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Are You Ready to Become a Sharecare Professional?


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Learn about the newest healthcare professional offering from If you are looking to become a socially-enabled healthcare provider, read this!

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Are You Ready to Become a Sharecare Professional?

  1. 1. The  Paent  Path     to  You,  the   Professional  
  2. 2. Consumers  Start  Their       ealth  Research  Online   H -­‐  45  Million  Health  Searches  Every  Day  -­‐   78.1%  of  consumers  use   80%  use  the  internet  to   the  Internet  to  gather   search  for  health   16%  of  bloggers   health  informaon   informaon   blog  about   health    Of  online  users  who  use   32%  of  consumers  watch  social  media  as  a  source   videos  about  health  (more   44%  search  for   for  health  informaon,   than  videos  on  celebries,   specific   94%  use  Facebook   food  or  sports)     doctors  or     professionals   7.65MM  health-­‐   60%  of  paents  acve  online   related  tweets  a   say  using  the  web  affected   month    a  medical  decision   2   Source:  NetcraQ;  BlogPulse;  Technora;  TwiTer  
  3. 3. Be  Where  the  Paents  Are  Sharecare  is  the  naon’s  fastest  growing  health  and  wellness  social  media  plaXorm  created  by  Jeff  Arnold  (the  founder  of  WebMD),  Dr.  Mehmet  Oz  and  Oprah’s  Harpo  Producons.    Sharecare  includes  the  largest  mul-­‐specialty,  online  health  directory  of  providers  containing  more  than  500,000  professionals,  and  provides  soluons  to  connect  paents  with  providers  in  a  socially  safe  and  secure  environment.    Local  markeng  helps  to  connect  pre-­‐qualified  paents  with  the  right  physician.    Sharecare  allows  people  to  ask,  learn  and  act   Founded  by  Jeff  Arnold  (Founder  and  former  CEO,  upon  quesons  of  health  and  wellness,  creang   WebMD),  Dr.  Mehmet  Oz,  Discovery  an  acve  community  where  knowledge  is   CommunicaCons,  Harpo  ProducCons  and  Sony  shared  and  put  into  pracce  —  simply  said,   Pictures  Television  sharing  care.    
  4. 4. Consumers  enter  health-­‐related  sIearch  queries…   Consumers  Seeking  Health   nformaon   Consumer  searches  enter  Sharecare,  including  the  Sharecare   health  Q&A  plaXorm,  plus  other  Sharecare  partners  such  as   Real  Age,  Daily  Strength,  and     Consumers  self-­‐idenfy  their  health  interests  and  needs   through  search,  online  quizzes  and  surveys     Sharecare  idenfies  consumers  geographically  and  based  on   interests/needs,  matches  them  with  socially  enabled  providers   Sharecare  connects  paents  and  caregivers  with  local  providers   and  allows  them  to  share,  learn,  and  grow  in  a  socially  safe  and   secure  environment     Sharecare  provides  tailored,  targeted  markeng  to  connue  to  Heart   Diabetes   Cancer   Pediatrics   support  these  connecons,  through  appointment  scheduling  
  5. 5. The  Only  Social  Site  You  Need  for  Health   markeng scheduling profile Sharecare  is  the  only  site  that  has  content   relevant  and  engaging  health   content  for  consumers  and  online   appointment  scheduling,  plus   other  resources  for  you,  the   professional.         Sharecare  provides  a  socially  safe   environment  to  connect  you  with   pre-­‐qualified  paents  and  drives   paents  to  your  pracce  through   local  markeng  and  tailored   communicaons.    
  6. 6. Sharecare’s  Suite  of  Services   Online  Search   Geo-­‐targeted  Marke@ng  Sharecare  pages  appear  high  in  search;   Sharecare  delivers  targeted  email  messages  we  use  this  to  gain  you  greater  visibility   to  help  connect  paents  with  providers   Geo-­‐Targeted  Profile  Page   Each  professional  receives  a  feature-­‐rich   profile  page  to  promote  their  pracce   QA  from  Leading  Providers Integrated  Health  Assessments Localized  Online   Decision  Support Scheduling
  7. 7. Expert  Profile  Page  1.  Intuive  Layout  Expert  credenals  and  speciales  are  highlighted  and  the  simplified  layout  makes  it  easy  for  consumers  to  learn  about  your  specialty,  read  your  answers,  find  your  contact  informaon  and  connect  with  you.   1    2.  ‘Following’  Model  Consumers  can  follow  you  allowing  them  to  stay  current  on   2  quesons  you’ve  answered,  ps  you’ve  shared,  blog  posts  and  more.   4  3.  Acvity  Wall  Posts     5  Gain  feedback  from  your  followers  on  your  updates  and  enjoy  interacng  with  consumers  about  important  health  topics.    4.  Private  Messaging  (oponal)  Private  inbox  permits  1:1  communicaons  between  colleagues   3   6  and  paents  you  choose  to  follow  and  allow  to  message  you.  5.  Appointment  Scheduling  Convenient  online  appointment  scheduling  is  integrated  within  each  physicians  profile  page.    6.  Insight  Offers  up-­‐to-­‐date  diagnosis,  treatment  and  disease  management  strategies  based  on  the  latest  guidelines  and  prescribing  informaon.         For  Illustraon  purposes  only.  
  8. 8. Integrated  Paent  Scheduling  on  Profile  Pages  Integrated  appointment  scheduling  can  be  acvated  on  your  Physician  Profile  Pages  on  Sharecare  as  well  as  on  your  own  website       1.  Real-­‐Time  Scheduling     2.  Integrated  Google  Maps     3.  Mulple-­‐locaon  Support     1   4.  Ease  in  Time  Selecon     3           2       4  
  9. 9.  Drive  Pre-­‐Qualified  Paents  Into  Your  Pracce  A  Sharecare  Professional  subscripon  will  help  you: "   Increase  your  online  visibility.    Sharecare’s  Professional  subscripon  works  as  a  targeted   digital  markeng  tool,  helping  promote  your  pracce  and  experse  to  local  consumers   searching  for  answers  to  their  health  quesons  and  providers  to  make  appointments  with.    "   Diagnose  and  manage  pa@ent  condi@ons  through  integrated  clinical  decision  support  tools.   Leverage  in-­‐depth,  yet  easy-­‐to-­‐use,  point  of  care  informaon  to  form  efficient,  cost-­‐effecve   plans  to  diagnose  and  manage  thousands  of  medical  condions.    "   Connect  and  communicate  with  pa@ents  and  caregivers.  Safe  and  secure  communicaon   tools  on  Sharecare  allow  you  to  interact  with  a  health-­‐specific  community  that  is  searching   for  expert  answers  and  advice  to  help  idenfy,  prevent  or  manage  a  condion.    "   Increase  appointments  through  online  scheduling.    Make  it  easy  for  potenal  paents  to   find  you  and  instantly  make  appointments  to  see  you.  Maximize  staff  me  and  appointments   through  our  integrated  online  appointment  scheduling  program;  for  paents,  it  makes   finding  and  booking  appointments  with  the  right  doctor  quick  and  easy.    
  10. 10. Sign  Up  for  a  Sharecare  Professional  Subscripon  All  for  the  introductory  price  of  $75/month!Learn  More  Now  »     1-­‐800-­‐469-­‐6349   Click  to  learn  more  about   Call  our  customer  service  line     becoming  socially  enabled   to  upgrade  to  a  Professional   on   subscrip@on  on  Sharecare  today