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Project summary and activities


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Published in: Business
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Project summary and activities

  1. 1. The project SummaryProject Activities
  2. 2. The teams from France, Greece,Portugal, Romania and Spain aregoing to write a story.The story should narrate theadventure till they find a star fromthe European flag. In the storypartners should mention importantfacts from their culture andcountry.
  3. 3. Then teams will swamp the storiesand they will illustrate a partnerstory.The final chapter will be writtenand illustrated by all the teams.
  4. 4. Each team will translate the storiesto their mother tongue.Teams will develop severalactivities at school related with theproject and will share theirexperiences.
  5. 5. Teams will try to arrange chats totheir pupils.At the end of June the first volumeof the book will be finished and sixstars will be found.On the second year teams will dothe same and the twelve stars willbe again on the European flag.
  6. 6. Illustrations• French team will illustrate the Spanish story• Greek team will illustrate the Portuguese story•• Portugal will illustrate the French story• Romania will illustrate the Greek story• Spain will illustrate the Romanian story
  7. 7. Final products• A Book (1stVolume)6 illustrated stories in 6 different languages• Project webpage• Blogs