Meeting Challenges in the EFL Classroom


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Presentation in a webinar on 12/12/2010

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Meeting Challenges in the EFL Classroom

  1. 1. Meeting everyday challenges in the EFL classroom by Christina Markoulaki Challenges Solutions Resources Examples1. Children are not used to Read-aloud activities in the -School library Cʼ Class: Sherlock Holmes/ Aʼreading on their own. How will classroom. This excites - Ebooks available online Class: Jack and the Beanstalk.they develop their language as studentsʼ interest and results in - Local bookshops Students drew and describedwell as critical thinking skills? written projects, afterwards. their favourite scenes.2. All age groups tend to get Web-based activities that are Inspiration can be found Enriching the coursebook unitsbored with paper activities. endless, free of charge and can anywhere on the Internet: about global warming andBooks, board games or even take a variety of forms. They -Teachersʼ blogs geocaching with additional linksarts and crafts sometimes seem can supplement any activity on -Lists of web resources giving factual and visualto be too predictable. How can the coursebook. -Social networking sites, e.g. information on the topics. Seewe spice up the lesson? Twitter and Facebook also the ECPE studentsʼ wiki.3. The Net contains a vast array Planning is the key. Teachers - Online dictionaries/ C2-level students have createdof information, puzzling both should always prepare before a encyclopedias/ videos for wallwishers visualizing hungerteachers and students. How lesson, visiting sites and students to get acquainted with as an unprecedented scourge.can information be selected and choosing the most appropriate the basic words or concepts. Moreover, they have gatheredemployed in the lesson? ones. Then, they should - Teacherʼs (or class) blog information about foreign structure the activities in the including the numbered stages customs, like the Independence most pedagogically appropriate of the activity and the links/ Day. See also the activities way. videos/ images to be employed. about Teachersʼ Day, dictating -Studentsʼ blog/wiki/ wallwisher the steps to be taken and allowing them to organize the linking to studentsʼ online work. findings of their web research. See also my studentsʼ blogs.4. How can teachers who are Teachers should try to -List of technology tips for Embedded glogs, quizzes,not tech savvies incorporate interconnect through social teachers on my EFL wiki wallwisher, PDF files, slides,new technology in their networking or by email and read - List of web tools photos and videos on Studentsʼclasses? edtech gurusʼ blogs. Creating a - Presentation on how blogs page, proving that blogs are the blog is vital, as all other online can be used in EFL lessons most useful teaching tool with work can be embedded in it. -Posts intended for teachers great potential ahead.