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Savas Gunduz, Adobe
“Lideres persones i gestiones números”

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  • Hi Savas:Thanks again.  This looks great!  No need to talk about the West Coast – focusing on the Boston area is perfect.  As far as a closer, how about this… Talent recruitment, retention and special mix of what the Boston area has to offer (world class education, a firmly engrained and growing entrepreneurial culture, close connection with venture capital and progressive state and local attitude toward innovation) might just lead to the next “big thing.” This next innovation would come from and stay in the Boston area, e.g. Facebook and Google have opened office in Cambridge to snap up talent…it’s only a matter of time until the “talent network” in the Tech Cluster comes up with this innovation and feeds it with the talent that is available locally… One another somewhat related note, do you know anyone who works at (formerly CSN Stores)?  One of the guys attending this trip is from the Catalan Furniture Manufacturers Association and he’d like to try to meet with someone from there. Best and thanks again! Ned M: 232.8816 From: Savas Gunduz [] Sent: Tuesday, March 06, 2012 9:21 AMTo: row@rowportland.orgCc: nedflint@performlab.esSubject: RE: Speaking Gig Hey Ned, I just checked with Tom, and unfortunately he's going to be on a family vacation in the Bahamas that week.  So it's just me.  I have a bit of an outline drafted, and an hour will suffice.  Going to open with:Personal Story of my career in Boston....and my journey at 10 companies in 17 years....but that I brought value to each one, and the connections/path I took to move from one to another.  (Note to self:  Slide with headshots eminating from the center to show the networking/connections)Pull back to talk about why this networking and talent recruitment works in the Boston/Cambridge area.  What are the underlying themes that make it so, vs. in other areas of the country where.  (Note to self: focus on Harvard, MIT, Babson, BC, BU, UMass, etc, etc, to Silicon Valley where they pull from Stanford and CalTech.  Not a coincidence.)Need to figure out how to close/wrap up.  Q/A This should hopefully start to align with what you were looking at below:  "But, overall, I’d love to have you talk to the group about your knowledge of the tech cluster in Boston/Cambridge and explain how talent is recruited and retained and how those relationships continue as people move from one venture or company to the other" From: row@rowportland.orgTo: savas_gunduz@hotmail.comCC: nedflint@performlab.esSubject: Speaking GigDate: Mon, 5 Mar 2012 11:34:54 -0500Hi Savas: Hope you had a great weekend!  I’m checking in about speaking to the Spaniards on Monday, March 19th.  A few questions for you: ·        Is Tom going to join you?  ·        If so, should we extend your chunk of time from noon-1pm to 11:00am or 1:30am-noon? Location: Ames Hotel – 1 Court Street (Downtown Boston)…let me know if you’re driving in.  I’ll take care of your garage fee.  If you take the T – Government Center or State will get you there.  I’ll have a computer (if you want to bring a memory stick) and projector there if you want to work off of slides. Thanks again.  It’ll be great to see you! Best, Ned M: 207.232.8816 From: Savas Gunduz [] Sent: Monday, January 16, 2012 3:23 PMTo: row@rowportland.orgSubject: RE: Insurance and Speaking Gig Perfect!  Timing/date work well.  I just blocked it in my calendar. The agenda sounds great!  I can draw on my experience at Endeca (they pulled talent from Harvard for their business roles, and MIT for their tech roles...and was the reason why they never moved outside of Cambridge before being acquired by Oracle).  I can talk about Northern Light, a .com startup I worked for in 1999, which again was based in Cambridge due to VC funding, but also for the talent from the MIT's of the world.  The CEO was an HBS grad.   I can talk about attracting talent, but also the flip side of the coin which is retaining with so many great companies in a tight geographic area, how does one prevent the "grass is greener" phenominon.   I can talk about Business Social Networking sites like LinkedIn, which keep talent together.  To that point, I've followed the same manager to 3 different companies.  And even at my current position at Adobe, I was brought over based on a business relationship I had with one of the Sales Managers back in 2004.   All of this can be pulled from my personal experience, and business experience from Babson.   And by the way, I LOVE Jay Rao.  I was just in touch with him about a year ago.  Would love to be reconnected again, if you want to let him know that I'll be on the panel, that would be great.   This will be fun! And don't worry about the money.  Definitely donating it to PCRA.  Working me like a dog will be a pleasure compared to the self-inflicted pain I've been putting myself into on the erg to try to break 7:00 at the MIRC's.  Ugh...the erg sucks.   - Savas From: row@rowportland.orgTo: savas_gunduz@hotmail.comSubject: Insurance and Speaking GigDate: Mon, 16 Jan 2012 13:51:42 -0500Hi Savas: Merrymeeting has said they’ll pay half of the insurance…I’ll work on getting an invoice together. Thank you for your voicemail…best I can do on the honorarium is $250.  Your offer to donate it to the PCRA is very nice, but you should feel more than entitled to keep it…I’m going to work you like a dog!  By tomorrow, I’m supposed to receive 100% (I’m at about 60% at the moment…) confirmation the event is a go.    Here are the details and info as of today: Location: Ames Hotel Boston (1 Court Street…near Gov’t Center…I’ll pay for your Parking if you come by car). Date/Time: 19 March (Monday)/Noon-1pm Audience:  ACC1O…staff and cluster managers (ACC1O is the business development department of the Catalonian (Spain) government and their “clients” are representatives of various business clusters, e.g. fashion, lighting, mobility, clean tech, high tech, etc.).  All of the attendees are from Catalonia.  All speak English fluently.  The total number of attendees will be 15.  The goal of this trip is to give them access to innovation thought leaders – including  professors from Harvard and Babson (Jay Rao…did you take classes from him?) and provide them with a window in to the New England, and more specifically, Massachusetts innovation “eco system” through hearing from people like you and visiting local companies.  They are going to be in Boston from the 19th of March until the 23rd.  Each day has a focus, e.g. 19th (Clusters, Talent and the Eco-System), 20th (Clusters and Entreprenuership), 21st (Clusters and Innovation), 22nd (Full day of Individual Visits to Cluster Contacts) and 23rd (Clusters and Growth). Your session – I don’t have finalized talking points yet.  I should have them by end of week.  But, overall, I’d love to have you talk to the group about your knowledge of the tech cluster in Boston/Cambridge and explain how talent is recruited and retained and how those relationships continue as people move from one venture or company to the other…I’ll have a finer point on this by the end of the week.  I’ll have a projector there to tie in to if you want to work from a PowerPoint. Thanks again for your willingness to present to these guys.  It should be a lot of fun and might perhaps yield an interesting connection or 2. More soon, Ned M: 232.8816
  • Education Less than 9th grade 9% 9th to 12th grade, no diploma 7% High school graduate 24% Some college, no degree 14% Associate's degree 5% Bachelor's degree 23% Graduate degree 18%
  • To be listed below, a venture firm must be headquartered in New England or have an office or representative in the region..406 Ventures@VenturesABS VenturesAdams Capital ManagementAdvanced Technology VenturesAlerion PartnersARCH Venture PartnersArgo Global CapitalAscent Venture PartnersAtlas VentureAvalon VenturesBain Capital VenturesBattery VenturesBessemer Venture PartnersBlack Coral CapitalBlue Chip Venture CompanyBorealis Ventures Boston Capital VenturesBoston Community Venture FundBraemar Energy VenturesBrook Venture PartnersC Change InvestmentsCambridgeLight Partners Castile Ventures Cedar FundCharles River VenturesClarus VenturesCommonAngelsCommons CapitalCommonwealth Capital VenturesCue BallCutlass CapitalDace VenturesEdison Venture FundEgan-Managed CapitalEuroUS VenturesExcel Venture ManagementFA Technology VenturesFairhaven CapitalFidelity BiosciencesFlagship VenturesFletcher Spaght VenturesFlybridge Capital PartnersFounder CollectiveGeneral Catalyst PartnersGlobespan Capital PartnersGold Hill CapitalGoogle VenturesGrandBanks CapitalGreat Hill PartnersGreylock PartnersHealthCare VenturesHighland Capital PartnersHousatonic PartnersInflectionPointVenturesIronside CapitalKestrel ManagementKey Venture PartnersKepha PartnersKodiak Venture PartnersLaunchCapitalLee Munder Capital GroupLong River VenturesLongworth Venture PartnersM/C Venture PartnersMakaira Venture PartnersMasthead Venture PartnersMatrix PartnersMediphase Venture PartnersMPM CapitalMVM Life Science PartnersNeedham Capital PartnersNew Atlantic VenturesNorth Atlantic CapitalNorth Bridge Venture PartnersNorth Hill VenturesNorwich VenturesOpenView Venture PartnersOxford Bioscience PartnersPoint Judith CapitalPolaris Venture PartnersPrism VentureWorksProvenance Venture PartnersPureTech VenturesRockPort Capital PartnersRomulus Capital Rudyard PartnersSaturn PartnersSchooner CapitalSeaflower VenturesSherbrooke CapitalSigma PartnersSkyline VenturesSoftBank CapitalSolstice CapitalSpark CapitalSpray Venture PartnersStage 1 VenturesStata Venture PartnersStill River FundsSummerhill Venture PartnersSummit PartnersSV Life SciencesTenaya CapitalThird Rock VenturesTudor VenturesTVM CapitalVenrockVenture Capital Fund of New EnglandVesbridgeVIMAC VenturesVolition CapitalWalnut Venture AssociatesWeston Presidio Windspeed VenturesYAS Broadband VenturesYolland Capital
  • SAVAS GUNDUZ_Tech cluster talent presentation

    1. 1. Boston/Cambridge Tech Cluster How talent is recruited and retained. Savas P Gunduz 19 March 2012
    2. 2. Who am I?
    3. 3. My own Journey
    4. 4. The Ingredients Education Culture of FinancingEntrepreneurship Local Support
    5. 5. The Ingredients Education Culture of FinancingEntrepreneurship Local Support
    6. 6. Education in the Boston Area Less than 9th Grade 7% 9th to 12th Grade, no 18% 9% diploma High School Graduate23% 24% Some College, no degree 14% Associates Degree 14% Bachelors Degree 5% Graduate Degree
    7. 7. Education in the Boston Area• Business • Law o Harvard – one of the top B-Schools o Boston College o Babson - #1 for Entrepreneurship o Suffolk o Bentley o …. o Brandeis o …. • Liberal Arts o Wellesley College• Technology o Amherst o Olin College o …. o MIT o …. • Universities o Northeastern• Communications o UMass o Boston University • Amherst o Emerson • Lowell o …. • Boston
    8. 8. My own Journey
    9. 9. Education driving Innovation
    10. 10. The Ingredients Education Culture of FinancingEntrepreneurship Local Support
    11. 11. Culture ofEntrepreneurship
    12. 12. The Ingredients Education Culture of FinancingEntrepreneurship Local Support
    13. 13. Local Support – State Today – 19 March 2012The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, Greater BostonChamber of Commerce and the Commonwealth ofMassachusetts are hosting a gathering of business andacademic leaders on Monday March 19th to discussthe benefits and best practices of student internships.Remarks will be made by Governor Deval Patrick;Kenneth Montgomery, First VP/COO of the FederalReserve Bank of Boston; and PaulGuzzi, President/CEO of the Greater Boston Chamberof Commerce.
    14. 14. Local Support - CityThe Greater Boston Chamber of Commerce also isoffering Chamber Intern Connect to connect areaemployers with college students throughout theregion. No matter the specific internship, industry, orpaid vs. unpaid opportunity, Chamber members postsummer internships to a high-traffic database as wellas the Commonwealth’s statewide Mass Stay Hereinternship site.
    15. 15. Local Support - AssociationsThe Massachusetts Innovation and TechnologyExchange (MITX), offers student opportunitiesthroughout the year. The MITX Student Center helpsuniversity and college students get connected tomarketing and internet business opportunitiesthroughout the region.With a similar mission the Massachusetts TechnologyLeadership Council (MassTLC)s Education Foundationhas launched the MassTLC Internship Network as thego-to source for tech sector internships inMassachusetts.
    16. 16. Local Support - CollegesNortheastern University student Cory Bolotsky is pushinghard with the Startup Summer initiative he is running as apart of Startup Massachusetts and the Startup AmericaPartnership. Bolotsky is seeking to fill 100 student internshipsthis summer with an eventual goal of ramping up to 500 infuture years!Northeastern alum Corey Turner is working onCampusEmployer, an online platform that allows employersto easily target college students with job postings. Studentsusing a .edu email can set up a profile and receive jobnotifications when a job matches their preferences. Profilepages with digital resumes and videos are planned forrelease shortly.
    17. 17. The Ingredients Education Culture of FinancingEntrepreneurship Local Support
    18. 18. Financing• Over 100 VC firms in the Boston area alone o @Ventures o Atlas Ventures o Bain Capital Ventures o Bessemer Venture Partners o Charles River Ventures o Greylock o Highland Capital Partners o Polaris Venture Partners o …..• Doesn’t include Angel funding• Highly competitive
    19. 19. Financing Driving Innovation
    20. 20. How to Acquire and Retain that Talent …in this highly competitive marketplace.
    21. 21. Talent Acquisition Recruiters/Networking Job posting boards/advertising
    22. 22. Talent Acquisition Job Posting Recruiters/Networking Boards/Advertising
    23. 23. Talent Retention• Developers – pride of work• Sales – compensation plan• Management – stock options Comraderie/Glory Money Lifestyle 20’s 30’s 40’s+
    24. 24. Thank-you Questions?