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Marc jacobs presentation[1]
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Marc by Marc Jacobs Field Project

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Marc by Marc Jacobs Field Project

  1. 1. DaisyCarolina Dupas – Cindy Luong – Julia Della Corte – Melinda Ylismaa – Sophia Valentina Suhl
  2. 2. Brand History (1/2) The Designer 1963 Marc Jacobs is born on April 9th in New York City 1981 graduates from High School of Art and Design 1983 designs his first collection sold at Charivari 1984 develops a ready-to-wear collection for Ruben Thomas --> partnership called Jacobs Duffy Designs 1986 launch of Jacobs first collection bearing the Marc Jacobs label 1992 honoured as „Womenswear Designer of the Year“ by the Council of Fashion Designers of AmericaThe Company1993 launch of the „Marc Jacobs International“ company2001 Marc by Marc Jacobs is introduced as a diffusion line of MarcJacobs2003 launch of Marc Jacobs Home Collection2006 launch of first watch line under Marc by Marc Jacobs2007 creation of „Little Marc Jacobs“ (kidswear)2008 release of fragrances Daisy, Daisy EDP and Daisy Blooms2009 opening of new boutiques in London, Sao Paolo and Milan2011 „Marc by Marc Jacobs is Ten“ campaign
  3. 3. Brand History (2/2) Marc by Marc Jacobs Timeline 2001 2004 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 Introduction First Introduction Instore Singer M.I.A. as Store Openings Opening of 10th of Marc by Multibrand of Watch line Christmas new face of in Milan, Sao Online Store anniversary Marc Jacobs line Store in + „Protect the Campaign, advertising Paolo and campaign Boston Skin You‘re In“ customers campaign + London Skin Cancer posing Introduction of Campaign with Santa items priced less Claus than $10
  4. 4. Target profile (1/2)Age 18-35 yearsQuality with affordable prices Young andurban/cosmopolitanSelf-aware and style conciousOpen-mindedSophisticated yet edgy Text OPEN-MINDED YOUNG & CLASSICEDGY GIRLY COSMOPOLITANURBAN
  5. 5. Target profile (2/2)“Young and trendy New York City individual”
  6. 6. Stylistic Identity (1/3) Products & PricerangesWomen Men EyewearReady to Wear Ready to Wear $85.00 Oval Frame $68.00 Anniversary Skull Tee $58.00 Triple Rib Tank $160.00 Gold Frame $598.00 Mimi CDC Dress $798.00 Washed Leather JacketSwim Top Price Tech $63.00 Miss Marc Tab Bikini Bottom Swim $28.00 Color Pop Earbuds Entry Price $173.00 Simone Stripe Romper $128.00 all shorts $278.00 15" Commuter CaseShoes Shoes $65.00 Miss Marc Flip Flops $260.00 P.T.Cali Print High Top Watches $450.00 Evening Bow Sandal Platform $460.00 Jumble High Top $120.00 Molly Round Face WatchBags and Accessories $175.00 Clear Rivera Watch Bags and Accessories $38.00 Miss Marc Packable Head Case $28.00 Packables Zip Pouch $528.00 Classic Q FrancescaJewelery and Hair Accessories $498.00 Zip Zip Duffle $22.00 Logo Disc Bobby Pins $198.00 High Tide Cork Bangle Women RTW Women Swim Women Shoes Women Bags&Accessories Women Jewelery&Hair Accessories Men RTW Men Swim Men Shoes Men Bags&Accessories Eyewear Tech Watches 0 200,0 400,0 600,0 800,0
  7. 7. Stylistic Identity (2/3)Colors sunny, lush shades, bright colors blue, yellow, lobster, ivory black & whitePatterns Colorblocks, Stripes, Dots, LettersFabrics / Materials Silk, Cotton, Cashmere non-transparent, compact Silhouette clear cuts, sharp lines mid-length skirts, ankle-length trousers trousers with wide legs, high waistlines Occasion of use daily / leisure wear informal, casual ... ‘50s, freshness, lively, nonchalant cool, slightly vintage, bohemian
  8. 8. Stylistic Identity (3/3)Themes / Symbols Mouse Apple and Pear 10th Anniversary Lips Miss Marc Birds
  9. 9. Image Identity (1/3)Advertising- Provocation- Deranged-looking models- Brings out the originality of designs- Sense of eccentrity bringing out the features of the collection- Shows contrast between normal everyday life and illogicality- Images by photographer Juergen Teller→ idiosyncratic visual style→ unusual-looking modelsbringing out the originality of designs Communication Celebrities - shown in advertising campaigns - frequently seen wearing pieces of the clothing line - f.ex.Victoria Beckham (most important past spokesperson) Ben Affleck (King Magazine Dec 2010) MIA (Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring Campaign, 2008) Characters of Gossip Girl (American TV show)
  10. 10. Image Identity (2/3)Fashion Shows- Styling and make-up depends on the individual collection- Music (both pre-recorded and live) inspired by New York street styleMarc by Marc Jacobs S/S 2011: by Marc Jacobs F/W 2009/10: Events - Fashion week events - In-store launches - Supporting charities and causes My Bag Has A Heart- supporting art education (2010) Holt Renfrew Canada and Marc Jacobs - fundraising for Vision Spring (2010) “Protect The Skin You‘Re In” T-shirts - skin cancer campaign (2009)
  11. 11. Image Identity (3/3)Website Social Media- Welcoming with virtual staff, „human touch“ - Facebook, Twitter,YouTube- Accessible: prices clearly visible; easy to navigate due to - Flickrclear headings and subheadings - Fashion blogs- Brand communication: Clean and concise, colours includeneutral greys, blues and beige- Customer service: Online store, membership option to simplifyand speed up the purchasing process, possibility to orderelectronic newsletter Marc Jacobs eNotes
  12. 12. Retail Identity (1/3)The Flagship Store- Piazza del Carmine 6, Brera, Milan- 300-square meters store designed by Marc Jacobs in collaboration with the Stephan Jaklitsch Architects- RTW, accessories, shoes, fragrances, sunglasses, timepieces, Little Marc Jacobs, Special Items, jewelry,and books- Experience economy 1:the experience of acquiring a product is as importantas the ownership of the product itself- Communicates the brand’s valuesand market positioning to its consumers Café Marc Jacobs - Lounge bar area connected to the shop through a sliding blue glass - Cool atmosphere with both indoor dining and an outdoor patio 1(FashionMarketing: contemporary issues. Second edition, 2007. Tony Hines and Margaret Bruce)
  13. 13. Retail Identity (2/3)Store Windows• 10 windows that potential customers see from theoutside• Each one individually designed:- Outfits on mannequins- Merchandising- Glass windows allowing potential customers to lookinside, awaking curiosity and invitingStore Layout• Two categories – men’s and women’s wear• Men’s collection- basic t-shirts displayed on the entire wall- all of the prices clearly visible• Women’s collection- displayed both hung and on shelves in the wall- mixed with accessories (shoes, handbags, scarves, jewelry etc) and „Special Items“• enormous plasma television exhibiting the brand’s latest runway shows; surrounded by sunglasses andfragrances for customers to try• large bench, welcoming environment
  14. 14. Retail Identity (3/3)Materials• Shelving and other display made of stainless steel and glass, emulating the brand’s vibrant and modern image Colors • The in-store color palette consists of dark floors and white walls, ensuring emphasis on the lively and colorful clothing and accessories displayed Light • Primarily natural lighting coming through the windows • Spotlights used on accessories and sunglasses Music • Mainly commercial pop music, creating a youthful and modern atmosphere • Bazaar Display ¹ • High Traffic areas with Special Items (very cheap accessories) ¹ „Managing Fashion and Luxury Companies“, Corbellini E. , 2009, p. 215
  15. 15. Brand Identity (1/2)Lifestyle brandMarc Jacobs is inspired by his own roots as a New Yorker, bringing inNew York culture into his designs Couture Ready-to-WearDiffusion lineMarc Jacobs‘ secondary line highlights wearability and accessability Diffusion„Miss Marc“ as an inspirational muse BridgeCreated by Marc Jacobs, she is the edgy non-conformist of each season, Massalways at the forefront of style „Ilove to take things that are everyday and comforting and make them into the most luxurious things in the world.“ Marc Jacobs „Id like to believe that the women who wear my clothes are not dressing for other people, that theyre wearing what they like and what suits them. Its not a status thing.“ Marc Jacobs
  16. 16. Brand Identity (2/2) Socio-cultural context High Consistency - metroplitan - young, fancy New York City Scene Firm‘s history and competencies Brand Identity - American Brand - New York Fashion Designer Stylistic Identity Retail Identity Communication Identity - casual chic, nonchalant cool - welcoming atmosphere - provocation - lush shades - „bazaar display“ - idiosyncratic
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