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IT powerpoint


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background, associations, and job opportunities for Instructional Technology

Published in: Career, Business, Technology
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IT powerpoint

  1. 1. Instructional Technology By: Claire Magner
  2. 2. Background  Instructional Technology  Education  Design  Development  Management  Process and resource evaluations  This degree gives you the tools to stay up to date with technology in order to educate others
  3. 3. Administrative Communications  This degree is for people interested in being a business professional pursuing in areas of administration  Includes training in areas of government, health, and private sectors  Technology is changing everyday do to many recent innovations and is very important in today’s education
  4. 4. Skills gained…  Office management supervising, enforcing policies, teaching procedures, etc.  Human relations interpersonal adjustments between employees  Workplace ethics values, more responsible, moral benefits in the workplace  Cultural diversity become more aware of differences in the business world, whether people are of different race and speak another language, or have different was of doing business
  5. 5. Professional Organizations  IEEE Technical Committee on learning technology  Workshops for information processing technology  Newsletters  Association for Educational Communications and Technology  Technology and business professionals  Improve on instruction through technology  Sponsors available
  6. 6. Job Opportunities  Different job positions available with this degree:  Development Specialist  Digital Communications Manager  Graphics Designer  There are many available jobs with a bachelors in Administrative Communication because of the variety of skills learned
  7. 7. Future Careers  Technology is constantly improving and with improvements we need people with the right skills to learn and educate others.
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