethic and creating economic value. OUR APPROACH Involves a clear and comprehensive understanding of our client’s motivations and project goals and objectives. Once these have been defined and prioritized, the team works cooperatively through a structured process to compile not only effective land- use concepts, but financial models, construction guidelines and management programs tailored specifically to the land and client. In many cases, FSC affiliates provide both construction assistance and on-going program management services. OUR PHILOSOPHY The preservation of rural lands is wholly reliant upon economic viability. Aligning the client’s interests with the natural resources and amenities of the property, we reveal opportunities that are at once economically responsible and environmentally sensitive. To learn more about our unique approach to rural land conservation and field sport programming, please visit our website 301 East High Street | Charlottesville, Virginia 22902 | (434) 979-3486
  54. 54. FIELD SPORT CONCEPTS, LTD © 2012