New Ideas for The School Year


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New Ideas for The School Year

  1. 1. Tech Ideas For TheNew School Year! 8/20/12
  2. 2. AnimotoAnimoto is an intuitive, versatile tool for you and your students to use this year!Example of First Day Of SchoolClassroom Project
  3. 3. AnimotoHow to Use Animoto:1. Sign up for an Animoto Educator account by clicking . Use code - a4emacc4a04802. Make sure to sign up with a different password than your school password.3. You will need to reapply every 6 months.4. Good idea for students to collect pictures before they are introduced to Animoto.5. Have students credit pictures and sources on a PPT slide to upload later (save the PPT slide as a jpg)6. If a picture won’t upload to Animoto – resave it as a JPG
  4. 4. Examples of GlogsterEarth Unit Posters (Presentation mode – paid account)Nonfiction Text FeaturesPythagorasBenjamin FranklinIntegers***Click here for a Glogster rubric
  5. 5. Glogster
  6. 6. Glogster Ideas1. End of Unit review2. Biography3. Country study4. Poems5. “Wanted” poster for a historical figure6. Glog on a math topic including word problems and links7. Book poster8. Movie poster to go with your Animoto video9. Have students summarize a chapter in Science10. Interactive presentation toolGLOGSTER’S USES ARE ENDLESS!
  7. 7. Wordle
  8. 8. Examples of WordleCharacter Traits Confident/Not Confident
  9. 9. Mystery Wordle
  10. 10. Math VocabularyWord Match
  11. 11. Classroom ValuesStudent of the Week
  12. 12. Word CloudsHow to use Word Clouds1. Wordle is an easy to use site to make Word Clouds – no login needed2. First, type what you want in a Word document – Wordle has no spell check.3. The more times you type a word, the bigger the word will show up in your Wordle4. To use numbers go to LANGUAGE and uncheck NUMBERS 5. Use the ~ sign between words to keep them together (ex – Twenty~one) 6. Stay away from the Gallery – no filter
  13. 13. HOW TO USE WORDLE1. Character traits2. All About Me3. Mystery Wordle4. KWL5. Paste student stories to see “over used” words6. State Report/Character/Book/Science Topic7. Word Wall8. Student of the Week9. List what the class in comfortable with and uncomfortable with regarding a certain topic10. Guess the definition11. Paste text to find main idea for fiction and nonfiction12. Thank you notes13. Gifts for parents14. Poetry
  14. 14. Digital Storytelling Click Storybird Great for collaborative storiesStudents select artwork or teacher preselects and writes a story based on the artwork Free account allows teacher to create assignments Stories can stay online to share, embed, or purchase a hard copy
  15. 15. Digital Storytelling Click KerPoofFun for all ages!KerPoof has fantastic suite of tools to produce great storiesGreat beginner spelling gameHas TONS of ideas and resources for teachers
  16. 16. Extras… Mystery State