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US Cleantech's Market Webinar - 18th of June 2019


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Are you interested in the US market? Do you need advice for doing business in the US? This webinar is in the preamble to the matchmaking event, second and last US mission in New York City & Boston from 16-20 September 2019. Many speakers : EC2i, Smart City Tech, Hodgson Russ, NYSERDA, World Climate Limited (Horizon 19) and ENRICH !

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US Cleantech's Market Webinar - 18th of June 2019

  1. 1. 1 - WEBINAR - US MATCHMAKING MISSION 16-20 September 2019 NYC & Boston 18th of June 2019
  2. 2. 2 15:00 EC2i/SmartCityTech mission to the US - Paul Bricout, EC2i & Mark de Colvenar, SCT 15:10 Bridge Innovation Partners offers - William Young & Tariq Jawad, BIP 15:20 New York State decarbonization - Dan Spitzer, Mila Buckner & Nathaniel Lucek, Hodgson Russ 15:30 NYSERDA funding programs - Steve Wolk & Robyn Marquis, NYSERDA 15:40 Horizon 19 Conference - Nancy Bruton, Word Climate Limited, partner with NECEC 15:50 Soft landing service - Jack Henkel, ENRICH 16:00 Q&A and next steps Webinar program
  3. 3. 3 EC2i & SmartCityTech Matchmaking mission to the United States Paul Bricout Cluster TWEED, EC2i Mark de Colvenaer Cluster DSP Valley, SCT
  4. 4. 4 EC2i partnership • 5 leading European Clusters • Cleantech sector • Organizing 4 matchmaking missions • Between European SMEs and foreign partners • China and the United States SmartCityTech partnership • 10 leading European Clusters • Smart city sector • Facilitating global cooperation • Between city stakeholders EC2i and SmartCityTech | Overview
  5. 5. 5 Objective #1 Internationalization of innovative SMEs into large and dynamic cleantech and smart city foreign markets EC2i and SmartCityTech| Main objectives Objective #3 Building strategic partnerships with stakeholders and identify local market opportunities Objective #2 Bringing solutions to current global challenges facing in the urban areas
  6. 6. 6 EC2i and SmartCityTech | Consortia
  7. 7. 7 • Sun 15 Sept.: Arrival in New York airport • Mon 16 Sept.: Corporations Matchmaking Day • Welcome session to the mission • Pitches & B2B Meetings • Tue 17 Sept.: City Challenges Day • Presentation of city challenges • Workshops with cities & B2B meetings • Potential participation robotic industry event Matchmaking mission | NYC
  8. 8. 8 Matchmaking mission | Boston • Wed 18 Sept.: Travel Day • Travelling to Boston • Horizon 19 Evening Reception Event • Thu 19 Sept.: Matchmaking and Pitching Day • Participation at • Pitching and matchmaking event • Fri 20 Sept.: Matchmaking and Pitching Day • Participation at • Fly back to Europe and Canada
  9. 9. 9
  10. 10. 10 • Air Quality • Building Monitoring and Control Systems • Energy production, distribution and storage • Smart city • Sustainable Buildings and Energy Efficiency • Transport and mobility • Waste Management • Water Management • Buyers • Cities • Corporations • Governments • Industries • Innovators • Investors • SMEs • Solutions providers SECTORS ACTORS
  11. 11. 11 Why to join ? • B2B meetings with large American corporations regarding their current challenges in NYC and New York State Siemens, Con Edison, ENGIE, National Grid… • US partners pre-screening with BIP • Meetings with public NYC and New York State representatives regarding city and state opportunities NYC Mayor’s Office of the CTO, NYSERDA, Urban Future Lab, Hodgson Russ • Entrance at Horizon 19 Conference in Boston with pitching and B2B meetings with global leaders Schneider Electric, Amaresco… city and state representatives • Networking with European and Canadian SMEs • Market knowledge on the Northeastern region of the US • Visibility of your company in the US market Matchmaking mission | Package 1500€/CAN$2250
  12. 12. 12 • Siemens : Sustainable Buildings, Building Monitoring & Controls, Energy Storage, Smart City. • Con Edison : CO2, infrastructure, water management, robotics, IoT, prevention gas explosion, combustion. Technologies that accelerate electrification of space and hot water heating ; or that assist with intelligent power flow control, smart inverter monitoring and control, active network management, and sensors that give us improved telemetry of structure conditions/health. • NYSERDA : Green transportation, smart grid, buildings, mobility programs with smart cities, producing system demands, solar panels, water management, energy storage, grid storage, carbon capture clean energy (related to renewable and reduction of fossil fuels). • NYC Major’s Office of CTO : Building/Energy Efficiency, energy generation, building Monitoring, control systems, energy storage, air quality, water management, waste management. Focus areas & challenges - examples
  13. 13. Strategic Advisory International Business Development
  14. 14. Situation Analysis: Growth through Internationalization - European Commission Internationalization Support Guide for SMEs 1 THE EC CONFIRMED THAT INTERNATIONALIZATION CONSIDERABLY BOOSTS COMPETITIVENESS AND GROWTH The EC cites seven main barriers to accessing new markets: 1) Not enough working capital to finance exports; 2) The difficulty of identifying foreign business opportunities; 3) Not enough information to help them locate/analyze markets; 4) Inability to contact potential overseas customers; 5) The difficulty of obtaining reliable foreign representation; 6) Lack of managerial time; 7) Not enough and/or untrained staff. 1 Directorate–General for Enterprise and Industry (European Commission), Supporting the Internationalization of SMEs, EU Publications: 2014
  15. 15. Bridge Innovation Partners (BIP) We’re a consulting & advisory company founded and operated by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. We’ve been there, from launching companies, to scale, to profitable exits. BIP, along with our partners, collaborate with company owners, shareholders and leadership teams to maximize outcomes during critical times, through our proven integrated platform of value-add services: • Company succession / change of control / shareholder relations • M&A • Fundraising; strategic and financial • Board, Management, Employment compensation schemes and alignment • Corporate Governance • Internationalization / Joint Ventures / Subsidiaries
  16. 16. Key Elements of Internationalization Directly influences the bottom-line • Leverage data: Deep understanding of ROE- and ROIC-driven analytics provide unique insights into strategy and plan • Robust ecosystem: Our partner-aligned execution capability serves as an outsourced corporate finance and business development function that ensures we share risk • International capabilities: We have differentiated international networks both in terms of capital and commercial partners • Uncommon experience profile: Our team has aligned and consulted with dozens of companies as operators, entrepreneurs, investment bankers, financial analysts and business development • Align delivery & comp model with partners: Starting with client’s need and distinct scenario, our approach allows for 1) wide/narrow involvement, 2) ongoing/project orientation and, 3) fixed/flexible fee structure • Tool & model agnostic: our proprietary SIO MethodologyTM supports any software, tool or process; our team is result-oriented and will utilize the approach that most efficiently advances the ball
  17. 17. BIP Empowers Internationalization for SMEs - Expertise in international sales growth / promoting corporate innovation VALUE CREATION VIA BRIDGE INNOVATION PARTNERS’ IAASTM PLATFORM IAASTM is built on a decade’s worth of unique insights around market expansion: • Connecting and engaging with local ecosystems and networks is critical to the success of internationalization: IAASTM is built on the principal of ecosystem development as a key lever for internationalization and as a source of catalyzing further company innovation • Not all internationalization goals and strategies are the same: as such IAASTM has built-in customization tools that allow for flexible engagement with companies as they embark on the journey of internationalization • Capital in itself is not sufficient for internationalization: BIP understands that capital is best utilized within a strategic plan focused on local ecosystem development and diligent partner selection • The act of internationalization is not only innovative in itself, but also promotes a culture of innovation: which impacts our clients’ vision, ultimately enhancing corporate value
  19. 19. Bridge Innovation Partners’ IAASTM Platform - Comprehensive Support from Strategy to Operations 3 PILLARS OF INTERNATIONALIZATION AS A SERVICE - IAASTM Strategy Plan 1) Provides roadmap to determine IAAS readiness 2) Business plan to execute against objectives 3) Partnership & cluster mapping 4) Finalize marketing material Strategic Partnerships 1) Roadshow & matchmaking 2) Incorporate learnings & refine business plan 3) Secure KOL support 4) Pilot implementation 5) Prioritize & secure target partners Localize 1) Finalize structure/ model 2) Build practices & protocols for local & cross-border alignment 3) Ecosystem development 4) Business development I. PLAN II. LAUNCH III. OPERATE
  20. 20. Proprietary SIO MethodologyTM Strategy / Implement / Operate is about aligning with our clients and partners around key objectives and insights, and actively engaging in delivery FinanceBus Dev Dynamic Delivery Framework Cap Structure Growth&Scale Productivity&Efficiency Strategy ROE Data & Analytics The core of SIO • ROE: We underpin our strategy plans through forensic analysis of financial metrics aimed to balance the tension between growth-centric and productivity-centric initiatives. • Data & Analytics: Unlocking data that catalyzes new directions toward revenue growth • Dynamic Delivery Framework: From strategy through to operations, we iterate and evolve our engagement
  21. 21. The Decarbonization of the New York Economy: An Overview of the Opportunities Daniel Spitzer, Esq. Mila Buckner, Esq. Nathaniel Lucek, Esq. Ec2i Matchmaker Pre-Mission Webinar June 18, 2019
  22. 22. Carbon Be-Gone § Although much has been written about the American federal government’s antipathy towards addressing climate change, in fact it is the States that lead on energy matters, and they are roaring ahead § New York already mandates 50% Renewables by 2030, and is considering a 100% requirement § Three states, Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia have adopted 100% renewable energy mandates § Rhode Island is home to America’s first offshore wind project. § Business opportunities in the sector have never been better
  23. 23. The REAL Green New Deal § If money talks, New York is speaking loudly. Its Green New Deal seeks to move the State to a 100% carbon-free economy § New York has already invested $2.9 billion into 46 large-scale renewable projects across the state § New City and State laws are driving Climate Change adaption and mitigation strategies, from the change in energy portfolio to the hardening of assets
  24. 24. The REAL Green New Deal § The 10-year, $5.3 billion Clean Energy Fund (CEF) is a core component of New York State's Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) strategy to achieve a clean, resilient and affordable energy system. REV moves New York from a utility-centric energy system to a market focused, third-party led system. § New York Green Bank, a core component of the CEF, has generated $51.8 million in positive net income as a result of $637.6 million in investments in clean energy transactions. It was created to overcome financing gaps, and is now raising over $1 billion in third party funds to expand climate financing availability across New York and the rest of North America.
  25. 25. Buildings § Buildings make up 71% of NYC’s GHG emissions. The City has previously passed laws aimed at reducing energy usage, but was unhappy with the progress. § NYC’s Climate Mobilization Act is 7 bills including § Sets emissions caps for buildings over 25,000 sq. ft. by 40% by 2030 and more than 80% by 2050, the “most ambitious energy efficiency legislation in the country.” § Require an assessment of the feasibility of replacing the City’s gas-fired power plants with battery storage powered by renewable energy sources. § Roofs of certain smaller new residential buildings and non-residential buildings will be equipped with a solar photovoltaic system or a green roof.
  26. 26. Buildings § The Act includes a property-assessed clean energy financing (PACE) program to help find renewable energy or building energy efficiency improvements. § The total cost of upgrades needed to meet the new requirements would hit $4 billion. The opportunities are spread across every aspect of building systems. § NYSERDA’s New Efficiency: New York program has an ambitious target of 185 trillion Btus of end-use energy savings below the 2025 energy-use forecast.
  27. 27. Offshore Wind § Offshore wind projects in progress or in the works represent $68 Billion in expenditures. § New York is planning for 9,000 MW of offshore wind by 2035, largely to address NYC and replace fossil fuel sources in the region. Massachusetts has approved 1,600 MW procurement and is considering another 1600 MW § The first tender, for 800 MW, received 4 bids for 18 projects in February 2019. § Literally the entire off-shore wind supply chain must be invented, and New York is moving to ensure it is the epicenter of the industry
  28. 28. Solar § The $1 billion NY-Sun initiative has facilitated a nearly 1,500 percent increase in solar deployment since 2011. § To serve urban and suburban populations, New York is pushing Community Solar Programs by increasing funding levels § $1.5 billion available for funding support for large-scale solar § NYSERDA currently has $40 million available for Solar + Storage projects
  29. 29. Energy Storage § The U.S. energy storage market is expected to reach $4 billion by 2024. § The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission issued Order No. 841, which established reforms to remove barriers to the participation of electric storage resources in the wholesale markets § New York has a program to add 1,500 MW of storage by 2025, and up to 3,000 MW by 2030 § New York has created funding for retail and bulk market storage incentives, allocating $130 million and $150 million respectively, and $70 million for other projects
  30. 30. Transportation § Transport accounts for roughly a third of GHG emissions § While NYC area has lower transport GHG due to higher use of public transport, it is still a significant contributor § $250 Million EVolve NY program will expand EV fast charging along key corridors, establish NYC airports as charging hubs, and establish EV Model Communities Program § E-Mobility is dependent on battery solutions, attracting more than $2.3 billion in such technologies over the past two years
  31. 31. Transportation § Significant push for EV vehicles § Charge Ready NY—Rebates for the installation of electric vehicle charging stations (up to $4,000 per charging port installed). § Workplace Charging Station New York State Tax Credits—Income tax credits of up to $5,000 for investments in alternative fuels and electric vehicle recharging stations. § Drive Clean Rebate for Plug-In Electric Cars— Rebates of up to $2,000 for new, plug-in electric vehicle car purchases or leases. § New York State Truck Voucher Incentive Program— Incentives for the purchase of alternative fuel trucks and buses and verified diesel emission control (VDEC) technologies.
  32. 32. Smart Grid Opportunities § New York has a low percentage of installed Advanced Metering Infrastructure § Smart Grid upgrades are essential for the State to Meet DER implementation goals. § $35 million is currently available from NYSERDA for projects that will help New York integrate distributed energy resources in ways that will improve the resiliency of the electric grid, as well as reduce fossil fuel dependency.
  33. 33. Ask the Leader For over a century Hodgson Russ has helped European companies establish themselves and thrive in the U.S., addressing every aspect of creating a prosperous business. Daniel Spitzer (716) 848-1420 Mila Buckner (646) 218-7658 Nathaniel Lucek (716) 848-1591
  34. 34. 15 NYSERDA funding programs Steve Wolk NYSERDA
  35. 35. 16 NYSERDA funding programs Steve Wolk Sr. Project Manager NYSERDA 17 Columbia Circle | Albany, NY 12203-6399 P: 518-862-1090 X-3021 | F: 518-862-1091 | E:
  36. 36. Where Climate Goals Translate into Solutions, Innovations, Investments and Partnerships Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, September 18-20th , 2019
  37. 37. Horizon, Solutions for the Clean Economy 2 Founding Partners and 2019 Organizers Horizon19 / Organizers WORLD CLIMATE LTD develops and facilitates large-scale collaborations and transactions between businesses, governments, and investors for local, national and global solutions in the areas of climate change and sustainability. The Northeast Clean Energy Council (NECEC) is the premier voice of businesses building a world-class clean energy hub in the US Northeast since 2006. The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC) is a publicly-funded agency dedicated to accelerating the success of clean energy technologies, companies and projects in the Commonwealth.
  38. 38. Horizon, Solutions for the Clean Economy 3 Global market for clean energy technology, finance, solutions where market opportunities in the clean economy are counted in tens of trillions before 2030. Cities, states, countries, and businesses globally seek to be customers of valuable, innovative solutions for climate action & leadership. HORIZON19 / Background Start-ups to major corporate providers seeking to showcase unique innovations, solutions models and connect vendors to buyers and investors.
  39. 39. Horizon, Solutions for the Clean Economy 4 Leading-Edge and Current Solutions Showcase Global Thought Leadership Combining Projects and Innovations with Catalytic Capital Public-Private Partnerships Solutions Innovation Investments Partnerships Horizon19 / Focus Focused on Connecting Customers with Solutions, Innovations, Investments, and Partnerships
  40. 40. Horizon, Solutions for the Clean Economy 5 HORIZON19 / Value Proposition Northeast US: Innovation Benefits from the Northeast US • World class universities & research institutions • Leading start-ups and accelerators • Major Corporates present • World financial center • Technology innovation hub USA: Structuring the US Markets States, corporations, cities, universities, countries, communities seeking: • Best practice-solutions • Partners • Innovations • Demonstrations For scaling climate solutions International: Link to National and Global Policies • Partnering with US Climate Alliance • Partnering with "We Are StilI In" • Horizon19 "UN Bridge" Event in New York City • UN Climate Summit
  41. 41. Horizon, Solutions for the Clean Economy 6 Customer Engagement / Deal Making / Projects / Partnerships / Global Relationship Building Integrated Format to Maximize Matchmaking and Outcomes Horizon19 / Format MatchmakingSummit • International business summit • Plenaries and breakouts • C-level speakers • Online matchmaking app • Organized high-level meetings • Leading to investments and deal making Showcasing • Showcasing leading-edge technology & global solutions • Entrepreneurial companies with new innovations • Lounges and stands Pitches • Pitch arena for entrepreneurial start-up’s innovations • Customers with leading projects • Regions with world-class solutions Side events • Interactive workshops • Product launches • Receptions and networking events
  42. 42. Horizon, Solutions for the Clean Economy 7 Horizon19 / Program Model Industry Leadership Clean Energy Transition Business Models & Technologies Sustainable Mobility & Transportation Finance & Investments Smart & Resilient Cities Policy & Regulations Sustainable Production & Recycling Digitization & The Fourth Industrial Revolution Key areas explored at Horizon19 Key drivers explored at Horizon19 Clean Infrastructure & Buildings
  43. 43. Horizon, Solutions for the Clean Economy 8 Horizon19 / Program Plenary Sessions Breakout Sessions 18th September 05:00-06:00pm Kick-off Session: Breakthrough Technologies, Solutions and Business Models for the Clean Economy 19th September 09:00-10:00am Opening Session: Scaling Up the Clean Economy Transition 10:00-11:00am Advancing Clean Energy Through Industry Leadership Accelerating Clean Transportation Through Infrastructure and Fleet Transformation 11:45am-12:45pm Creating Sustainable Cities Through Actionable Technologies and Partnerships Energy Storage Hybrid Grids: Creating Value for the Customer 2:00-3:00pm Smart and Sustainable Infrastructure: Deploying and Partnering for Innovative Solutions Modernizing the Grid to Accelerate a Clean & Smart Energy Future 3:45-4:45pm Policy and Regulations: Cross-Sector Collaboration for Successful Policy-Making and Implementation Retrofitting Buildings for Energy Efficiency and Smart Demand 20th September 09:00-10:00am Sustainable Production: From Waste Reduction to a Circular Economy Session Hosted by Partner: TBC 10:00-11:00am Session Hosted by Partner: TBC Financing the Smart City of the Future: From Financing Models to Public-Private Partnerships 11:45-12:45pm Innovating the Low-Carbon Economy for the Next Decade Integrating Off-Shore Wind Into Markets and Customer Value 1:45-2:30pm Closing Session: Fast Forward to the UN Summit, 2020 Climate Plans, and the 2030 Sustainable Agenda
  44. 44. Horizon, Solutions for the Clean Economy 9 Horizon19 / Who you will meet at Horizon Partners 2018 City of Boston City of Cambridge City of Lowell City of Melrose City of Newburyport City of Salem City of Somerville City of Waltham Michigan Mosaic Energy Cooperative Office of Sustainability & Environment, City of Somervile Spark Energy Conservation Spark, Town of Winchester Town of Concord, MA Town of Lexington Town of Lexington Town of Natick Town of Wakefield Town of Wakefield, Massachusetts Wakefield Gas and Light Department And more!!!! Current City Registrants 2019
  45. 45. Horizon, Solutions for the Clean Economy 10 Horizon19 / Matchmaking B2B Meetings Horizon19 will gather 2000+ participants, engaging more than 100 partnering organizations, customers, and influencers, and 250+ speakers. Organizations Fortune 1000 Emerging Providers Start-ups Utilities Developers International Organizations Clusters Cities States Regions Countries Associations Institutions & Universities Focused on Getting Customers, Suppliers and Financiers Together Individuals CEOs Investors Policy/Public Sector Leaders Strategy Directors Production Managers Facility Managers Project Planners Innovation Leaders Sustainability Decision Makers Financial Experts Solutions Experts Financiers Institutional investors Commercial banks Pension funds Asset managers Solutions Providers Technology providers Service providers Integrators Consultants Customers and Influencers States Corporations Cities Countries Utilities Communities Universities
  46. 46. Horizon, Solutions for the Clean Economy 11 Horizon19 has a business-to-passion objective, that will allow your business to promote solutions to an influential audience, including hundreds of buyers, major corporations, solution providers, financiers, public sector leaders, startups and emerging / growth companies. The Pitch Arena invites innovators, startups, government and city representatives, think tanks, financiers, and others to present their innovative ideas at Horizon19. Horizon19 / Pitching Pitch your initiatives to the Horizon19 audience, consisting of buyers, investors and collaborators Explore and combine clean economy innovations into your critical solutions initiatives. Join and contribute to thought leadership in developing the new clean economy.
  47. 47. Horizon, Solutions for the Clean Economy 12 Download the Horizon19 custom Matchmaking App (available a couple weeks before Horizon19). It provides the best experience for attendees with the award-winning Whova event app! Participate and interact more actively, and build two times more connections. Up-to-date event information, personalized agenda, live polls, messages and exciting photos are all at your fingertips. Horizon19 / Matchmaking App Invite more connections with the custom Horizon19 App Identify and support matchmaking opportunities between customers and solutions providers Connect through the online user-driven matchmaking app prior to, during and after the event
  48. 48. Horizon, Solutions for the Clean Economy 13 Horizon19 / European SME’s Benefits include: • Meet and network with project owners and end-sale customers within the areas of Smart Data, Smart Energy, Smart Mobility and Cleantech including on concrete projects. • Co-organize pitching and matchmaking at the Horizon19 event in September 2019 in Boston; • Mobilize potential buyers, solutions providers and other stakeholders to participate in matchmaking events; • Limited pre-screening and facilitating matchmaking via an app listing all attendees with relevant project owners; • Access to Canadian SMEs from the cluster Eco Tech Quebec.
  49. 49. Horizon, Solutions for the Clean Economy 14 CONTACT Nancy Bruton Marketing and Media Manager, World Climate Ltd. +45 42 36 08 83 | | Skype: Copenhagen, Denmark World Climate Ltd develops and facilitates large scale collaborations and transactions between businesses, governments, and investors; for local, national and global solutions in the areas of climate change and sustainability.
  50. 50. 1 ENRICH in the USA Jack Henkel, InBIA
  51. 51. 2 2 • Enhance the prestige & visibility of European research & innovation (R&I) actors in trans-Atlantic cooperations • Create a network of hubs across the US for European R&I organisations to double as a "home away from home" • Provide tailormade services to foster the above, through physical hubs of interaction, so European R&I actors can internationalize successfully • To especially ensure R&I actors from the small or under-represented nations of the European Union have the same opportunities as those from larger nations About ENRICH in the USA Aims
  52. 52. 3 Network Concept « Butterfly » Network Soft Landing certification program
  53. 53. 4 Network Concept Landing Hubs Network West Coast
  54. 54. 5 5 ENRICH in the USA Your Journey GET INFORMED! Step-by-Step Guidelines for doing Business or Research in the US & EU, Market & Research Studies, Newsfeed & Hot Topics in US & EU, Training on Internationalisation, etc. GET CONNECTED! Research Symposia, Matchmaking, Working Visits & Innovation Tours, etc. GET GOING! Soft-landing (workspace & infrastructure), Bootcamps with Training on Innovation Management, Licensing and Business Acceleration, etc. GET GROWING! Media Promotion, Marketing Support, Business Development & Consulting Services, etc.
  55. 55. 6 6 ENRICH Service Portfolio Clustered by Service Categories
  56. 56. 7 7 Available Services 7 • Soft Landing Opportunities (Landing Hubs) • Immersive Bootcamps • Innovation Tours • Training and Education • Research and Market Studies • Business Acceleration Programme • Match and Pitch • Research Commercialization Services
  57. 57. 8 8 Thematic Research Studies 8
  58. 58. 9 9 Thank you! Jack Henkel Contact Details International Business Innovation Association Orlando, FL
  59. 59. 19 Q & A Session
  60. 60. 20 How to participate? | Contact your cluster Mark de Colvenaer + 32 476 46 08 59 Ingrid Milcent +33 679 38 60 02 Paul Bouvard +33 476 51 85 34 Thilde Møller Larsen +45 2520 1551 Frederik Thure frederik@internationalcleantechnet +45 61 24 33 16 Justine Duchenne Johann Koinegg +43 316 407744-13 Paul Bricout +32 42 42 47 62 Ben Jorgensen +46 73 852 8000 Victoria Smaniotto +1 514 409-9449 Gabrielle Leclerc-Vincent +1 514 772-8650
  61. 61. 21 Stay tuned! Websites Social media
  62. 62. 22 Thanks !