Ear kitchen!


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Cooking on Social Media key

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Ear kitchen!

  1. 1. Ear kitchen!Cooking on Social Media Strategist key
  2. 2. The four highlights dishes of SMS
  3. 3. The first dish we will call Brand and need to prepareit the following ingredients:● A staff previously prepared with a good dressing- raising● A high dose of Social Media Presence as before we will have planned● A team to give substance and life and color to the dish● A pinch of creativity● A good dose of contents● Top it all with patience, monitoring and measurement
  4. 4. The second dish will be called Partners and need toprepare it these ingredients:● A few strategic partners, conveniently scattered● A well-chosen keywords that combine well with the first dish● Each partner shall we dress with a well trained team● Will pick a few ripe prescriptors of social media tree● Accompany it all with a good dressing of cooperation and collaboration
  5. 5. The third dish we will call Competitors and will be cooked carefully sothey do not become indigestible. The ingredients are as follows:● A few Competitors carefully choose, we can find them easily, but not all have to be necessarily that we should cook● In a separate container a good sauce cook monitoring and pass through the sieve to obtain a good juice that is easily digested● In another bowl will mix the juices obtained with a little imagination, to get an original and different sauce● Finally we will serve the sauce apart from Competitors to highlight.
  6. 6. Finally, of course, desserts, delicious dish and waited, we will callCustomers. To get a good Customer, requires several steps: ● First of all is to find out where Customers can find the most suitable for our plate, we can sometimes be mistaken for Channel where to find ● Having chosen a Channel where we can find the best Customers to our plate, the next step is to find the flavor, color and smell of each Customer, for as we know, each one is different from the others. ● Once identified and selected the best Customers can adapt to our plate, its time to prepare it: ● Customers are caught one by one, and are dressed in the most appropriate to their characteristics. ● The preparation of a good sauce that can lead content well with Customers ● Everything is seasoned with wit, creativity and high doses of emotion. The result should be an excellent ration of Customers
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