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China Cleantech's Market Webinar - 28 February 2019


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Interested in the cleantech's Chinese market? Need advice? Want to make a first step before our matchmaking mission in China (April 2019) ?

In this webinar, three Chinese companies, UMore Consulting Group, Chinese Belgium Technology Center (CBTC), ENRICH, provide insight into the Chinese Cleantech’s market, IE Expo and China Utility Week!

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China Cleantech's Market Webinar - 28 February 2019

  1. 1. 1 - WEBINAR - CHINA MATCHMAKING MISSION 28 February 2019
  2. 2. 2 10:00 EC2i project & matchmaking mission to China – Cluster TWEED 10:10 Chinese cleantech sector – Umore Cleantech Consulting 10:20 China Utility Week & IE Expo – Umore Cleantech Consulting 10:30 Business gateway for China-Europe innovation and cooperation – China Belgium Technology Center, first Chinese incubator in Europe 10:45 Feedback matchmaking mission in China ‘18 – ACTE 10:50 Soft landing service in China - ENRICH 11:00 Q&A and next steps Webinar program
  3. 3. 3 EC2i project & Matchmaking mission Renaud DACHOUFFE, Project Engineer Cluster TWEED
  4. 4. 4 EC2i | Overview
  5. 5. 5 EC2i | Consortium
  6. 6. 6 Objective #1 Internationalizati on of innovative European SMEs into large and dynamic cleantech markets EC2i | Main objectives Objective #3 Strategic partnerships with stakeholders and identify local market opportunities Objective #2 Capitalize on strong common identity and shared vision of opportunities
  7. 7. 7 Smart City & Urban Technologies EC2i | Cleantech Green Energy & Smart Grids Waste Management & Recycling Resource Management (Water-Air-Soil) Digitalisation&Efficiency
  8. 8. This project has received funding from the European Union’s Cosme programme under grant agreement No 783403
  9. 9. 9 Collection of China Business Intelligence Information on success factors and challenges for European Cleantech SME # Market Environment & Trends # Market Participants # Legal Framework # Business Opportunities # Strategic Partners & Contact points for market entry EC2i | Market information 
  10. 10. 10 Matchmaking mission | overview • Sun 14 April: Arrival in Shanghai Int. airport • Mon 15 April: Welcoming Day • Welcome session to the mission • IE Expo or China Utility Week • Dinner and overnight stay in Shanghai • Tue 16 April: IE Expo & China Utility Week • B2B Matchmaking sessions (AM-PM) • IE Expo or China Utility Week • Dinner and overnight stay in Shanghai
  11. 11. 11 Matchmaking mission | overview • Wed 17 April: IE Expo • B2B Matchmaking sessions (AM-PM) • Attendance to IE Expo • Dinner and overnight in Shanghai • Thu 18 April: Meetings • Meeting with EU Chamber of Commerce/regional representatives • Leave for Shanghai Pudong airport
  12. 12. 12 Brochure !
  13. 13. 13 Visa requirement ! Austria :
  14. 14. 14 Chinese cleantech sector Rong XU, CEO Umore Cleantech Consulting
  15. 15. 15 China Utility Week & IE Expo Rouyu WU Umore Cleantech Consulting
  16. 16. 16 Business gateway for China-Europe innovation and cooperation Lixia XING, Deputy Head of Business Department Umore Cleantech Consulting
  17. 17. 17 Feedback : machmaking mission ‘18 Younes NAANAA, Business Development Manager ACTE
  18. 18. Heat Exchangers Design & manufacturing Cleantech 2018 Cleantech exhibition: • Picture of Chinese market • Networking Matchmaking event: • a presentation brings new opportunities • can be difficult to understand who the person is Other: • Great support from Umore & ClusterTweed Heat recovery for Micro Gas Turbines & waste heat Younes Naanaa Business Development Manager
  19. 19. 19 Soft landing service in China Mariana Marques ENRICH
  20. 20. 20 Q & A Session
  21. 21. 21 Next steps | How to participate ?
  22. 22. 22 Next steps • Stay informed : • Follow us on EC2i social networks : • Share this webinar • Youtube - #Cluster TWEED • Slideshare -
  23. 23. 23 Thanks !
  24. 24. This project has received funding from the European Union’s Cosme programme under grant agreement No 783403
  25. 25. www.umoregroup.comSlide / 1 Umore Cleantech Consulting © 2017 China Cleantech Market Update 2018
  26. 26. Policy becomes tightened in 13th FYP of China Data source: pwc
  27. 27. Environment Sector Plays Major Part in VC/PE Investment $1M Environmental and Energy Saving Battery and Energy Storage Clean Energy Environmental and Energy Saving Battery and Energy Storage Clean Energy by Numbers by Values $M
  28. 28. Start M&A ($M) Start M&A (N) Closed M&A ($M) Closed M&A (N) $M Share%New Energy and Storage majorly in M&A
  29. 29. Water Market
  30. 30. LANDSCAPE OF CHINA ENVIRONMENT INDUSTRY 20K 20 Thousand Enterprises 3.2M 3.2 Million Employees 3T 3 Trillion Annual Revenue (RMB) 277B 277 Billion Annual Profit (RMB) 91.9% 91.9% Wastewater Treated 1.28% 1.28% Green GDP 37B 37 Billion M&A Transaction (RMB) 6
  31. 31. A Macroview of Water-related Market Sectors in China Market Concentration CR4 (%) Addressable market volume before 2020: 100B RMB 2017-2020 Industry Growth (%) Urban water supply, 250B Landfill Industrial wastewater treatment, 80B Electrical waste Municipal wastewater treatment,100B Sludge treatment, 20B Municipal waste incineration Soil remediation Desalination, 20B Hazardous waste treatment Water reuse, 20B Rural wastewater, 20.5B VOCs treatment Kitchen waste
  32. 32. A Macro-view of Water-related Market Sectors in China Rural wastewater Water reuse Desalination Industrial wastewater treatment Municipal wastewater treatment Urban water supply Sludge treatment
  33. 33. Industrial Wastewater Chemical Coking Refinery Pharma 0 21Relationship Driven Build Infrastructure, almost Completed Solution Driven Facilities Retrofit, most in Process • System Setup and in Operational • Higher requirement for branding and track record • Low Profitability with bigger project size • Requirement of partnership building for Oversea • Clear Goal Set for treatment • Higher requirement for Solution Capability • Higher Profitability with smaller project size • More transparency and independent opportunities for Oversea Short of system design to maintain sustainable discharge requirement with scalable solutions
  34. 34. Types of Companies in WW Investors Type Chinese Companies Oversea MNC Companies Various Companies in niche Market by regions 15% 8% 77% EPC/OM model Mainly BOO/BOT model MORE
  35. 35. Korean Company Owned US Water Treatment Corp. 100% M&A ($7.52M) US Company In Industrial WW Treatment Pilot Projects 1. Prepare Teaser - China Investor 2. NDA signed with Potential Investor 3. IM Review and VDR link shared 4. LOI Received 5. Due Diligence 6. Financing Check 7. SPA Negotiated 8. Timetable set and SPA signed 9. Acquired by Safbon in Shanghai 1. Product Teaser 2. NDA signed with Potential Partner 3. Product Review and Pilot Opp. 4. Pilot Site visit and Proposal 5. Financing Model and Payment Model 6. Pilot Agreement Negotiated 7. Procurement 8. Setup and Performance Track Cases in Industrial Waste Water with China
  36. 36. Soil Remediation Market
  37. 37. 37 37 90.89 130 180 250 350 0 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 400 2014 2015 2016 2017E 2018E 2019E 2020E 13.22 15.06 12.71 21.29 62.85 120 0 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 800 900 1000 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017E In 2016, it will be 9.089 billion yuan, and it will reach 35 billion yuan in 2020. The total investment in the 13th Five-Year Plan will reach 100 billion yuan from Central Government Soil Remediation Fund The soil remediation project data has doubled in 2015. In 2016, the order finance reached 6.285 billion yuan, an increase of 195% compared with 2015. 2017 has reached 12 billion yuan in the year Soil Remediation Fund from Central Government Soil Remediation Project Numbers and Sizes MM MM Soil TEN and New Soil LAW Enables the Funding and Projects Growth
  38. 38. Overview of Soli Remediation Companies in China Regional Pattern in China, DELTA region plays strong
  39. 39. 10 63 9 5 12 2 14 Consulting firm Engineering firm Equipment provider Reagent provider Third-party testing provider Turkey in next hurricane Concept company 12 26 3 20 5 3 27 5 14 SOE Listed Company Pre-IPO NEEQ (OTC) Foreign company PITC SME JV Comcept company 8 6 12 11 8 11 SOE Listed Company SME Newcomers Early birds 11 11 13 7 16 10 12 2 1 2 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007 Chinese Soil Remediation Companies Attributes
  40. 40. 24.30% 26.37% 21.72% 31.40% 44.53% 63.33% 90.54% 72.99% 44.97% 48.27% 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 Huanzuan Suntime Damei 0% 15% 30% 45% 60% 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 BCEER BGE Yonker Kaitian Bossco Suntime Damei Gross margin of representative remediation consulting firms Gross margin of engineering business in sampled companies Revenue & Profitability
  41. 41. www.umoregroup.comSlide / 19 Umore Cleantech Consulting © 2017
  42. 42. 20 5 TASKS TO PREPARE BEFORE COMING TO CHINA - 1 teaser page to State your company’s difference in China Market (Company, Technology, IP, Performance, Team) - 1 project study to State your company is competitive in technology and Finance performance (Customer, Industry, Application ,Design, Performance Data) - 1 cooperation sheet to State why you choose this way as your first priority (1 ONLY, fact sheet, model proposal & why) - 1 resource and budget plan to State and fill the gap of your resources in China (Consultancy, Finance, Legal, Onsite Operation, Communication) - 1 strategy map to consolidate China as part of your 3 years growth plan (Impact without China, Enforce Process, Milestone and How)
  43. 43. UMORE’s Proven Path for Cross Border Cooperation in Market Dev. and Financing 2014 Year Founded 400+ Oversea Companies Connected 25 Countries Connected 300+ CHINA Partnership Proposals Generated through UMORE Organized Activities 540M Investment Term sheet Values Received with UMORE FA service in 2017-2018 280M RMB Transactions Closed in 2017- 2018
  44. 44. PLANNING YOUR CHINA JOURNEY Rouyu Wu (EC2i Program KC) Oversea Account Lead, CHINA +86 15601976287 CHINA EXPERIENCE - CLEANCONNECT Cleantech Network - China Cleantech Market Update - Business Development Planning - Financing Planning Chengyang Huang Regional Director, Europe +49 15255475556
  45. 45. 2019 INNOVATIVE ENVIRONMENTAL/ENERGY TECH ROADSHOW & MATCHMAKING 28 February, 2019 Webinar – China Matchmaking Mission
  46. 46. Singapore Shanghai Copenhagen DusseldorfToronto Partner with Powerful Brand Umore is a Cleantech transfer consultancy specialist that has 5 years of experience in connecting global Cleantech companies to potential Chinese environmental business partners. Headquarter in Shanghai, with offices in Singapore, Canada and Germany, Umore has served companies, government agencies and cleantech platform from Singapore, Europe and North America to find opportunities in China. Being a leading expert of Cleantech transfer in China for the past 5 years, Umore has built a diverse CleanConnect community which allow easy connection for clean technologies to find opportunities in China.
  47. 47. Experience of 1000+ B2B Meetings Matchmaking Partners include: EC2i, Consulate General of Canada, Italian Ministry for the Environment, Land and Sea, Asian Development Bank, Messe München, Greentech Challenge, Cleantech Group, etc. Client/ Partner Consulate General of Canada CleanConnect Pavillion at IE EXPO Ministry Of Environment, Land and Sea Protection of Italy Date 6 Dec 2017 5 - 3 May 2018 7-9 Jun 2018 No. of companies 15 Canadian companies, 140 Chinese companies 9 international companies (5 companies for B2B meetings) 16 Italian companies, 96 Chinese companies Results 80 cooperation and negotiation meetings 600 enquiries and 23 matchmaking meetings 144 pre -arranged matchmaking, with a total of 180 matchmaking sessions made (including non- prearranged) in 3 days
  48. 48. Successful EC2i China Mission Over the past 5 years, the CLEANCONNECT TM has become the nexus for connecting China market with global technology network on the business of the environment. In 2019, CLEANCONNECT will again serve as the quintessential platform to transform technology challenge into business opportunities while building the clean economy of the future. EC2i China Mission • 7 companies/organizations • 5 companies for B2B meetings • 25 matchmaking meetings Client/Partner CleanConnect 2018 Date 15-16 Nov 2018 No. of companies 34 international companies, 134 Chinese companies, 28 investors Results 224 business Matchmaking in 2 days, with translation support
  49. 49. Largest Trade Fairs of Its Kind in China Statistics of 2018 • 128,000 square meters floor space • 66,580 professional visitors from 59 countries and regions • 1,762 exhibitors Statistics of 2018 • 2,100 professional visitors from 28 countries • Over 50 exhibitors • Water and Sewage Treatment • Waste Management • Site Remediation • Air Pollution Control and Air Purification • Environmental Testing and Monitoring • Environmental Services China Utility Week 15-16 April, 2019 Shanghai Convention Center for International Sourcing - Shanghai, China IE EXPO 15-17 April, 2019 New International Expo Center - Shanghai, China • Energy efficiency & Energy services • Energy storage • EV infrastructure • IT/ ICT utility services • Renewable energy • Smart grid, building, metering, city • T&D operations infrastructure 12,000 sqm 150+ companies 5,000+ visitors 150,000 sqm 2,000+ companies 80,000+ visitors 2019 2019
  50. 50. CLEANCONNECT Pavilion is to show your company, present your technology and connect your partners with A plan • Integrated Booth at the Innovation Pavilion • Thematic Booth Design and Setup • Exhibition Materials Design (extra charge for brochure, DM printing, etc.) • E-Marketing of the company for pre-arranged 1:1 meetings • Pre-arranged 1:1 Meetings Facilitation including Translation • Event Review and Suggestions • Co-Develop Follow-up Plans • Theater Time: Daily Roadshow • Record of participants and interests 1 2 3 4 5 6 Program Outlook (Pavilion from 2018.)
  51. 51. Program Agenda and Pricing Overview Environmental Corp. Energy Corp. EUR 3000 1 2 3 4 5 6 FULL Booth Package* EUR 1000 3 4 5 6 B2B & Roadshow EUR 550 3 5 6 B2B Only EUR 1300 3 4 5 6 B2B & Roadshow** EUR 550 3 5 6 B2B Only * Service 1-2 is available ONLY for Environmental Corp. CleanConnect can help Energy Corp to connect China Utility Week if an individual booth is requested. ** A minimum of 6 companies is required to host a Roadshow session in China Utility Week. Pricing up is to cover the cost of renting private space for roadshow. Once enrolled, companies are required to fill out the application form by March 16 and submit materials for promotion, including: - logo, company bio, corporate image and other information required for booth design and tradeshow setup; - company presentation and any demo product that will be sent to the Site; - poster, brochure, and other printing materials. TIME PROGRAMME VENUE 14-Apr Arrival in Shanghai 15-Apr EC2I Kick Off and Whole Group B2B Event New International Expo Center(IE Expo) 16-Apr B2B In IE Expo or China Utility Week by Different Types of Companies* New International Expo Center (IE Expo)/ Shanghai Convention Center of International Sourcing (Utility)17-Apr 18-Apr Departure or Other Arrangement * China Utility Week is 15~16 April. Energy companies are welcome to join IE Expo or flexible for other appointment.
  52. 52. Determined and Disruptive B2B Mission UMORE will identify relevant Chinese business partners for the European companies, based upon close analysis of the products and services the individual European companies can offer. UMORE aims towards setting up at least 5 business meetings all EC2i companies during the mission, and will evaluate and follow up on in the months after meetings have taken place. The EC2i companies are expected to engage in constructive dialogue with UMORE and provide adequate information that can support UMORE in identifying relevant business partners and thereby maximize the possibilities of creating mutually beneficial business agreements. Analyze Products/Services Evaluate and Follow Up Identify Right Business Partners Engage Chinese Companies 5+ B2B Meetings A great opportunity for European cleantech SMEs to meet relevant Chinese partners and develop business in China
  53. 53. EXPO to Date Full Booth Package B2B Package (TBC) (TBC)
  54. 54. THANK YOU! Q&A Contact us: Rouyu Wu, +86 21-36380310 Chengyang Huang, +49 15255475556
  55. 55. An innovative ecosystem that connects Chinese and European companies CHINA BELGIUM TECHNOLOGY CENTER SMART VALLEY Lixia Xing Deputy Head of Business Department Caroline Mouligneau Vice Business Director China Matchmaking Mission Webinar Feb 28th-2019 Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium
  56. 56. CBTC > CBTC Mission & Vision > CBTC Offer > China Cleanteach/CBTC Perspective > How to Succeed in China >Webinar Takeway Agenda
  57. 57. MISSION Building a Business Ecosystem to facilitate cooperation between European & Chinese companies in the field of high technology. VISION Serving as the gateway to China from Europe, & the gateway to Europe for Chinese companies.
  58. 58. On March 31, 2014, President Xi Jinping and Prime Minister of Belgium Elio Di Rupo witnessed the signing of the Cooperation Framework agreement on the construction of the CBTC. CHINA BELGIUM TECHNOLOGY CENTER Approval by the governments of China and Belgium 2014
  59. 59. June 2016 - Laying of the foundation stone of the CBTC in the presence of the rector of the UCLouvain, Prof. Dr. M. Vincent Blondel 2016
  60. 60. 2018年7月,CBTC智慧谷一期部分塔楼已封顶 August 2018, CBTC site Louvain la Neuve, Belgium 2018
  61. 61. China-EU Joint Innovation Center (Smart Manufacturing) Headquarters, R&D centers China-EU Joint Innovation Center (ICT) Headquarters, R&D centers CBTC Community Government representative offices, industry associations, professional service providers China-EU Offshore Innovation & Entrepreneurship and Tech Transfer Base Co-working space, SMEs incubator, innovation center China-EU Enterpreneur Club Hotel and conference center China-EU Joint Innovation Center (Life Sciences) Headquarters, R&D centers B C D E F G H SMART VALLEY in 2020
  62. 62. Offices and laboratories... 12.000 M2 Co-working space............. 1.800/4000 M² Conference center............. 1.000 M2 Proximity stores................... 1.900 M2 Parking spots....................... 600 One business hotel Product exhibition halls « Smart Valley » Ecosystem OUR INFRASTRUCTURE AROUND A BIG AGORA
  63. 63. Smart Valley : One Stop Service Center
  64. 64. 4 Criteria for installation in CBTC • B2B • Innovative – linked with R&D • Link with UCLouvain • Willingness to develop itself on the Chinese/European market CBTC : Strategic Partner with UCLouvain Science Park An Ecosystem of Research, Innovation & Education • Adjacent to UCLouvain, • the first and the largest science park in Belgium, • 271 tech companies, 6260 professionals, • 35% are international companies from US, France & Japan etc.
  65. 65. LIFE SCIENCES SMART MANUFACTURING Pharmaceutical--Genetics – Bone therapy- Cells therapy-Clinical trials- Molecular biology - Biotech- Immunology - Vaccines – Neurosciences. Industry 4.0-Automation- Robotics- Fintech Big Data-Machine Learning -New Materials- Computer—audiovisual- artificial intelligence--internet of things- optic components- telecommunication equipment--3D printing, To Chinese, Belgian and European high-tech companies ICT
  66. 66. Recently joined CBTC To develop their activities in Europe and find business and R&D partnerships AWEX installed its China Welcome Office in the CBTC in 2019.
  67. 67. ❖ China has emerged as both the world’s largest producer and consumer of cleantech, its share in global clean energy investment accounts for 40% of global amount. ❖ China’s Overall investment in Cleanteach risen over 1600% since Q1 2016. ❖Highly policy driven( 13th FYP) in cleantech enables robust local government support and drives innovation in solving the country’s pressing environmental issues. ❖Waste management/recycling/water & air pollution control represents more than 70% of the total investment. China Cleantech at Glance
  68. 68. Chinese Cleantech Trends ❖ Increased M&A Activities ( business expansion for one stop solution ) ❖ Public Private Partnership (PPP) model ( government support to mitigate investment risks, but with limitations ❖ Third Party Operation ( specialized companies in projects opens service markets for foreign companies) ❖ Digitalization ( Big data and Internet + , hardware and software for online monitoring, in energy and transport sector)
  69. 69. Opportunities &Challenges Technical capacity and management experience in environment projects of foreign companies are quite competitive for Chinese markets. Yet the challenges remain: ❖Nuance of business environment ( due diligence or research) ❖Complex bidding processes ❖understanding of local policies, regulations and driving factors ❖Collaboration model with local partners ( distribution, JV or local entity) ❖How to negotiate and work with local government ❖Language and culture barrier
  70. 70. How to Succeed in China ❖ Examine the market and regulations ( central and regional), make the connection with local needs and your company’s advantages prior to committing to the market ❖ Find business partners for distribution, licensing, trading or M&A/JV to facilitate the process of market entry, or have a professional intermediary such as CBTC or Umore. ❖ Be alert on giving exclusivity as most companies still run on a regional/provincial basis. ❖ Have a robust IP and trademark strategy. ❖ Present your technology with localized marketing materials. ❖ Develop a good relationship with local authorities, your partners and don’t say no if you receive dinners or drinks invitations☺
  71. 71. Landing services ✓ Assist in the access to the Chinese/European market ✓ Interpretation of Chinese/European policies ✓ Establishment of a company ✓ Translation services ✓ Assistance on the daily administration ✓ Information on the access of the territory ✓ Many more landing services corresponding your company’s need when first arriving in Belgium or China Business Services ✓ Identify strategic partners and investors ✓ Ensure the reliability of partners ✓ Cultural training ✓ Individual support during international fairs and exhibition ✓ Development of a communication strategy ✓ Many more business services corresponding your company’s need when developing your business in Belgium or in China Client oriented Services Catalogue Landing-Operational- Integration-Business development
  72. 72. Today, the CBTC also: ✓ Organizes Construction site visits ✓ Receives Chinese delegations and organizes tailor-made matchmaking with European companies ✓ Organizes regular missions to China - Roadshows-Exhibitions and Face to face Business meetings with participation of Belgian and European companies
  73. 73. CBTC Competitive Advantages ❖ Strategic position at the center of Europe, 25km from Brussels, Belgium ❖ A major bilateral cooperation project endorsed by Chinese & Belgian government ❖ Based in a well-established university oriented science park, with an ecosystem of research & innovation ❖ A Business complex covering co-working space, tailor-made offices, laboratories, conference center & proximity facilities ❖ One-stop service platform that covers from company landing to operation & expansion
  74. 74. ✓ to develop your business ✓ to find the good long-terms partners ✓ to find technological partners ✓ to succeed into the Chinese market ✓ to find common research investment An Opportunity
  75. 75. Minrong ZHANG CEO WeChatID:iamzhangminrong Lixia XING Deputy Head of Business Development Tel: + 32 484 75 81 30 Caroline MOULIGNEAU Vice Business Director Tel: + 32 473 88 11 11 Jason Yucheng LUO Head of Operation Center Tel: + 32 486 54 78 87 Paul OP DE BEECK Chief Risk Officer Tel: + 32 475 75 08 94 Pascal BRASSEUR Operations Director Tel: + 32 486 13 44 07 Meet the team Jean-Philippe AUDIER Senior Accountant Tel: +32 478 51 86 92 Aline DEGLAS Operation Service Specialist Tel: + 32 472 09 59 55 Noël LAMBERT Sales Director Tel: +32 468 36 31 21 Katia KESTERS Receptionist Tel: + 32 10 23 70 70 Liang Qian Assistant Tel: + 32 485 96 752
  76. 76. Meet the team Min XIONG Deputy Head of Business Development Department WeChat: xiongmin77 Tel: + 86 134 7627 6548 Wen LIU Head of Administration Department WeChat: grace188 Tel: + 86 186 0272 7117 Bingxi PAN Investment Manager WeChat: panbingxicc Tel: + 86 150 0272 2906 Mosi SHEN Head of Investment and Construction Department WeChat: smooth4321 Tel: +86 134 7612 2191 Fei YANG Head of Business Development Department WeChat: yang553653480 Tel: + 86 150 0716 9716 Zhou ZHANG Deputy General Manager WeChat: tdocument Tel: + 86 131 0066 1155 Yixin ZHANG Product Manager WeChat: zyxlisher Tel: + 86 139 9557 2279 Shuo WANG Planning Manager WeChat: wxid_gibt7ywytm9u11 Tel: + 86 131 6332 8856 Weiwei CHEN Business Development Manager WeChat: weiwei166593 Tel: + 86 180 7141 0476
  77. 77. CBTC Smart Valley Your Business Gateway to Chinese Market!
  78. 78. 1 This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement n. 733554. This publication reflects only the author’s view and the Commission is not responsible for any use that may be made of the information it contains. ENRICH in China EC2i - China Matchmaking Mission ENRICH – European Network of Research and Innovation Centres and Hubs, China Mariana Marques International Consultant, SPI February 28th, 2019
  79. 79. 2 2 Promote STI cooperation between Europe and China Reinforce the leadership of European STI in China Connect and support European STI organisations in China by providing services How ENRICH works in China I. ENRICH Network and ENRICH in China Service Portfolio – How it works
  80. 80. 3 RDI Consultancy and Coaching Specialised, customised strategic orientation and technical assistance to support clients in their specific STI needs and priorities related to China. RDI Intelligence Innovation assessments, feasibility studies, technology vigilance and foresight analysis regarding the Chinese STI landscape. Soft Landing and Co-working / Innovation Support Certification Localisation guidance, space offer, administrative support and compliance checks for a smooth entrance into the Chinese STI market. Fostering Open Innovation through Training Courses, workshops and webinars on innovation management, technology transfer, co-creation and user-driven innovation. Cooperation Enabling Events Matchmaking sessions, roadshows, business visits, scientific exchanges and conferences to foster STI and business collaborative opportunities. RDI Briefings Briefings, news and alerts on recent trends, drivers and opportunities in the Chinese STI system. I. ENRICH Network and ENRICH in China Service Portfolio – How it works Book or promote workshops / innovation tours now!
  81. 81. 4 Beijing – Shijiazhuang – Suzhou – Shanghai ENRICH in China aims to help European STI organisations having a smooth entrance into the Chinese market, through localisation guidance, space offer, administrative support and compliance checks. This service is provided by the ENRICH in China network in China, through the certified Soft Landing Zones. II. ENRICH Network and ENRICH in China Service Portfolio – Soft Landing Zones If you are an organisation interested in establishing in China and benefit from co-working spaces and other associated services, apply now for an expression of interest!
  82. 82. 5 Beijing – Shijiazhuang – Suzhou – Shanghai You can see the Soft Landing Zones company profiles and learn more about the application process on our website: /apply-now-enrich-in-china-soft-landing- zones II. ENRICH Network and ENRICH in China Service Portfolio – Soft Landing Zones
  83. 83. 6 Accredited European or Chinese organisations which are able to provide one-stop services, typically on a non-Service Level Agreement basis External Service Providers Members Benefit package involves Full access to ENRICH in China network and contacts; Exemption or discount on ENRICH in China events, seminars and workshops; Membership fee Defined according to legal nature (collective person X individual person) and dimension (nº of employees) Call for Applications will open in March 2019! Soft Landing Zones Service Providers Members European or Chinese business support organisations based in China, which provide support services that allow for longer stay of ENRICH in China clients in the country. Such services comprise localization guidance, co- working space, administrative and secretariat support, among others Soft Landing Zones III. ENRICH in China Service Portfolio – Upcoming Activities
  84. 84. 7  Webinars are organised monthly MARCH Call for applications Online - Soft Landing Zones - Service Providers - Members APR 8th – 13th Tour Beijing and Wuxi, China ENRICH in China Matchmaking Tour tour-april-2019 2nd Quarter 2019 RDI Intelligence Online Report about the Healthcare Sector in China, produced by Tsinghua University III. ENRICH in China Service Portfolio – Upcoming Activities MARCH 20th Webinar Online IPR Protection in China: Healthcare Sector
  85. 85. 8 8 Thank You! Room 910, Sunflower Tower, No. 37 Maizidian West Street Chaoyang District 100125, Beijing, China Tel: +86 (0) 10 8527 5300 Floor 7, Business & Innovation Centre for China- Europe Cooperation, No. 1577 Tianfu Avenue Chengdu, China Tel: +86 (0) 2885337021 Book or promote workshops / innovation tours now! Avenue de Tervuren, 168 B-1150 Brussels, Belgium Tel: +32 2 772 8900 Follow us @enrichinchina