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Catherine of aragon power point


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Catherine of aragon power point

  1. 1. CATHERINE OF ARAGON By Carlisle Dunnam
  2. 2. CHILDHOOD She was born on December 16, 1485, in the ArchbishopsPalace, in Alcara de Heneres, Spain Her parents were Ferdinand II and Isabella I of Castile, the rulersof Spain She was betrothed to Prince Arthur of Wales at age three She had red hair, blue eyes, and a round face
  3. 3. FIRST MARRIAGE She married Arthur, Prince of Wales, at fifteen Their wedding was in St. Paul’s Cathedral The couple traveled to Wales In Wales they got the sweating sickness, the symptoms of it weresudden, and death would often come in only hours after Arthur died of either that or tuberculosis on April 2, 1502
  4. 4. SECOND MARRIAGE She decided to marry Arthur’s younger brother, Henry They got married when Catherine was twenty-three Henry became King Henry VIII of England They had six kids, two were stillborn and the rest died soonafter, except Mary. King Henry VIII thought it was a sin to marry his brother’swidow
  5. 5. ANNULMENT King Henry decided to try for annulment Catherine did not want to annul, so she sent Pope Clement VII aletter asking him to decline Henry’s request King Henry got annulment on May 23, 1533, by the Archbishopof Canterbury Catherine and Mary were exiled
  6. 6. AFTER ANNULMENT Catherine and her daughter were exiled for the rest of Catherine’slife She died on January 7, 1536, She was buried in Peterborough Cathedral
  7. 7. AFTER CATHERINE King Henry VIII had six wives Mary became Queen Mary I of England and Ireland