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Transfluent @ CMADFI 27012014


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Transfluent makes you native in global environments.

Published in: Business, Technology
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Transfluent @ CMADFI 27012014

  1. 1.                      Be  na1ve,  globally   Human-­‐powered     transla1on  pla2orm.     Timo  Poijärvi   VP  Media  &  Entertainment  
  2. 2. Near  real-­‐1me  transla1ons   •  Social  media,  Web  pages,  Apps,  Games     •  NOT  MACHINE  TRANSLATIONS.   •  Made  by  crowdsourced  professional  human   translators.      
  3. 3. Case  study   Thirty  Seconds  to  Mars     TwiPer  translated  to  Chinese   •  and  published  to  Sina  Weibo   •  Facebook  (9.3m  fans)   translated  to  10  languages   •  Fans  absolutely  love  it   –  Comments/FB  grew  up  32%  !   •  Band  loves  it   –  Next  up:  #askjaredleno  in  Chinese,   other  languages   •  Will  be  heavily  u1lized  in  the   upcoming  world  tour   "This  is  absolutely  fantas1c.  I  looked   over  recent  Mars  posts  and  the   transla1ons  are  going  through  -­‐-­‐  our   audience  is  incredibly  excited  to  see   the  messages  in  their  na1ve  tongue  -­‐-­‐   exactly  what  we  wanted:  to   communicate  as  clearly  and  deeply  as   possible.”  –  Jared  Leto,  Thirty   Seconds  to  Mars  
  4. 4. Rapid  professional  language  transla1on   for  social  media,  web  and  apps   Timo  Poijärvi   VP  Media  &  Entertainment   +358  40  581  1190