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What i tell my children about money and


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money management for teens written by connie dello buono 408-854-1883

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What i tell my children about money and

  1. 1. What I tell my children about money and money plans Connie Dello Buono CA Life Lic 0G60621 408-854-1883
  2. 2. Start savings early, don’t gambleUse cash and not credit card, Leverage your time and otherthe plastic resourcesDon’t buy brand names, use Learn from the experts andthrift stores and bulk foods learn from your mistakesSeparate your savings and Choose your career andemergency money away from business wisely, time isyour daily use preciousChoose a team wisely when Build relationships well, bothstarting a business venture personal and for businessCut your loses early, don’t Love with wild abandon, anduse your emotion when taking love money too, so handle itrisks with your own money with care