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Stretch IRA san jose california 408 854-1883


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Stretch IRA san jose california 408 854-1883

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Stretch IRA san jose california 408 854-1883

  1. 1. Stretch IRAUntil the growth in popularity of the Roth retirementplan, most people accumulated wealth by depositingmoney in a “before tax” retirement vehicle where themoney would grow tax deferred. While the taxadvantages on this type of account are attractive, theymay cause estate planning issues and leave yourbeneficiaries facing enormous tax burdens.Consider a Stretch IRA to allow your beneficiaries toreceive their inheritance over the course of their livesand to minimize taxes. Our team of CPAs and taxprofessionals provide a detailed analysis andpersonalized report to illustrate your legacy strategy foryour tax-deferred IRA account. Let us help you plot thebest course to reach your financial and legacy planninggoals.Contact Connie for List of CPA, Tax advisors and Living Trusts Lawyers inthe bayareaConnie Dello Buono , Financial Representative1708 Hallmark Lane San Jose California 95124CA Life Ins Lic