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Audience & analysis paper tips


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This slideshow offers tips on how to successfully complete the "Audience and Analysis paper for Technical and Professional Writing

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Audience & analysis paper tips

  1. 1. Tips for Writingthe Audienceand AnalysisPaper
  2. 2. Be sure to identify both the audience andpurpose of the article.
  3. 3. Tell how you determined the audience andpurpose by using specific information from thearticle. “Resume Writing Tips” Critical Care Nurse February 2, 2007, pg 1-6 The audience for the article are nurses writing their resumes. “a CV . . . tends to be used more frequently by nurses with advanced degrees and nurses in an academic setting” (1).
  4. 4. Explain how the quote from the article identifies theaudience or purpose. This sentence shows that nurses are the audience because it specifically identifies them. If the audience were more general, no specific occupation would be identified.
  5. 5. Don’t call attention to the fact you’re writing apaper for an assignment. I am writing this paper to… This paper is about… I will now show how this example…
  6. 6. Set your analysis up in paragraph form. Student X Technical and Professional Writing Audience and Analysis Paper oi4oe44vnhntvqo84ntanpivtnspoignmos Hpnhpifnhaprnvgpainrhvgahrmgpiuhcmrcigig h fhoicarhmgcacrhcpigarpigpairmguahmgadvc kr pifumarpighairgxpiauhxgpiaxuhmxgiahuxgp rhfoahrgpoihvmpthmre-9t8h,ercht[-eorjci iucrmtgipqh4emtcpi4mpxitmq4peuihtcxi4hpci hm4ixm4piq4hmqpiu4cmiuq4hmptxihamgmh fgphampxapehgmaxehxgpaehpgfhecfpxah ijepfcoicamw4otma4 ogma4ch4c8tc,e[4c pmgoher[mocghaorg c,arog,c hmYou can use headings. Student X Technical and Professional Writing Audience and Analysis Paper Audience oi4oe44vnhntvqo84ntanpivtnspoignmos Hpnhpifnhaprnvgpainrhvgahrmgpiuhcmrcigig h fmgadvc kr pifxuhmxgiahuxgp rhfoahrgpoihvmpthmre-9t8h,ercht[-eorjci iucrmtgtxihamgmhfgphampxapehgmaxehxgpa ehpgfhecfpxah Purpose ijepfcoicamw4otma4 ogma4ch4c8tc,e[4c phmoifjpaefaepofmhaejocfjaeofjapoejcfpjef krihgaeurpgiaehmrgciagiauheighapeih
  7. 7. Change the spacing between paragraphs to zero!!!! 1. Click the Page Layout tab at the top of the screen. 2. Under Spacing, change the drop-down box next to After to 0. Change to zero.