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2013.07.05 [IBM] Cloud Ecosystem Forum - Atelier Fournisseur de Services et de Processus Metiers


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Présentation exploitée par C. Laurence d'IBM lors du 11ème Cloud Ecosystem Foru

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2013.07.05 [IBM] Cloud Ecosystem Forum - Atelier Fournisseur de Services et de Processus Metiers

  1. 1. Turbocharge your business with Cloud Fournisseurs de services Processus métiers Christophe Laurence, BDE Cloud, IBM France
  2. 2. • Exemples et éléments de valeur • Opportunités • Pourquoi avec IBM • Démarche AGENDA
  3. 3. De nouvelles capacités pour une nouvelle chaîne de valeur B2C Media & Mobile Services Powered by SCE+
  4. 4. ICE : une expérience client exceptionnelle chez Jaguar / Land Rover New Customer Experience powered by a Hybrid Cloud
  5. 5. E-doceo : eLearning à la demande Saas Powered by SCE
  6. 6. Des applications nouvelles tous les jours Saas & Mobile Powered by SCE+
  7. 7. Des transformations stratégiques vers le Saas Saas Powered by a Opex Managed Private Cloud
  8. 8. Des nouveaux modèles d’externalisation de processus Business Process Outsourcing powered by SCE(+)
  9. 9. Sport Analytics As A Service UK&I Release Pack with Negotiation Planner | 07/12/13 |10 This capability exists for Football (soccer), tennis and rugby. Can be extended to other sports and sources
  10. 10. Football Analytics Functionality 5. Team Stats Social Feed 4. Player Stats & Comparisons 2. Keys to the Match 3. Most Influential Players 1. Story of the Match
  11. 11. Integration with Social Media drives deeper analysis and engagement Map globalisation of fan base 0 200 400 600 800 1000 1200 PostedTime15:04:3115:09:0315:13:3515:18:0715:22:3915:27:1115:31:4315:36:1515:40:4715:45:1915:49:5115:54:2315:58:5516:03:2716:07:5916:12:3116:17:0316:21:3516:26:0716:30:3916:35:1116:39:4316:44:1516:48:4716:53:1916:57:5117:02:2317:06:5517:11:2717:15:5917:20:3117:25:0317:29:3517:34:0717:38:3917:43:1117:47:4317:52:1517:56:4718:01:1918:05:5118:10:2318:14:5518:19:2718:23:5918:28:3118:33:0318:37:3518:42:0718:46:3918:51:1118:55:43 Tweets During Man United v Chelsea Man U Goal – David Luiz OG Man U Goal – Robin Van Persie Half Time Chelsea Goal – Mata Torres Red Card Full-Time Chelsea 2-3 Man U Create products out of twitter volumes 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 Torres took a dive! Terrible Decision Evans Made Contact Haha - take that Torres The Referree's a &&**##@@! Link match events to fan sentimentIdentify Key Themes
  12. 12. Differentiated Fan Engagement = deeper experience Awareness & reach Engagement Loyalty Purchase BroaderBroader DeeperDeeper LEVELOF ENGAGEMENT LEVELOF ENGAGEMENT Global fanbase Global fanbase National fanbase National fanbase Local fanbase Local fanbase e.g. CHINAe.g. CHINA Extend live experience beyond the stadium Differentiated Fan Engagement = focused breadth of engagement Enhance in- stadium experience Enhance in- stadium experience Où est la valeur ?
  13. 13. HR Learning Services & Logistics As A Service Système d’Information Knowledgebase Instructor Blog Student Blog WikisBlogs Podcasts / Mailcasts Stagiaire Expert Blog Community Blog Serious Games Environnements Virtuels IBM Innov8 (Français) Classroom
  14. 14. Où est la valeur ? • Aligner la formation sur la transformation de l’entreprise • Innover en matière pédagogique • Piloter la performance de la formation • Développer une approche globale de la formation • Former à moindre coût
  15. 15. Une vision stratégique & une gouvernance d’ensemble Quelles sont les combinaisons gagnantes ? Une nouvelle expérience client Une grande agilité Une vue transverse Un modèle OPEX Une logique industrielle Un positionnement nouveau dans l’écosystème Une différentiation forte dans l’offre Avant d’être du IAAS, du SAAS ou du BPAAS, le Cloud rend possible la création et l’extension de nouvelles solutions à grande valeur ajoutée, de nouveaux services, de nouvelles expériences, tout en étant disponibles rapidement, dans un modèle opex économiquement performant.
  16. 16. © 2013 IBM Corporation 42% using mobile to increase customer intimacy (Gartner ) 45% increased productivity with mobile apps (Aberdeen) mobile connected devices in use by 2020 (Economist) 10B * 2011 IBM IBV/MIT Sloan 70% of IT budgets are spent on operations and maintenance 33% Global 1000 companies will have stored customer-sensitive data in the public cloud” (Gartner) of new commercial enterprise apps will be deployed on cloud platforms (IDC ) 80% 33% More Revenue growth and 12 X profit growth for orgs using adv analytics * Leaders frequently make decisions based on info they don’t trust / have * 1 in 3 220% Orgs competing on analytics substantially outperform peers * Fournisseurs de services : quelles zones explorer ? Intégrer Cloud, Mobilité et Analytics
  17. 17. Pourquoi avec IBM ?
  18. 18. IBM SmartCloud for Smarter Commerce help companies accelerate their ability to transform how they buy, market, sell and service goods and services with customers and suppliers IBM SmartCloud for Social Business integrates the collective knowledge of people-centric networks to accelerate decision-making and increase innovation IBM SmartCloud for Smarter Analytics help companies accelerate their ability to turn information into insights IBM SmartCloud for Smarter Cities help cities of all sizes leverage information, anticipate problems and coordinate resources to deliver exceptional service to their citizens Business Process as a Service – Taking responsibility for managing Industry Solutions for our clients Smarter Commerce Smarter CitiesSmarter Analytics Social Business Business Process as a Service Software as a Service IBM SmartCloud Solutions: allows clients to focus on innovation and business outcomes, not IT Deployment
  19. 19. Infrastructure Platform Management and Administration Availability and Performance Security and Compliance Usage and Accounting Enterprise Application Services Application Lifecycle Application Resources Application Environments Application Management IBMSmartCloud Services Infrastructure and Platform as a Service Smarter Commerce Smarter Cities Social BusinessBusiness Analytics and Optimization Infrastructure Platform Management and Administration Availability and Performance Security and Compliance Usage and Accounting Infrastructure as a Service Technologies Platform as a Service Technologies Application Lifecycle Application Resources Application Environments Application Management Integration Enterprise+ IaaS Consulting & Implementation IBMSmartCloud Foundation Private and Hybrid Clouds PaaS Consulting & Implementation BPaaS / SaaS Consulting & Implementation Cloud Strategy IBMSmartCloud Solutions Software and Business Process as a Service IaaS PaaS SaaS BPaaS Cloud Components Cloud Services Consume cloud services over Internet Hardware & software to architect and build private or hybrid clouds Consulting & Implementation Services Design my cloud Portfolio
  20. 20. Securité Cloud d’Entreprise: un portefeuille complet Enterprise Governance, Risk and Compliance Management GRC Platform (OpenPages) Risk Analytics (Algorithmics) Investigation Management (i2) v13-02 Operational IT Security Domains and Capabilities People Data Applications Network Infrastructure Endpoint Federated Identity Manager Guardium Database Security AppScan Source Network Intrusion Prevention Endpoint Manager (BigFix) Enterprise Single Sign-On Guardium Vulnerability Mgt AppScan Dynamic NextGen Network IPS Mobile Device Management Identity and Access Management Suite Dynamic Data Masking DataPower Web Security Gateway SiteProtector Management System Virtualization and Server Security Privileged Identity Manager Key Lifecycle Manager Security Policy Manager Network Anomaly Detection Mainframe Security (zSecure, RACF) Security Intelligence, Analytics, and Governance, Risk, and Compliance QRadar SIEM QRadar Log Manager QRadar Risk Manager IBM Security Portfolio
  21. 21. Démarche Business Innovation Workshop Strategy Business Model Route To Market Value Proposition Business Model Strategy Operating Model IAAS/PAAS/SAAS Cloud Solutions Cloud Workshop Cloud Roadmap Cloud Computing Reference Architecture Cloud Management, Integration & Dev Tools Technologies & Standard (Openstack, OSLC, TOSCA, …) Network & Security Framework Business Case Target Operating Model Transformation steps Financial objectives Business Case SAAS PAAS IAAS CloudManagement tools, traditional/public/private IAAS transformation Tools &Patterns adoption Integration & Management PAAS &DevOps adoption SAASadoption ApplicationPortfolio Optimization Development &Test Workloads and Datas Platforms RoadmapRoadmap Customer Value Proposition Val ueChain
  22. 22.