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Dove Campaign For Real Beauty


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A critical perspective on the marketing ethics behind the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty

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Dove Campaign For Real Beauty

  1. 1. DOVE CAMPAIGN FOR REAL BEAUTY Cindy Luong Sean Whelan Jocelyn Jarvis Marnie Kapatan Zhuoying Li
  2. 2. Agenda1. Shared-Value Model2. Targeting Vulnerable Women3. Dove Self-Esteem Fund4. Ethical Benefit to Giving Vulnerable Persons a Voice5. Ethical Reasoning Test6. Conclusion
  3. 3. The Shared Value Model Empowering Woman with Self- Esteem about Body Image Shared Value for Dove and the Global Profiting from Community Increased Consumer Purchasing
  4. 4. Targeting Vulnerable Women• Standard segmentation with unique positioning• Targeting vulnerable women to help them overcome their vulnerabilities• Empower women
  5. 5. Targeting Vulnerable Women“We want to challenge the definition of beauty. . . webelieve that beauty has become too narrow in definition.We want to defy the stereotype that only the young, blondand tall are beautiful.” Philippe Harousseau, Dove’s VP of Branding
  6. 6. Targeting Vulnerable Women• Hundreds of initiatives worldwide: • Dove Self-Esteem Fund • Eating Disorder Association + BodyTalk • Program for Aesthetics and Well- Being (Harvard University)• The campaign today: • Dove Self-Esteem Weekend • Facebook: “Who Inspires You? • Dove Movement for Self-Esteem
  7. 7. Dove Self-Esteem Fund: Facts• More than 55% of Canadian girls feel pressure to be beautiful by the age of 14. This number increases to 96% by the time they are 29• 57% of girls in the UK have used food substitutes or smoked more to lose weight• 92% of girls want to change at least one aspect of their physical appearance
  8. 8. Dove Self-Esteem Fund: Acts• Real Beauty School Program• Online resources (True You!)• Real-life workshops• B-eat, UK’s only national charity supporting people affected by eating disorders• Uniquely Me! Program, US national philanthropy aimed at building self- esteem among young ladies
  9. 9. Dove Self-Esteem Fund: Results andRewards• Since 2005, the initiative has touched the lives of more than 800,000 Canadian girls and more than 7 million girls globally.• Shown on 25+ TV channels, 800+ news articles• Conducted around 2700 self-esteem educational workshops worldwide• Honoured by Step Up Women’s Network for its philanthropic accomplishment in 2008 • Ongoing support in helping raise critical funds as well as for being outstanding role models for young girls
  10. 10. Ethical Benefit to Giving VulnerablePersons a Voice• Use of Viral Videos: Evolution
  11. 11. Evolution• Now has: • Over 17 million views • 7,253 user comments• Connected women across the world by facilitating user generated discussion.
  12. 12. Online Discussions/Comments inResponse to Evolution• “Wow that’s amazing. This is what everyone looks up to when in reality that person who seems to be "perfect" doesn’t even exist.”• “In school we learned about this and yes I agree. Why? Because I am a VICTIM. Yes I have looked at these banners and adverts only to think, god I’m so ugly; why would beauty advertisements want this? Thumbs up to Dove.”
  13. 13. Ethical Benefit to Giving VulnerablePersons a VoiceDove, by targeting individuals based on an understandingof their level of self-esteem, helped build a solid foundationfor a more positive self-image for millions of young women:“Dove is not about women feeling more beautiful, it’s aboutmore women feeling beautiful” Philippe Harousseau, Dove’s VP of Branding
  14. 14. Ethical Reasoning TestTest ResponseLegal TestDuties TestSpecial Obligations TestMotives TestConsequences TestVirtues TestRights TestJustice Test
  15. 15. Dove’s Mission Statement “Dove is not about women feeling more beautiful, but about more women feeling beautiful. Our notion of beauty is not elitist. It is celebratory, inclusive and democratic.”
  16. 16. Ethical Reasoning TestTest ResponseLegal TestDuties TestSpecial Obligations TestMotives TestConsequences TestVirtues TestRights TestJustice Test
  17. 17. Summary• Shared Value• Positioning to Empower• Dove’s Dedication to Self-Esteem• Starting the Conversation• Passing the Test ETHICAL: ✔