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US Cleantech Market Intelligence Webinar - 15/03/2018


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Interested in the U.S. market? Need advice? Two US companies, @HodgsonRuss & @151Advisors, share their clear vision of the cleantech's U.S. market and their best export strategy !

The European Cleantech Internationalisation Initiative (EC2I) is organising matchmaking events to match European SMEs with American organisations. The EC2I partnership is pleased to invite you to meet innovative European companies.

Our matchmaking event will take place on 7 - 8 May 2018 in New York City. Participation is free of charge and will give you the opportunity to: present your organisation and challenges ; take part in B2B meetings with European SMEs matching your needs and interests ; interact with other European cleantech organisations during networking events.

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US Cleantech Market Intelligence Webinar - 15/03/2018

  1. 1. Welcome to the “US Cleantech Market Intelligence Webinar” European Cleantech InternationalizationInitiative 15th of March 2018, 3-5 pm (MEZ)
  2. 2. Program 15:00-15:10 Introduction - EC2i project & NYC matchmaking mission 15:10-15:30 US Market Insights: Business opportunities and challenges for European Cleantech SME - Advantage Austria Chicago 15:30-15:50 Renewable Energy Opportunities in the Trump Era – Hodgson Russ LLP, Mark Sweeney 15:50-16:10 Achieving Resiliency: How Microgrids are changing the face of energy delivery - Hodgson Russ LLP, Daniel A. Spitzer 16:10-16:20 Q&A Session 16:20-16:40 US Market Entry Strategy – 151 Advisors 16:40-16:50 Q&A Session 16:50-17:00 Next steps
  3. 3. EC2i project & NYC matchmaking mission Paul Bricout (TWEED) & Maria Ortner (GTC)
  4. 4. EC2i project § EU project: COSME call „Cluster go international“ § Partner: - 5 European Cleantech Cluster (Denmark, Sweden, Belgium, France, Austria) § Duration: 01/2018 – 12/2019 § Goals are: - Stimulate internationalization of innovative European SMEs into China and the US - Fostering collaboration and integration of capacities along value chains emerging at the intersection of environmental technologies and digitalization - Establish and develop strategic partnerships with stakeholders in the target markets, identify local market opportunities, raise the profiles of European SMEs and pursue opportunities for collaborative business development - Organise matchmaking missions around Low Carbon Business Actions in the target countries, support initiatives such as the EU-China Smart Cities Partnerships
  5. 5. EC2i project
  6. 6. EC2i – target countries
  7. 7. EC2i project § Target groups: - SME in the cleantech sector (i.e. environment, energy) and smart technologies - Strategic Partners in the US and China (cleantech cluster and other SME-orientated organisations) - Non-participating cluster organisations (also non cleantech, disseminate lessons learned and best practice for SME internationalization support) - Decision-makers from regional authorities, national governments, the EU, and other organisations striving to develop SME internationalization support services § Matchmaking missions: - New York/USA: 5.-11.5.2018 - Shanghai/China: planned for November 2018 and 2019 § Total number of SME partners in the 5 cluster: 477 § Total number of SME partners in the ICN (International Cleantech Network): >800
  8. 8. EC2i – time line Jan 2018 June 2018 Nov 2018 Jan 2019 June 2019 Nov 2019 Jan 2020 Market Research Internationalization Toolkit Demand Sourcing Virtual Meet the Buyer 1st Mission to US, China Market Research Demand Sourcing Virtual Meet the Buyer 2nd Mission to US, China Partners enter ICN framework
  9. 9. Collaboration for SME Internationalization • SME support toolkit • Partners in target markets Shared Resources • Collaboration along value chains • Cross-cluster consortia Integrated Solutions • Tap into local networks • Build pipeline of international projects Exploit Rising Demand Strategic Cluster Collaboration
  10. 10. Matchmaking mission #1 @NYC – May 2018
  11. 11. For who? • Public or private actors (looking for solutions or providingsolutions) • Private actors : SME’s (and some big companies) • Public actors : cities / decision makers • Sectors: • Cleantech : any process, product, or service that reduces negative environmental impacts (air pollution, waste + wastewater management, etc.) • Energy : clean energy, energy efficiency, renewableenergy, … • Smart… : smart cities, smart building, smart grid, smart and electric transportation, …
  12. 12. Why NYC market ? • The Smart Cities Expo, in combination with New York's climate change initiatives, makes this city a promising market to visit. The city of New York has set out to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 80 % in 2050. To reach this goal, New York City is investing in sustainable and smart solutions such as renewable energy, energy efficiency, smart and electric transportation, climate adaption, solid waste management.
  13. 13. Smart cities Expo • The Expo will bring together local and international leaders and influencers, and promises to attract widespread attention given that NYC is rapidly evolvinginto a global benchmark for smart city technologies. If you represent a city, company or other relevant player working with clean and/or urban tech, you should consider being part of our delegation. • -
  14. 14. Program • 07 May « Welcoming day » • Welcome and Introduction @BelCham • Presentation: 'corporate buyers', projects & partenaires (AM) @BelCham • B2B Meeting (PM) @BelCham • Cocktail reception @ Urban Future Lab • 08 May - « Urban Future Lab Day » Smart Cities Expo Day • Innovation Workshop @ Urban Future Lab (AM) • B2B Meeting (PM) @BelCham • Networking Dinner (City Centre) • …
  15. 15. Program • 09 May « Urban Future Lab Day » • B2B Meeting (AM) @BelCham • C40 CSP New York (AM) • Smart Cities Expo - « EU cleantech solutions » @SCE (PM) • Networking Dinner • 10 May « Projects / site visits Day » • Site visit 1 - Power to the people : visit of Brooklyn microgrids & meeting Blocpower @LO3Energy • … (tbd) • 11 May (or later if tourism) : flight-back to Europe
  16. 16. Estimated costs : 1.700 € - 2.000€ • Flight: 300-900 € (go & return) • Hotel: 750 € (3 nights) • Package mission : including a promotional price of entry to the NYC Smart City Expo, and access to the workshops and events (visits, receptions,...). • Participation fee : • Free of charge for EC2i / ICN clusters members • 300 € for others • Support (regional export agency) : tbd (example : -900 € for Belgium)
  17. 17. How to participe ? • To participate at the NYC Matchmaking Mission : 1. EC2i cluster member (CLEAN, GTC, SBH, Tennerdis, TWEED) : contact local cluster 2. ‘International Cleantech Network’ cluster member: contact local cluster 3. Other : contact CLEAN Cluster (Charlotte Labbé - • Interest of more than ten participants
  18. 18. US Market Insights: Business opportunities and challenges for European Cleantech SME Maja Seferovic, Advantage Austria Chicago
  19. 19. Q&A Session
  20. 20. Renewable Energy Opportunities in the Trump Era Mark Sweeney, Hodgson Russ LLP
  21. 21. Q&A Session
  22. 22. Achieving Resiliency: How Microgrids are changing the face of energy delivery Daniel A. Spitzer, Hodgson Russ LLP
  23. 23. Q&A Session
  24. 24. US Market Entry Strategy Bill Rom, 151 Advisors
  25. 25. Q&A Session
  26. 26. Next Steps § To stay informed (next webinars / missions / publications…) : sign up for free on § To participate at the NYC Matchmaking Mission : see slide 17! § Want to share this webinar (recording, PowerPoint presentations) ? § Youtube § Slideshare
  27. 27. Thanks for attending our webinar! European Cleantech InternationalizationInitiative Contacts: Paul Bricout, TWEED ( Maria Ortner, Green Tech Cluster (
  30. 30. COUNTRY PROFILE USA n Gross Domestic Product (GDP): USD 19.3 billion (2017) n GDP - real growth rate: 2.2 % (2017) n Export to the US: EUR 9.7 billion (2017) n Share of the Austrian export market: 6.8% of total export (2017) 3
  31. 31. US: ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGY OVERVIEW n World market volume for Environmental Technology: USD 1.05 T n US world market share: 29% n USD 330 billion revenue (2016 latest available statistics) n Growth mainly driven by environmental legislation and infrastructure development projects in the US 4
  32. 32. SUCCESS FACTORS n Determine a market segmentation and take time for a detailed competitive analysis n Customize your product according to US requirements n Adapt your advertising materials/advertising appearance n Local presence and willingness to invest n Make personal contacts and cooperate with specialists 5
  33. 33. 6 SUCCESSFUL AUSTRIAN COMPANIES Water and Wastewater Air Pollution Control Recycling and Waste
  34. 34. n Since February 2017 Scott Pruitt has been head of the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) n Reduction of EPO funds: from USD 8.6 bn. (2016) to USD 5.6 bn. (2018) n Mid 2017: US exit from Paris Climate Agreement n Clean Power Plan (CPP) is likely to be withdrawn n Trump announced an infrastructure offensive n States have a significant impact on the environmental legislation – this will continue to generate demand for environmental technology 7 INFLUENCE OF TRUMP ADMINISTRATION
  35. 35. 8 EXAMPLES FROM THE STATES n San Francisco aims for a 100% recycling rate by 2020 n Chicago has voluntarily committed to meeting Kyoto targets regarding the Chicago Climate Action Plan (CCAP) n The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) will provide $ 1.75 million for recycling subsidies in 2017 n In California, consumers have already to pay an "e-waste" fee when purchasing an electrical appliance
  36. 36. 9 TRENDS AND OPPORTUNITIES IN ENVIRONMENTAL TECHNOLOGY n Outdated infrastructure of water pipes, sewers, sewage treatment plants etc. creates a need for innovative technologies n Measuring instruments for analyzing water quality n 35% recycling rate, single stream recycling urge for separation technologies and recycling plants n Automobile emission controls, industrial air pollution control
  37. 37. 10 FUTURE EVENTS ON THE TOPIC n WEFTEC (September 29 - October 3, 2018, New Orleans) n Waste Expo (April 24 - April 26, 2018, Las Vegas) n American Water Works Association Annual Conference & Exposition (June 12 - June 14, 2018, Las Vegas) n Water Quality Technology Conference & Exposition (November 11 - November 15, Toronto)
  38. 38. 11 YOUR POINT OF CONTACT IN THE US: ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA - AUSTRIAN TRADE COMMISSION CHICAGO Peter Sedlmayer Trade Commissioner Maja Seferovic Manager, Business Development (Environmental Technology) 500 North Michigan Avenue Suite 1950 Chicago, IL 60611 T +1 312 644 55 56 E W
  39. 39. Renewable Energy Opportunities in the Trump Era US Cleantech Market Intelligence Webinar 15 March 2018 Mark T. Sweeney, Esq. Hodgson Russ LLP
  40. 40. § The President’s rejection of Climate Change and aggressive rollback of the Obama Administration’s policies and regulations aimed at combating Climate Change have put the future of renewable development at the forefront of U.S. Energy policy. § Similarly, the President’s close ties to the Oil and Gas Industry plus his strong support for coal has ignited concerns regarding the federal government’s continued support or critical elements of renewable energy financing, tax credits and other subsidies and altering wholesale power markets to benefit coal and nuclear generation. Trump Energy Policy Fundamentals
  41. 41. § Climate change is no longer a fundamental danger shaping energy policy § US withdrawal from Paris Climate Accord § Intent to rescind the Clean Power Plan § Eliminating this driver of policy has resulted in the rollback of federal environmental regulations aimed a combatting the effects of climate change § Free of the need to address this danger, the federal government has opened federal lands previously declared off-limits for oil and gas exploration § “We have ended the war on American energy – and we have ended the war on beautiful, clean coal.” President Trump’s State of the Union speech The Fall of Climate Change
  42. 42. § Utility sector does not like the uncertainty and market turmoil that Trump’s policies creates. § Could affect the utilities views on the fuel mix for generation in extended term § Replacement of the Clean Power Plan § EPA directed to develop new regulations to replace Clean Power plan § This is a complex regulatory exercise that may take years to complete and will likely be litigated for even longer § By setting much weaker CO2 targets for states, coal plants could be tweaked with modest improvements only and eliminating the need to add renewable power or convert to natural gas. Risks to Renewable Energy
  43. 43. § Tarriffs on Solar Panels, Steel and other commodities needed to achieve standards set by States § Puts further pressure on marginally economic projects § Lifting of Ban on drilling in the Artic Wildlife Refuge in Alaska § Dept. of Interior must identify lands in the 1.5 million acres of the refuge along the coastal plain for leases § Estimates show that 5 to 16 billion barrels of oil are contained there Risks to Renewables (Cont’d)
  44. 44. § Market forces and the need for Investor Owned utilities to provide electricity to rate payers at regulated rates have and continues to drive out coal fired generation § Data shows that investor owned utilities expect to continue to retire coal-fired generation and that there is virtually no expectation to add more coal capacity in the next decade. Utility Dive 2018 Survey § Utilities plan out power mix changes significantly in advance and the largest sectors for continued growth remain as follows: § utility scale solar and wind, § distributed generation and storage, and § natural gas. § Production Tax Credits and Investment Tax Credits were preserved in the round out of the President’s tax cut bill. Will Coal Trump Renewables?
  45. 45. Policy Changes Imapct?
  46. 46. § State and Regional efforts to maintain environmental and renewable energy policies are expected to continue and even increase § 29 states have adopted standard requiring utilities to meet targets for increased reliance on renewable fuels § California: 33% by 2020, 40% by 2024 and 50% by 2030 § New York: 50% by 2030 § Market forces will also soften the impact of such moves § Utilities are overwhelmingly opposed to attempts to reshape wholesale power markets and its Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on grid resilience was rejected by FERC § DOE refuses to use emergency authority under the Federal Power Act to keep uneconomic coal plants in operation. Utility Dive, Feb. 20, 2018 Will Coal Trump Renewables (cont’d)
  47. 47. § Large investments in Renewables continue Wind and Solar Growth
  48. 48. Mark T. Sweeney Hodgson Russ LLP 677 Broadway, Suite 301 Albany, New York 12207 +1 (518) 433-2452 HODGSON RUSS LLP REV PRACTICE GROUP
  49. 49. Achieving Resiliency: How Microgrids are Changing the Face of Energy Delivery US Cleantech Market Intelligence Webinar 15 March 2018 Daniel A. Spitzer, Esq Hodgson Russ LLP
  50. 50. The Need for Resliency § For those in America to whom Climate Change was an abstract discussion, Superstorm Sandy made the worst scenario real. § During Sandy, over 8.5 million people lost light or heat (DOE 2012); over 1.1 million customers lost power in New York City alone (NYS 2100 Commission 2013). § But university campuses, housing projects and individual buildings that had installed a “microgrid,” an integrated system of power generation and distribution able to separate itself from the main electric grid and operate on its own, even though the main electric grid failed. Why Microgrids? Why Now?
  51. 51. What is a Microgrid? § A microgrid is a smaller version of the electric grid, indeed the first electric systems built by Edison were one power plant and its customers. The most common definition, is “a group of interconnected loads and distributed energy resources within clearly defined electrical boundaries that acts as a single controllable entity with respect to the grid and that connects and disconnects from such grid to enable it to operate in both grid-connected or `island’ mode.” (DOE 2011). § There are three types of microgrids: standalone systems in remote areas, systems covering a single building, and those covering a unified set of properties, such as a college campus or residential development.
  52. 52. Microgrids Integrate Different Types of Generation With Advanced Power Management Systems To Serve A Geographically Limited Area
  53. 53. Microgrids Support The New Business Model § There is a renewed deregulation across the American electric industry, that is restructuring how utility companies raise revenue. The basic model of the utility business – a regulated monopoly protected from competition – is under assault as various states push electric utilities from their traditional commodity-based model, which maximizes profits by maximizing investment in utility-owned infrastructure and increasing energy sales, to a service-provider model, with revenue based on service provided and generating and other system assets owned by the customers or third-parties
  54. 54. New Model of Electric Service
  55. 55. The Rise of Microgrids § Microgrids can also help address the grid stability issues (maintaining the required synchronization of current and voltage, balancing loads with available power) that are presented by adding significant volumes of wind and solar to power grids, because of the very different nature of these variable generating sources compared with traditional thermal generation sources. Utilities worldwide have identified difficulties in handling inflows of renewable resources.
  56. 56. MICROGRID FINANCES § Since microgrids can sell energy back to the grid, will they be regulated as utilities? If so, what level of regulatory oversight will be applied? Will they have regulated tariffs, or will revenue levels in non-single owner setups be left to the users? § How will continuing service be assured if third-parties own the microgrid? Will there be quality of service requirements for microgrids backed by third-party insurance, or will utilities have to pick up service under “Provider-of-Last-Resort” rules? The Barriers – Legal and Regulatory – Are Greater than the TechnicalIssues
  57. 57. MICROGRID FINANCES § Will regulators allow microgrids to sell services to the grid on an equal basis with any other customer – i.e., no discrimination. § If microgrids can sell energy and grid stability services, how will the market operate? § If the effort to decarbonize is serious, will a social cost of carbon be included so that DG based microgrids can compete with natural gas based microgrids? The Barriers – Legal and Regulatory
  58. 58. MICROGRID IMPLEMENTATION § The interplay between the local utility and the microgrid remains uncertain, at best, and clear regulations outlining the relationship are essential to attract third-party investment. - Will the utility be expected to provide backup power? If so, how will tariffs be set at reasonable rates? - Can microgrids connect a neighborhood using existing power lines? If so, at what cost? Can the microgrid use utility right-of-ways? - Microgrids take customers away from utilities; utilities assert they have to be compensated for assets constructed for those customers but now no longer needed – so-called “stranded assets.” Will the microgrids have to compensate the utility for stranded assets? The Barriers – Utility/Microgrid Relationships
  59. 59. MICROGRID FINANCES § Advances in microgrid deployment will require financial innovations as well as regulatory certainty. For example, Schneider Electric is promoting a no- money down microgrid installation. The ability to craft financial solutions, and potentially securitize packages of microgrid loans, is certainly more difficult than with solar given the uniqueness of each installation, but represents the type of advance that can significantly reduce cost and promote new installations. Financial Barriers
  60. 60. HODGSON RUSS LLP REV PRACTICE GROUP Daniel A. Spitzer, Esq. Hodgson Russ, LLP 140 Pearl Street Buffalo, NY 14202 605 3rd Avenue, Suite 2300 New York, NY 10158 +1 (716) 848 1420
  61. 61. MONETIZING THE CONNECTED WORLD NEW YORK | ATLANTA | RALEIGH | PHILADELPHIA | LONDON | HONG KONG Growth & Execution Strategies for International Cleantech Companies March 15, 2018 Bill Rom – Managing Partner
  62. 62. 151 Advisors, LLC. 2 A leading IoT Strategy and Execution firm that has been helping technology and enterprise organizations develop and execute real world go-to-market strategies that Monetize the Connected Worldsince 2007. By establishing new market positions and accelerating the growth of products and services, we help organizations realize their full commercial potential. 151 Advisors weaves companies into the fabric of the tech or industry ecosystem, drives revenue and adds value to their strategic business initiatives that ultimately increases shareholder value.
  63. 63. Global IoT Clients & Partners 3 Clients Partners
  64. 64. • Market and industry research & intelligence. • Go-to-market strategy, planning, and execution. • Competitive analysis, product differentiation, pricing, marketing, localization and product roadmaps. • Strategic partnership development and execution. • Local management, executive resources, board roles. • Funding prep, business models , VC/PE intro’s. Our Philosophy We measure our success based on our clients’ success www.151advisors.com4 Flexible Services & Extensive IoT Capabilities
  65. 65. Global IoT Reputation 5 Helping clients analyze, strategize and execute! Understanding your business and delivering a “statement of work” is just the first stage of our extensive process. Understanding Your Business Confirming Goals Building a Plan Execute Developing the strategy is when the work starts. Rolling up our sleeves and helping clients successfully implement and execute their new strategy is when the hard work really begins.
  66. 66. G-T-M Strategy & Revenue Acceleration Global Sales & Distribution Strategies Global Investment & Expansion Strategies 6 We help companies accelerate and grow!
  67. 67. • Proactive and cost effective government programs with proven track records. • Experienced government consulting to support companies expanding into the US and Europe. • Local US and EU representation to connect with the business ecosystem. • Advisors that provide real time business intelligence, analysis and strategies. • Quickly establish US and EU relationships to drive real measurable results. Global Government Partnerships www.151advisors.com7
  68. 68. www.151advisors.com8 Steve Brumer, Partner & IoT Practice Leader • Specialty- Monetizing the Connected World! • Wireless/IoT/M2M Industry Expert • 30+ Years Mobile Industry Experience • 20+ Years M2M… IoT Experience • Dynamic Entrepreneur with Unprecedented Market & Industry Knowledge
  69. 69. www.151advisors.com9 Global Thought Leadership
  70. 70. In The News 10 IIoT World Machine Design IoT Time Podcast IoT Evolution IoT Institute IoT Global Network IoT Solution Provider IoT Evolution Vanilla Plus IoT Global Network IoT Business NewsSemiconductor Engineering Enterprise IoT Insights Semiconductor Engineering Enterprise IoT Insights Enterprise Cloud News Telecom Reseller IoT Evolution Comms Business IoT Now
  71. 71. www.151advisors.com11 Cleantech or Clean Technology? • Clean technology refers to any process, product, or service that reduces negative environmental impacts through significant energy efficiency improvements, the sustainable use of resources, or environmental protection activities. • While there is no standard definition of "clean technology," it has been described "a diverse range of products, services, and processes that harness renewable materials and energy sources, dramatically reduce the use of natural resources, and cut or eliminate emissions and wastes”. • Recycling • Renewable energy (wind power, solar power, biomass, hydropower, biofuels) • Green transportation • Electric motors • Green chemistry • Lighting
  72. 72. www.151advisors.com12 Where is the “money” today? 1. Smart Parking 2. Smart Streets & Lights 3. Waste Management & Control 4. Smart Building Management 5. IoT Security
  73. 73. www.151advisors.com13 Smart Parking • # 1 Smart Cities application • Approximately 1 billion parking spaces in the US • Overpaying in time looking for a space or money at a garage costs Americans more than $20 billion a year. • $146.52 million expected in smart parking solutions sold to Smart Cities by 2025 • San Francisco reduced Carbon Emissions by 25% and that was the ROI most discussed
  74. 74. www.151advisors.com14 Smart Streets & Street Lights • 315 million streetlights around the world • By 2026, there will be 359 million streetlights. • 80% of streets in Los Angeles have LED bulbs and 4G LTE network • 63 % savings in the first year • Chicago Department of Transportation embarked on $160 Million Smart street lighting project • Increasing efficiency by 50% to 75% than traditional lighting
  75. 75. www.151advisors.com15 Waste Management & Control • Estimated 1.3 billion tons of waste worldwide • Expected to grow to 4 billion by 2100 • The global smart waste industry was $57.6 million in 2016 and is expected to grow to $223.6 million by 2025 • Commercial vs. Residential (Multi-Family) vs. Private Homes • What is the ROI to the Smart City? • Barcelona – Lessons learned
  76. 76. www.151advisors.com16 Smart Building Management Systems • Building Performance Systems to be a $18.78 billion market by 2020 • IoT for intelligent buildings market is expected to grow from $6.3 billion in 2017 to $22.2 billion in 2026 • Integration and Management of Smart Buildings within Smart Cities is currently the # 1 challenge within this market • $$$ is everywhere from sensors to Edge, security, installation, integration to on-going platform management
  77. 77. www.151advisors.com17 IoT Security • Global spending on IoT Security will expand to $50 Billion by 2023 • The North American IoT security market was valued at USD 136.56 Million in 2017, and it is expected to reach a value of USD 588.31 Million by 2023 • Network security is expected to hold the largest market share in the IoT security market! • In 2017, 40 million US citizens lost their personal data to hackers, 54 Million people were affected by the same in Turkey, 16 million in Germany and more than 20 million in China. • Cybercrimes are the #1 challenge of IoT security and lead to an annual loss of more than USD $445 Billion, globally. • Patches – many IoT devices can’t be easily patched or users forget to update regularly making it easy for botnets to infiltrate secure and unsecure IoT devices • IoT system security challenges presents opportunities at each level: Security of Devices, Security Communications, and Security of Cloud/Data Centers • Increasing demand for data security has given rise to new laws and regulations (GDPR) in various countries, which will drive even more demand for IoT security solutions
  78. 78. www.151advisors.com18 Smart Cities / Cleantech Challenges 1. What do the taxpayers want and need? 2. Who can you partner with to get your solution to market? - Carriers, Vendors, SI’s, Resellers, Government 3. Who will be the “one throat to choke”? 4. How do you make money in this space as an eco-system player?
  79. 79. So in Conclusion… 19 • Industry Challenges must be faced head-on • Too many decisions needed to build & deploy a clients project • Don’t make this too complicated • “KISS” – Keep it Simple, Stupid & Secure • PE/VC investors want ROI & exits within IoT • Know your winning strategy • Set proper expectations based on today’s growth expectations
  80. 80. Insights & Learnings! 20 • Focus on the end user needs • Focus on the problem you solve, not the product • People – Process – Product • Hard to look out long term but you must try
  81. 81. www.151advisors.com21 In Synopsis • IoT is still very HARD • Who will you get to INTEGRATE all of these IoT deployments • We have a lack of EDUCATION of vendors, enterprises, consumers, government agencies and our venture community • SECURITY issues are a major issue, it has to be addressed now • POC’s/Trials are failing at almost a 70% rate • Less than 30% of all IoT data is being ANALYZED
  82. 82. LEARN MORE ABOUT MONETIZING YOUR SOLUTION! @151Advisors ØVisit: ØCheck out our video library ØSign up to the “Pulse of IoT” Newsletter ØListen to our weekly expert IoT Podcasts JOIN THE CONVERSATION
  83. 83. Thank You! MONETIZING THE CONNECTED WORLD WWW.151ADVISORS.COM Bill Rom Managing Partner, 151 Advisors | +1.917.975.5764