Evaluation Question 6


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Evaluation Question 6

  1. 1. 6) What have you learnt abouttechnologies form the process of constructing this product ?
  2. 2. Throughout the whole process I have learnt new thing such as how to use after effects I used this in the mac computers in lessons. We used this software because it is professional. The Mac computer were a little bit challenging to use at first because the format was different to windows, and I didn’t know where everything was e.g. how to print screen, how to change the font on PowerPoint etc. The video camera was quite simple to use. We was told by one of the technicians a little bit about the equipment. He mentioned that when we record we should rewind and see what it looks like because there is a chance that we record over what we just done. The tripod was simple to use and to set up. We used this to that it was at the right level for our footage and so that it was still.
  3. 3. • A key decision that we made involving technology was the equipment we used. Using a high quality camera had a big effect on our work. We used this camera because it was available for us as students to use and it would help set our work to a high standard. • All the technology we used was very helpful. A successful use of the new technology in our production process was the use of after affects, we used that to create credits. The font styles they had fitted with the name of out thriller title sequence Revenge. The use of after affects allowed us to put affects on the title to make it look interesting. When the title comes in it comes in jumbled one by one and then comes out letter by letter. Something that was less successful would have been the editing, e.g. when we put two clips together that was of the same scene (outside putting me in the boot) we wanted to use a part form two pieces of footage but when putting it together on final cut express there was a little jump, this was a little bit tricky because of the way we filmed it. • Through out the whole process I have learnt a lot, being able to use all the software to a basic level and some advance things, also online computer programs such as blogger, photo shop etc. I have also learn and am now aware about the conventions of a thriller film, the expectations and what engages the audience. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Final_Cut_ExpressAdobe After Effects is a digital motion graphics and Final Cut Express is a discontinued video editing softwarecompositing software published by Adobe created by Apple Inc. It is the consumer version of Final CutSystems, used in the post-production process of Pro and is designed for advanced editing of digital videofilmmaking and television production as well as high-definition video, which is used by manyhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adobe_After_Effects amateur and professional videographers.