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  1. 1. CLUBWWW1 MARKETING ONLINE Using The Internet As a Business Corporate Edition
  2. 2. Online Selling – As A BusinessCreating and or marketing goods or services online using websites is a business that manypeople are excited about., Today it is seen as a popular internet based passive incomeopportunity. Popular affiliate marketing programs such as Amazon affiliate program make theprocess easy. The parent company provides the products, tracks sales, and gives commission foreach sale made from the website, or the e-store.Yet another option, is setting up an eBay shop; an automated eBay shop, either affiliatemarketing, or buying wholesale and selling retail within ebay itself. While eBay normallyrequires active involvement, it is possible to automate eBay auctions with any good auctionsoftware programs available on the internet. Such software automates all transactions, includingstarting and ending auctions. Hiring out the shipping part also converts ebay into a passiveincome source.Clubwww1 also presents another option as one of the largest content service providers on theweb, linking thousands of vendors and customers worldwide/Image Credit: StewartRoyaltiesRoyalties from publishing a book, licensing a patent, or some other form of intellectual property,are other good business opportunities to earn passive income from. Writing books and makinginventions however, require great skills and very often a large amount of time.Royalties are passive income for all practical purpose, but IRS tax guidelines consider it as non-passive income.One important point to consider, is that all the above opportunities make for good passiveincome opportunities, only if done in the right way. Failure to do it correctly, would invariablyresult in the individual needing to spend time to chop and change portfolios, attract visitors, orindulge in some marketing exercises.Among the various options to earn passive income, internet earnings provide the best source formost, as it requires very little upfront investment and minimal follow up work. Royalties fromintellectual property would rank as an even better source provided one has the skills to producequality work. Among the various investment options, stocks and securities rank as the mostprofitable althoug volatile, and real estate the most stable but the least profitable for timeinvested.What is the easiest business to get off the ground fast? Here, we explore why the affiliate marketingbusiness ranks amongst the simplest and quickest home based business to start.
  3. 3. Home-Based Business Vs. Affiliate Marketing OnlineAll home based business ideas are broadly divided into two categories, businesses centered onthe home office and online home businesses.Businesses centered on the home office are usually scaled down “cottage” versions of traditionalbusinesses. Examples in this category include pet sitting, home instruction, home based handbagcreation, and gift basket businesses. Such entrepreneurial ventures need time to set up becausethe home office may require decorating the dedicated space, buying required furniture and tools,and obtaining required permits or licenses. Home based businesses also need to engage in somesort of advertising to get customers to their door.Online home businesses are usually Internet-based jobs such as data entry services, transcriptionservices, affiliate marketing, and independent retailers. These businesses are at the top of the listwhen considering the quickest home-based business to start as they require little or noinvestment. Often, the only prerequisite to start the business is a computer and a reliable Internetconnection.The Business Model of an Online Marketing Partner with Clubwww1The Internet is full of merchants and webmasters trying to boost online sales of their productsand services. Most of these merchants and webmasters offer online affiliate programs to drivetraffic and sales to their websites. The online marketer increases traffic to the merchants websiteand the merchant offers the affiliate marketer a commission on the sales generated through suchtraffic.Joining Clubwww1 affiliate programs is easy and usually entails enrolling or joining and waitingfor the webmaster’s approval. The webmaster provides the online marketer with a unique ID thathe or she applies to the links directing traffic to the merchants website.The home-based entrepreneur needs to spend some time on research; first to identify the mostsuitable online affiliate program and then to ensure the reliability of the merchant. A Google orYahoo search followed by browsing popular forums invariably provides basic insight on suchaspects. However Clubwww1 provides a one stop shop for all interested online marketers.
  4. 4. A major guiding principle on selecting an affiliate program is the per click visit rate of themerchant’s website, or the number of sales made per 100 visits. The higher the number of visitsconverted to sales, the greater the chances of commission revenue.Using a Website for Affiliate Marketing with Clubwww1A website, though not an absolute requirement for starting an affiliate marketing business, isnevertheless indispensable for success to entice visitors who may follow affiliate links and makepurchases. A good website should contain content relevant to the products marketed.Setting up a website for an affiliate marketing business is relatively simple, and entails threebasic steps 1. Choose and register a domain name. Select from the available names by searching the “Whois” directory. 2. Design web pages and write effective content. The most basic type of web pages contain simple HTML codes that generate automatically when the document is “saved as HTML” found in programs like Office, Microsoft Office and other common software. More complex interactive web pages require additional programming and advanced web design skills. 3. Reserve server space to host web pages. Popular online forums like Web Hosting Talk and others are a good place to identify service providers who offer domain registration and web hosting services.The website of the affiliate marketing business is the equivalent of a “retail outlet” or atraditional business and unlike a physical retail shop, all it takes is a credit card or a PayPalaccount and a few mouse clicks to set up.