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Cluster presentation english

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  3. 3. Table of contents 1. About the Cluster 2. Mission and values 3. The axes of the strategy 4. Activities 2008-2009 5. Combination of abilities 6. Internationalization 7. ITO in France and Mexico
  4. 4. 1. About the Cluster   The Cluster was set up in Santiago de Compostela on March 20, 2007. 60 companies   It is a group of 60 Galician Galicia companies working in the graphic arts, publishing, advertising sector and Graphic arts suppliers, which joined Publishing voluntarily to undertake joint Advertising projects and thus improving Competitiveness their competitiveness.
  5. 5. The value chain of the Cluster SUPPORT SERVICES Training centres Business/Professional associations Logistics and transport Management Repair and maintenance Financial institutions and insurances ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT SERVICES MAIN ACTIVITIES SERVICES ADVERTISING AND DESIGN Paper Advertising agencies Cardboard Graphic design Printing presses Stationery GRAPHIC ARTS Printers Labels Prepress Computers Billboard advertising Printing Scanners Ink Binding and finish Manufacture of paper and cardboard packaging Plotters Varnishes PUBLISHING COMPANIES Guillotines Solvents Publication of newspapers and magazines … Glues Publication of books Plates COMMERCIALIZATION
  6. 6. 2. Mission of the Cluster To promote the training of the human capital by contributing to innovation in products and processes that allows to have access to new markets, ensuring the improvement of the competitiveness of companies through the promotion of collaborative projects which companies belonging to the several links of the value chain can join in a coordinate way. Contributing to innovation Collaborative Promoting projects training Improving competitiveness New markets
  7. 7. 2. Values of the Cluster   Commitment   Modernity   Innovation   Technology   Professionalism   Creativity   Ability   Competitiveness
  8. 8. 3. Strategic axes The Cluster’s strategic plan for the 2008-2011 period is based on the following 4 axes: Innovation Training Strategic plan Internationalization Notoriety
  9. 9. 3. Institutional support The Cluster’s first activities could be carried out thanks to the financial support of the following institutions:   General Directorate of Industrial Promotion of the Galician Government   General Directorate of R&D&I of the Galician Government   Chamber of Commerce of Santiago   Caixanova Institute of Development   Caixagalicia Social Work   Ministry of Industry
  10. 10. 4. Activities 2008-2009
  11. 11. 11
  12. 12. INTERNATIONALIZATION AREA Aims   Ac'vity   Outcome   Hiring an internationalization technician To start in 2009 (expected)   Raising awareness and guiding Study on business opportunities Finished the 2008 stage, project of Trade companies when abroad Point in France and Mexico opening new markets Organisation of two business missions Carried out in Germany and Mexico   Identification of new markets   Promotion of Meetings of companies in progress to identify Promotion of export consortia possible synergies cooperation among the Cluster’s members to deal Submission of an international with cooperation project with the Proposal of agreement for international joint Bussiness Innovative Group of projects internationalization Madrid
  13. 13. INNOVATION AND COMPETITIVENESS AREA Aims   Ac'vity   Outcome     Support to the Programme of scholarships for engineers To start in companies for continuous improvement on December 1, 2008 identification of ideas of innovative Hiring an innovation technician To start in 2009 projects in the Consolidation of a technical secretariat to Currently considering the processing Cluster’s companies consolidate the technological platform of projects   Creation of three Submission of the Strategy Plan of R&D&I collaborative Registration in the Registry of Innovative the Innovative Groups in March Groups in the Ministry of Industry projects and 2009 and the Feasibility Plan in December 2008 to the Ministry of submission to Assessment of the Feasibility of the Industry Technological Centre financial aid programmes Boost for cooperation programmes and Ending the 2008 stages considering alliances between companies the possibility to create a common   Promotion of purchasing centre. cooperation and Assessment of the companies Boost for pilot projects of logistical choosing to cooperate in logistics concentration in the and strategic alliances integration sector
  14. 14. TRAINING AREA Aims   Ac'vity   Outcome   Launching of the programme in Training Programme in Management December 2008 until June 2009   To improve the Skills Management training and guidance directors’ management Advanced programme with the Training Centre in New Technologies of the abilities Galician Ministry of Labour End of proposal pending for 2009   To achieve a specific area Programme Contracts of the ESF 2009 Programme for specialized training in the Training to the network of Grant Holders Training to environmental innovation Launching in December 2008 sector managers Despega Programme (Biodiversity Foundation)
  15. 15. NOTORIETY AREA Aims   Ac'vity   Outcome   Creation of the annual Galician design prize Launching in December 2008 Communication Campaign To improve the sector’s perception in the Campaign 2008-2009   To promote the Spanish markets values of the Continuation of the printed Newsletter and creation of the on-line Newsletter Sending of the Newsletter to more than Galician 300 subscribers. On-line Newsletter graphic design Cooperation agreements with other launched in December 2008. Clusters In contact with other Clusters to   To strengthen cooperate the sector’s Agreement with Technological Innovation Centre of Communication, Publishing and Agreement signed in July 2008 self-esteem Graphic Arts in Galicia Agreement with the Graphic Cluster of Madrid Pending to be signed Institute of Development of Madrid
  16. 16. 5. Combination of abilities   The Cluster joins companies, designs a strategy of competitive improvement agreed by consensus and looks for resources to implement the strategy and monitor it.   The Platform ensures the introduction of the R&D&I approach in all sectorial activities and involves other actors in the design and execution of innovative projects that strengthen such sectorial strategy.   The Technological Centre is the supplier of advanced R&D&I services that the market is currently not providing, contributing to the modernization of companies and to provide them with a greater feasibility in the long-term.
  17. 17. Technological Platform The technological platform of the Graphic Product and Galician Book, which is being consolidating, after the presentation of its strategic agenda, aims to achieve the following objectives:   To create synergies between agents to plan the Cluster’s R&D&I   To identify and coordinate actions favouring the Cluster through the new technologies and R&D&I   To support the development of R&D&I Technology projects of technological improvement by Synergies looking for funding   To contribute to consider the feasibility of the R&D&I creation of the Technological Centre of the Funding Cluster of the Graphic Product and Galician Book, by detecting the needs of R&D&I services
  18. 18. Centre of Innovation   In May 2008 the Cluster submitted an application for financial aid to the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade within the CREA programme (Creation and Consolidation of Technological Centres). In September 2008 the application was approved. Dissemination   The main objective of the centre is to contribute to the improvement of the competitiveness of the companies of the Cluster of the Graphic Product and Galician Book through the dissemination and transfer of technology, promoting the creation of advanced services and products that allow to improve its business competitiveness in an economic context of increasing competition, through the promotion of R&D&I collaborative projects. Creativity Innovation   It is conceived as a key resource to promote research, innovation and creativity both in processes and in the own final products and services that the sector is offering to their clients. In Research the assembly of the Cluster held in May 2009 it was agreed to set up the innovation centre with 26 businesspeople.
  19. 19. 6. Internationalization The recognition already given to the Cluster by the Ministry of Industry as a Business Innovative Group will allow:   To improve the Cluster’s access to public programmes of financial support for innovation and internationalization projects   To formalize cooperation agreements with Business Innovatives Groups from other countries
  20. 20. Business Innovative Group Joint projects with other international Business Innovative Groups The support to innovative Clusters is a programme of the Ministry of Industry aimed at stimulating strategic plans to be carried out by groups of companies with innovative, technological and organizational ability and will, from which a number of correctly structured projects can derive, which can successfully be submitted to the available programmes of financial aid, both in the Ministry of Industry and in other public organisations. The recognition already given to the Cluster by the Ministry of Industry as a Business Innovative Group will allow to improve the access of the companies of the Cluster to public programmes of financial support for innovation and internationalization projects and to formalize cooperation agreements with Business Innovatives Groups from other countries
  21. 21. 7. International Trade Office (ITO)   The Study on Business Opportunities Abroad carried out in 2008 detected as priority markets for To highlight the Cluster’s companies France and Mexico. the value   The access to the above-mentioned markets will be carried out through the creation of trade offices (ITO), whose main functions are the following: Market   To highlight the value of the abilities of the business information sectors making up the Cluster before the local market   To provide information on the situation of the market intended to be attracted SMEs’   To improve the abilities of small companies to compete in the market intended to be achieved interests   To make the access to capital easier to support the internationalization   To defend the small companies’ interests Access   To support trade negotiations at a local level to capital
  22. 22. Plaza Salvador García Bodaño, 3 - 1ºA 15707 San Lázaro - Santiago de Compostela Phone: 881.977.102 Fax: 881.977. 103 25