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White Fang Projects


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Thoughts on the film 'White Fang'

Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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White Fang Projects

  1. 1. White Fang Projects 2012 White Fang This is the scene that Jack is sitting on the pebbles,trying to tame White Fang and pet him without scaringhim. Jack is feeding White Fang very carefully becausehe isn’t tame yet and he might bite him. When I see this scene, I feel great because theanimals and humans can be friends. I feel very touched,too, because White Fang wants someone to give himsome love. My opinion is that the film talks about freedom andshows that you don’t need money to survive in nature.It also shows the friendship between humans andanimals and how simple life is like. The message is thatanimals and humans can be friends.By Konstantinos MartimianakisSee more projects here: