Separation iBook


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A story written by four friends, combined with
manga- resembling pictures (Japanese comics)
created on the students' iPads.

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Separation iBook

  1. 1. SeparationFeel free to visit these students’ blog and see moreA2-level writing samples: friends-eng.blogspot.grA story written by four friends, combined withmanga- resembling pictures (Japanese comics)created on the students iPads.By Maria Markaki Language School in Greece
  2. 2. Adam and his wife and their two children lived in MiamiFlorida in the U.S.A. This summer they decided to go onholiday on the exotic island of Cuba. They wanted to have agood time without any noise and the stress of the dailyroutine. They stayed in a hotel very close to the shore. Thefamily decided to stay there for two weeks.They were having fun. They were swimming in the sea all daylong, they were playing rackets on the sand, volleyball andwater polo. In the evening they were walking in some verynice villages and eating at restaurants.One day they felt something strange,they felt like the earthwas moving under their feet. In a while they felt sea drops intheir face. A huge wave was coming straight on them. It was atsunami! They ran as fast fast as they could. Finally, the wavecrashed on the beach. Lots of people drowned. The familywas safe, but divided . Adam was with his young girl and hiswife was with their thirteen-year-old boy. The family startedsearching for each other.1Going onholidays:Written byGeorge1
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  4. 4. After the tsunami, Adam and his daughter were trying tofind out where the rest of the family was. They couldntleave Cuba without them. They even promised that theywould find the other family members.They searched for them in lots of hospitals, but theycouldnt find them. They had decided to find them becauseit was very difficult for Adam to live without his wife andfor the young girl to live without her brother.The next day they were still searching for them everywhere.They were tired of looking for them for two days, so theydecided to have a small meal at a cheap restaurant. Adamand his young daughter were missing their family terribly,but they never gave up hoping. 3After thetsunami:Written byNicolas2
  5. 5. Adam and his daughter were eating at the restaurant whenthey heard a loud noise. They thought What is that? andthey couldnt stop wondering. So they had to go out to findit out themselves. It was light outside the restaurant. When they could see well again, a bus appeared at the endof the street. It was very dirty and noisy. A lot of peoplewere trying to get on the bus to get to the port. Suddenly,Adam thought that he saw his wife and child among thosepeople. He wasnt absolutely sure, but he had to catch the bus tomake sure. Adam held his daughters hand and he startedrunning towards the bus. Unfortunately, he didnt catch thebus. The bus left very quickly and Adam didnt catch it. 5The bus:Written byManolis3
  6. 6. He felt sad, but also angry. He continued running behindthe bus, but his daughter felt very tired. They wanted tostop and rest when the bus had to stop at the traffic lights.They ran to it and banged the drivers door. The driveropened the door and Adam could finally get on the bus withhis daughter. They started searching among the passengers. At first, theydidnt see anything and they were upset. Suddenly, theyoung girl stepped on a boys foot. She looked at him and itwas her brother! They hugged each other and started to cry.They felt extremely happy. Their parents cried and kissed,too.Finally, the bus took them to the port and they got on aboat to Miami. This awful adventure was over and they ar-rived home safe and sound.6The end:Written byLefteris4