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Beauty ingredients motherhealth at gmail


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beauty ingredients skin beautiful clear anti aging properties of oil herbs and other chemicals antioxidants for skin hair and nails beauty secrets compiled by connie at

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Beauty ingredients motherhealth at gmail

  1. 1. Beauty Ingredients compiled by connie www.clubalthea.comAcai Berry - a Brazilian berry from the Amazon Region. Packed with antioxidants,amino acids, essential omega fatty acids, fibers and protein. Can add brilliance and fightfree radicals when used in skincare.Algae - Aquatic, eukaryotic one-celled or multicellular plants high in chlorophyll, andother minerals.Allantoin - Extracted from comfrey root (sometimes from sugar beets), containing anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant properties. Used to help heal discomforted skin, thoughnever on open wounds.Aloe Vera - Known as the "first aid" plan, Aloe Aera is taken from the inner leaves of theplant. It is a water/gel-like substance that is known for the ability to soothe irritated skin,especially sunburned skin. It is also a soothing anti-inflammatory that can be used inlotions, creams, cleansers and other products.Alpha Hydroxy Acid - Also known as lactic acid, malic acid, glycolic acid. These acidsare commonly derived from milk or fruit, and used as natural exfoliants. They can helpreduce ingrown hairs and improve the look of skin, by removing the layer of dead skincells from the surface.Amazonian Nut Oil - Also known as Brazil Nut Oil. An Amazonian tree nut, used incosmetics for the oil, which has emollient, moisturizing and lubricant qualities. Othermedicinal properties include selenium, an important antioxidant. An infusion made fromthe shell is used to treat liver complaints, and the liquid found inside the pulp is used totreat hepatitis.Amino Acids - The building blocks of proteins, which make up the skin.Amyris - Also known as West Indian Sandalwood oil, the aromatherapeutic qualitiesinclude antiseptic, balsamic, sedative, calming and an aid to stress relief. It has sedativeproperties and helps during meditation.Antioxidants - Our bodies naturally produce free radicals (by-products) when our cellsuse oxygen, which essentially are the cause of aging. Antioxidants act as "free radicalscavengers" and hence prevent and repair damage done by these free radicals.Apple - The apple contains many vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Used in skincarefor their protecting and strengthening qualities on hair and skin.Apple Cider Vinegar - This miracle fluid has been used as a traditional folk remedy forhundreds of years. It is rich in naturally occurring alpha-hydroxy acids, helping todissolve fatty deposits on the skins surface and reducing scaly conditions, promoting asofter, smoother appearance. It also regulates the pH of the skin and hair.Apricot Kernel Oil - The oil derived from the stone of the Apricot, a summer tree fruit.The oil is high in antioxidants and used as a cosmetic ingredient for softening andmoisturizing.Argan Oil - Originates in Morocco, where its oil is consumed. The oil is very rare andexpensive, and the tree is now endangered. In skincare, it is used for the high percentageof unsaturated fatty acids.Arnica - From a small flowering bush native to Europe. It is useful to treat and sootheacne, bruises, sprains, and relieve irritations from trauma, arthritis and muscle or cartilagepain.
  2. 2. Astringent - is a substance that tends to shrink or constrict body tissues. Useful inreducing the appearance of puffiness and inflammation.Avocado Oil - Produced from the flesh of the Avocado fruit, it is a rich and extremelydeep penetrating oil, full of vitamins A, D and E, lecithin, as well as potassium - knownas the youth mineral. It can help to reduce age spots, heal sun damage and scars.Awapuhi - Also known as white ginger. In skincare, it is antimicrobial and anti bacterial,and anti-inflammatory.Azulene - The extract of chamomile, deep blue in color. It is known to have antioxidantand anti-inflammatory properties.BBabassu - From Brazil, it is a superior moisturizer beneficial for both dry and oilycomplexions, without leaving an oily sheen.Basil - An herb used to treat acne, as well as congested complexions. In aromatherapy, itis used to clear the head, enhance mental clarity, memory and concentration.Bay - An evergreen found in the Mediterranean region. In aromatherapy, it is used as anantiseptic and antibacterial.Bearberry - A shrub tree, grown along the Pacific coast of N. America. It contains ahigh-level of antibacterial and antioxidant properties, and works well in skincare as alightener.Beeswax - Substance made by bees to build the walls of their honeycomb. It is athickening agent and has some emollient properties.Bentonite - Clay formed from volcanic ash, often used in cosmetics to absorb and drawtoxins from the skin.Benzoin - The resin of a tropical Asian tree, commonly used for eczema and dry skin. Itis a potent natural preservative, and has some disinfecting and fragrant properties. Inaromatherapy it is used as a relaxing agent for nervous tension and stress.Benzyl Peroxide - A treatment for acne. It works by removing the top layer of skin andunblocking the oil glands that helps to keep the skin soft and smooth. It also acts as anantiseptic to decrease bacteria and yeast on the surface of the skin.Bergamot - A member of the citrus tree family, known to give Earl Grey tea its fragrantquality. As an essential oil it is anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, immune enhancing, andanalgesic.Bilberry - This berry is closely related to American blueberry, cranberry, andhuckleberry. It is effective as an antioxidant, and has been known to be consumed for eyehealth.Bisabolol - Derived from chamomile, it is used for the anti-irritant, anti-inflammatoryand antibacterial properties on the skin.Black Cherry - A tree fruit containing high levels of vitamins and antioxidants.Black Tea - See Tea.Blackberry - A rich berry that grows on thorny vines throughout N. America andEurope. It is extremely high in antioxidants, and vitamins.Blackcurrant - A shrub berry, containing high levels of gamma linoleic acid. Used toimpart a smooth complexion.Bladderwrack - Derived from seaweed; it can be an effective antioxidant and has water-binding properties for skin.Blood Orange - An orange with deep red flesh, containing strong antioxidants.
  3. 3. Blue Violet - Native to N. America, and considered a garden weed. It is a powerful anti-inflammatory.Blueberry - A low growing shrub berry, incredibly high in vitamins and antioxidants.Blueberrys have been known to stimulate the digestive system, and are consumed for eyehealth.Borage - Borage is an annual plant that grows wild in the Mediterranean countries. It wastraditionally given as a tea to induce confidence. This oil contains gamma-linoleic acid(GLA), an omega-6 oil that supports healthy skin and hair, and also has been used as ananti-inflammatory.Brewers Yeast - Used to ferment the sugars when producing beer. Yeast is a source ofbetaglucan, an antioxidant.Brown Rice - This whole grain contains rice bran oil, a significant source of naturallyoccurring Vitamin E. It is used in cosmetics to help speed healing, prevent and treat scars.Burdock - The root of this common plant is a known potent liver detoxifier. In skincare,it is effective as an anti-inflammatory agent and is powerfully antioxidant.CCacao - A bean of the tropical S.Americas. In skincare and hair care, the butter and oil ofthe cacao (chocolate) are extremely high in antioxidants and caffeine.Caffeine - A derivative of the coffee bean. Caffeine is used in skincare due to the veryhigh antioxidant properties, used as a draining and slimming agent.Calendula - Also known as pot marigold, is used widely in cosmetics as an anti-inflammatory. It is so soothing that it is prevalently used in baby and dry skin products. Itis also antibacterial and antioxidant.Camellia - An extract of the tea plant, containing incredibly high amounts ofantioxidants. It has strong emollient and anti-inflammatory properties for skin. There areover 200 species of camellia including the famous tea plant, grown across eastern and S.Asia from the Himalaya east to Japan and Indonesia.Camphor - Aromatic substance obtained from the wood of a SE. Asian tree. Whenapplied to the skin it produces a cooling effect and dilates blood vessels. It is also usedaroma therapeutically to ward off moths and insects.Candelilla Wax - Derived from Candelilla plants; used as a thickening agent andemollient to give products such as lipsticks or stick foundations their form.Caprylic Triglycerides - Derived from coconut, and considered to be a good emollientand thickening agent in cosmetics.Cardamom - Plant of the ginger family, used as fragrance in cosmetics. In aromatherapy,it is uplifting, refreshing and a known aphrodisiac.Carnuba Wax - A natural, hard wax extracted from the leaves of the Brazilian palm tree.Used primarily as a thickening agent, but can also have film-forming and absorbentproperties.Carrot - Carrots have been used for over 2,000 years for their health-giving propertiesand high vitamin A content - therefore an antioxidant. They are an incredible source ofbeta-carotene, a wonderful health booster. Carrots are superb in the use of cosmetics fortreating dry, damaged and mature skin.Castor Oil - An oil derived from the castor bean. Castor Oil is rich in fatty acids that arevery moisturizing to the skin; medicinally, castor oil is used in packs to draw toxins fromthe body.
  4. 4. Cedarwood - A fragrant extract from the cedar tree. Used in aromatherapy for the stress-relieving, meditative, and harmonizing qualities; also used as an insect repellant.Cellulose Gum - The primary fiber component of plants. Used in skincare as a bindingand thickening agent.Chamomile - An ancient herb used for centuries to calm and soothe. Chamomile isgrown throughout Europe, Africa and the Americas. Is has anti-irritant, soothing, andantioxidant properties.Che Qian Zi - See Plantain.Cherry - A dark colored summer tree fruit, packed with vitamins and antioxidants. Usedto promote a healthy glow and skin cell turnover.Chocolate - See Cacao. Used in both dark and white form.Cinnamon - Derived from the bark of the spice tree, Cinnamon is a stimulant for thecirculatory system. In aromatherapy, it is used for the antiseptic and warming qualities.Citric Acid - Derived from citrus and used primarily to adjust the pH of products toprevent them from being too alkaline.Clove - Derived from the flower buds of Syzygium aromaticum, an evergreen tree in themyrtle family. They are used for their aromatherapeutic properties, which includewarming and stimulating, antiseptic, analgesic, anti-parasitic, anti-fungal. Traditionallyused for toothache applications, to reduce pain. Cloves repel moths.Cocoa Butter - The luxurious oil extracted from cocoa beans, used as an emollient. Itsmells richly of chocolate, and therefore is also used for the fragrance.Coconut - Has cleansing and degreasing properties, and natural detergent cleansingagents are frequently derived from coconut oil. The oil is a wonderful skin moisturizer.Coffee - Has been shown to have potent levels of antioxidants.Combava - Combava is a rare fruit found in the rainforests of Madagascar. It is known tocontain extremely high levels of antioxidants. In aromatherapy, it is known to have anuplifting effect.Copper PCA - Copper supplements have been shown to speed healing in humans.Coriander - A spice commonly found in Europe, though originating in Egypt. Inaromatherapy, it is used as a digestive. It has some antibacterial and antifungal properties.Corn - Used as an emollient and thickening agent in cosmetics.Cranberry - A sour bush berry. Commonly used in cooking, the fruit is high in vitaminsand antioxidants, and has anti-inflammatory properties. Cranberries are known to helpprevent urinary and bladder infections when taken internally.Cucumber - A member of the muskmelon family, cucumbers have anti-inflammatoryand soothing properties. Often used in under-eye creams, to de-puff.Cypress - The Cypress is a perennial tree, found along the coast of the Mediterranean. Inaromatherapy, it is used for varicose veins and hemorrhoids, reduces oiliness of skin, andaids lymphatic drainage.DDamiana - is a shrub native to Central and S.America. It is noted to be an aphrodisiacwhen ingested - and rumored to be the ingredient in the first margherita.Dandelion - A close relative of chicory, and considered a common garden weed.Dandelion is a potent detoxifier, traditionally used to cleanse the liver. It is high invarious vitamins and minerals.
  5. 5. Dead Sea Salts - The Dead Sea is considered to be globally the lowest point on dry land.Its water is over 8 times saltier than seawater, and contains a host of valuable healingminerals. The waters and their salts are traditionally used to treat various ailments,particularly psoriatic skin.Decyl Glucoside - a gentle detergent cleansing agent, naturally derived from sugar.EEchinacea - A N.American herb traditionally taken to boost the immune system. Onskin, it may have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.Elder Flower - From the Elder tree, commonly found in parts of Europe. Traditionallyused as a healing herb, particularly for colds and flu. Has anti-inflammatory properties.Elemi - A tree native to the Philippine Islands, the soothing properties make it useful intreating wounds and scars. Also taken internally for coughs and colds.Emollient - Supple, waxlike, lubricating, thickening agents that prevent water loss andhave a softening and soothing effect on the skin.Enzymes - A vast group of protein molecules produced by all living things to affectchemical and biological reactions whether it is photosynthesis, helping cellscommunicate, or inhibiting free-radical damage. As they are used in skin-care products,enzymes facilitate exfoliation, to help overall biological processes in skin that haveslowed down because of age or sun damage, and to inhibit free-radical damage.Epsom Salts - Essentially magnesium sulfate. This salt helps to draw toxins from thebody when used as a bath soak.Ester C - Brand name for a Vitamin C complex that is used topically in skin care.Ethanol - Naturally derived alcohol.Ethylhexyl (octyl) Palmitate - Fatty acid used as an emollient and as an agent to helpkeep other ingredients intact in a formulation. Derived from Palm.Eucalyptus - A tree common to parts of the Americas and Australia. Eucalyptus hasantibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties, making it an amazing detoxifier for theskin. It is also very cooling and soothing.Evaporated Cane Juice - The dried juice of the sugar cane, used as a mild AHA.Evening Primrose - A small yellow wildflower (Oenothera biennis) that is rich inlinoleic acid, an essential fatty acid. May help regulate hormonal levels, and has anti-inflammatory properties.FFarnesol - An extract of plants that is used in cosmetics primarily for fragrance. It hasalso been shown to contain antibacterial properties.Fatty Acid - Substances typically found in plant and animal lipids (fat). They are used incosmetics as emollients, thickening agents, and, when mixed with glycerin, cleansingagents. Fatty acids are natural components of skin and are components of a complexmixture that makes up the outermost layer protecting the body against oxidative damageFennel - A licorice-like bulb vegetable, common in the Mediterranean. It is known tohave antioxidant properties.Flax Seed Oil - Also known as linseed oil. An ancient plant, the seeds are a tremendoussource of fatty acids.Flavanoid - Potent antioxidant of plant origin.
  6. 6. Foraha - An evergreen tree that grows from eastern India to the South Pacific. It helpswounds to heal and is soothing for eczema and skin irritations such as burns, rashes andinsect bites.Frangipani - A native to Mexico, Central America, and Venezuela. Known in India asKrishnas flower. In aromatherapy, it is used for the calming, sedative and aphrodisiacqualities.Frankincense - A resin obtained from various Arabian or East African trees; as afragrance, can help deepen meditation. It has anti-fungal and antibacterial properties.Fucus - Derived from seaweed, it can be an effective antioxidant and has water-bindingproperties for skin.GGardenia - A small flowering brush with jasmine-like scented flowers. The oil iscommonly used as an expensive fragrance.Geranium - A flowering plant, originating in north and central Asia. It can be used tobalance the production of sebum in the skin, and is particularly soothing, sedative,healing. It has potent antioxidant and anti-microbial properties.Ginger - Commonly grown in warmer climates, such as Jamaica, Africa and China.Ginger has potent antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic properties.Ginseng - Native to Eastern N.America and Asia. The root has been used for thousandsof years for almost all ailments. In skincare, it can help balance oil production, and mayhave antitumor and anticancer properties.Glucoside - Surfactant derived from sugar.Glycerin - An extremely effective humectant, naturally derived from coconut.Glycolic Acid - An acid that can exfoliate skin cells by breaking down the substance inskin that holds skin cells together.Glycosides - have water-binding properties.Goji Berry - Native to the Himalayas, these berries are nutritionally rich, containingbeta-carotene, Vitamins C, B1, B2 and other vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and aminoacids. In skincare, Goji has been shown to help promote a boost in collagen levels.Golden Seal - Like Echinacea, this herb is a powerful immune booster, with antibacterialand antiviral properties.Gotu Kola - Primarily of Asian origin, this herb has antibacterial, anti-psoriatic, andwound-healing properties.Grape - The popular vine fruit, famously known for the use in the production of wine, isalso a powerful skincare ingredient. Grapes are used for their skin, juice and seeds. Theycontain high levels of vitamins and antioxidants.Grape Seed Extract - The grape seed contains very potent antioxidants, and its oil is anincredibly lightweight moisturizer.Grapefruit Seed Oil - Of the citrus fruit, it is a powerful natural preservative.Green Mandarin - Found in Italy, the peel of this citrus is used in aromatherapy tosoothe anxiety.Green Tea - See Tea.Guaiac Wood - A wood oil from Brazil. It is used in aromatherapy for the exotic, sensualfragrance.Guar Gum - Plant-derived thickening agent.
  7. 7. Guava - Thought to originate in the Tropics of the Americas. Extremely high in VitaminC.HHazelnut - A tree nut, used often to flavor drinks and confections. The oil is usedcosmetically as an emollient.Hemp - The seed of the hemp plant is high in essential fatty acids. It is this property thatmakes hemp seed oil an incredible ingredient for young-looking skin. It contains aninsignificant amount of the psychoactive substance found in marijuana.Hibiscus - A flowering tropical plant, the hibiscus is known to have antioxidant,antitumor, and anti-inflammatory properties.Ho wood - Originating in China, it is traditionally used to treat a variety of skin ailmentsparticularly acne and wrinkles.Honey - The viscous, sweet syrup produced by the honeybee. A very valuable healingagent, it has been used for centuries on burns and boils. It has been shown to haveantimicrobial and antibacterial properties, and is also used as a moisturizer.Hops - Grown in cool climates, the hops flowers are commonly used in the production ofbeer. Hops flowers have antioxidant and antibacterial properties, and are also usedtraditionally to induce sleep.Horsetail - Found across the N. hemisphere, horsetail is one of the oldest living plants onEarth. The extract can help improve the skins elasticity.Humectant - Water binding ingredient.IIrish Moss - A type of red algae. See Algae.Iron Oxides - Compounds of iron that are used as colorings in some cosmetics.Ivy - This climbing vine has been used traditionally to treat cellulite. It is also veryhelpful in relieving discomforted skin, and is useful in the treatment of eczema.JJasmine - A delicate, seductive flowering vine. In aromatherapy, the oil is used as anaphrodisiac, and to calm and sedate.Jojoba - A wax derived from a desert-plant found in N. America. Closest to the skinsnaturally occurring sebum, making it an excellent oil to balance skins oil production.Juniper - Of the Cypress family of trees, the berry is well known as the main ingredientin gin. In skincare the oil is useful in treating cellulite, acne, dermatitis, blocked pores,psoriasis and eczemas.KKaolin - Natural claylike mineral (silicate of aluminum) that is used in cosmetics for itsabsorbent properties.Katrafay - Derived from a tree in Madagascar. It is a plant oil that may have anti-inflammatory properties, and is traditionally used by women after giving birth.Kawakawa - A small tree grown in New Zealand. In skincare, the leaves and bark can beapplied as a treatment for wounds, ulcers, skin diseases, eye inflammation, scalds, andburns. It has analgesic (anti-inflammatory) properties.Kelp - See Algae.Keratin - The primary protein of skin, hair, and nails.Key Lime - Of the citrus family, smaller and rounder than the common lime. In skincare,it is used to clarify and detoxify. It is high in vitamin C.
  8. 8. Kiwi - Or Chinese Gooseberry, native to New Zealand. The bright green fruit isincredibly high in vitamin C, and has antioxidant properties.Kola Nut - Of a tree grown in the tropical forests of Africa, and famous as the mainflavoring in Coca Cola. The active caffeine in Kola Nut helps to aid in circulation, and istherefore helpful in the treatment of cellulite.LLactic Acid - An alpha hydroxy acid extracted from milk, though most forms used incosmetics are synthetic. It exfoliates cells on the surface of skin by breaking down thematerial that holds skin cells together.Lacto Peroxidase - Enzyme derived from milk; it has antibacterial properties for skin.Ladys Mantle - A plant commonly grown in gardens since the 16th century. It has beenused for centuries as an aid to heal wounds and inflammation.Lavender - A flowering plant found throughout the Mediterranean, tropical Africa, Indiaand N. America. It is hugely beneficial internally and externally, as it is anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and antimicrobial. It is used as a soothing skin tonic, acalming moisturizer and an anti-acne treatment.Lecithin - Phospholipid found in egg yolks and the membranes of plant and animal cells.It is widely used in cosmetics as an emollient and water-binding agent.Lemon - A member of the citrus family, yielding small to medium sized yellow, sourfruits. Lemon is a wonderful clarifier and skin lightener, and its oil has antibacterialproperties. Also beneficial in treating oily skin.Lemon Balm - A culinary herb widely found across Europe. In skincare andaromatherapy, it is soothing and anti-inflammatory.Lemongrass - An aromatic grass found largely in Asia. Used as a flavoring, it is alsobeneficial in skincare as it contains antibacterial properties.Licorice - Originally from Central Europe, the bark and root has been used throughcenturies for health. In skincare, it treats acne, and has anti-inflammatory properties.Lime - Of the citrus family, yielding small to medium-sized sour green fruit. In skincare,it is a powerful clarifier, and has very high concentrations of fruit acids. It works well togive skin a polished, smooth texture. Also beneficial in treating oily skin.Linden Flower - Linden trees grow across the N. Hemisphere. In skincare, Linden isused to treat dry, itchy and discomforted skin.Linseed - Of the flax seed, it contains high levels of essential fatty acids.Loofah - The dried part of a long, vine plant that is used as a natural exfoliator.MMacadamia Nut - Originally of Australia, the white nut is produced mostly forconsumption. Its oil is used in cosmetics as an emollient for dry skin.Mandarin - Of the citrus family, the oil is used in aromatherapy to calm anxiety, tension,nervousness and stress related disorders.Mango Butter - Derived from the seed kernel of the Mango tree, very high in essentialfatty acids. It is used as an emollient in cosmetics.Mannitol - Component of plants that has potent antioxidant properties.Manuka - Derived from the New Zealand tea tree; the oil is similar to that of theAustralian tea tree, Melaleuca alternifolia. Manuka oil has antifungal and antibacterialproperties.
  9. 9. Marshmallow - Originating in South and West Europe, the herb has been used forcenturies to treat bruises, muscle aches, sprains, burns, and inflammations.Massoia - A tree found native to New Guinea, used traditionally as a warming ointment.May Chang - Native to China, beneficial in skincare for oily, mature and inflamed skin.In aromatherapy it is used to treat aches and pains.Menthol - The essential compound in peppermint, use for its cooling effect on the skin.Meyer Lemon - Originally of China, less sour than the common lemon. See Lemon.Mica - Earth mineral used to give products sparkle and shine.Mistletoe - A common tree parasite. In skincare can promote skin immunity.Monoi Oil - A richly fragrant oil obtained when coconut oil is steeped with TahitianGardenias. Extremely moisturizing and nourishing to the skin.Mulberry - Native to Eastern China, the berry is similar to the common Blackberry. Inskincare, the extract can have some value in preventing melanin production.Mushroom - The mushroom fungus is used to treat extreme redness, and is beingresearched as a treatment for cancers.Myrrh - The dried sap of a small, thorny tree. In skincare, it may have antifungal andantibacterial properties.NNAPCA - A natural moisturizing factor that decreases with age. Added to skincare andhair care products to improve softness.Nectarine - A soft, summer tree fruit high in many vitamins and antioxidants.Neem - A tree grown in many parts of India. Known to have potent healing, and anti-fungal, anti-microbial properties.Neroli - The blossom of the bitter orange tree, beneficial in soothing dry skin.Nettle - A low growing herb, used in skincare for its anti-inflammatory properties. It is agreat source of iron when taken internally, particularly for pregnant and nursing mothers.Nutmeg - the seed of the tree, native to Australia and SE. Asia. In aromatherapy, it isused for its rejuvenating, uplifting, and energizing properties.OOat Beta Glucan - Derived from the bran of the oat, nourishing to the skin.Oatmeal - Contains anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory properties. A wonderful sootherfor itchy, dry and irritated skin.Olibanum - See Frankincense.Olive Oil - The oil of the fruit of the olive tree, native to the Mediterranean. A potentantioxidant, rich in polyphenols. A very rich, soothing and lightweight moisturizing oil,used in serums, moisturizers and massage oils.Orchid - An exotic flower mostly found in tropical forests around the world. Used inskincare as a nourishing and moisturizing oil.Oregano - An herb bush, originally grown in Italy and Greece. The oil is incrediblyantibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral.Oubaku - A Japanese tree, with potent antibacterial properties.Oxybenzone - Sunscreen agent that protects primarily from the suns UVB rays, andsome, but not all, UVA rays.PPalm Oil - Oil derived from the fruit of the palm tree, containing emollient andantioxidant properties for skin.
  10. 10. Palmarosa - See Geranium.Panthenol (Pro Vitamin B5) - Used in hair care to deliver shine. See Vitamin B.Papaya - Believed to be native to the American tropics. Papaya contains the enzymepapain, which has exfoliating properties when used in skincare.Patchouli - A plant found primarily in the East and West Indies. In skincare, it isbeneficial in treating extremely dry skin.Paw Paw - See PapayaPeach Seed Oil - See Apricot Kernel Oil.Pear - A late-summer tree fruit, rich in vitamins B and C and dietary fiber.Peppermint - An ancient herb used for centuries as an overall health tonic. Peppermint isused in skincare as an antibacterial, and can help soothe and relax muscles.Peptide - Proteins are comprised of a long chain of amino acids, and individual portionsof proteins are known as peptides. In the body, peptides regulate the activity of manysystems.Petitgrain - The orange tree leaf is used commonly in skincare as an astringent. Inaromatherapy, it is used to uplift and treat fatigue and stress.Phenoxyethanol - Preservative commonly derived from rose. Does not releaseformaldehyde, as many synthetic preservatives do.Phospholipids - See Fatty AcidPine - The pine tree is native to the N. Hemisphere. In aromatherapy it is used for theuplifting and disinfectant properties.Pineapple - The spiny tropical fruit, which contains the enzyme bromelain. This enzymeacts to exfoliate skin.Pink Grapefruit - The large, slightly bitter citrus fruit is incredibly high in Vitamin Cand antioxidants. It is also rich in fruit acids, making it a strong source of Alpha HydroxyAcids.Plantain - Low lying herb with wide, crevassed leaves. The juice is used to treat bruisesand heal open wounds.Plum - A late summer tree fruit, which may have antioxidant activity when appliedtopically.Plumeria - See Frangipani.Polyphenols - Powerful antioxidants found in most legumes, dark berries, brightvegetables, red wine, green tea and olive oil.Pomegranate - A small tree native to SW Asia, producing large red many-seeded fruit.Since ancient times it has been consumed as an aphrodisiac, and is now touted as asuperfood. In skincare, it is used for the high levels of antioxidants.Potassium Sorbate - A polyunsaturated fatty acid salt, used as a preservative.Propolis - A bee product that is used by honeybees to construct the hive. It hasantibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties for skin.Pumpkin - A gourd, famously carved into lanterns during N.American Halloween, thepumpkin is loaded with natural fruit acids. It is high in antioxidants, and can be used topromote radiant, smooth skin.QQuassia - Of formerly Dutch Guyana, this tree is used medicinally for the bark. It is usedin shampoos to ward off lice.R
  11. 11. Rapeseed - Also known as canola. Its nonfragrant oil has emollient and antioxidantproperties for skin.Raspberry - A vibrant red bush berry, the Fruit extract that has potent antioxidant andantibacterial properties.Red Clover - A low growing herb, it is considered effective in treating eczema andpsoriasis. It can also have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.Rose - Named the flower of beauty, the rose has been used since recorded history incosmetics. There are more than 100 species. In skincare, it moisturizes, vitalizes, andtones.Rosehip Seed Oil - A wild rosebush now found mostly in Chile. The oil has incredibleantioxidant properties, and it has been shown to assist the skin heal wounds and reducescarring.Rosemary - A flowering Mediterranean herb used both internally and externally. It isrejuvenating and stimulating. It has antioxidant benefit for skin, and can also be used as apreservative.Rosewood - Originating n Brazil, this heavy used has been often used in makinginstruments. The oil is soothing for dry, allergic, flaky and rashy skins.SSafflower Oil - An annual crop commonly used as cooking oil, highly antioxidant whenconsumed. The oil is an emollient.Sage - An herb native to the Mediterranean. In skincare it can be rejuvenating andsoothing, and a potent antioxidant.Salicylic Acid - See Willow. Is a derivative of aspirin, and a very strong antidote foracne. Also shown to be anti-inflammatory.Sandalwood - A tree found in SE. Asia, Hawaii, Nepal and Australia. Sandalwood hasbeen used for over 4000 years, primarily as incense. In skincare, it provides treatment foroveractive sebaceous glands and can be beneficial in treating acne.Saponified Oil - Oil that has been bound with alkali (sodium hydroxide) to create soap.Sea Buckthorn - See Seaweed.Sea Lettuce - See Seaweed.Sea Salt - Of the sea, the evaporated water. Incredibly high in minerals, sea salt is useddry/mixed with oil as a body scrub for exfoliation; as a bath soak, it is also helpful inalleviating sore muscles due to colds or exercise.Seaweed - Seaplants (Algae) of all sizes and shapes. Seaweed is known to providedetoxification properties by absorbing toxins. Many types of seaweed have antioxidantand anti-inflammatory properties.Sesame - A flowering plant found across the Europe, Africa and Asia. The seeds providean emollient oil similar to other nonfragrant plant oils; the oil is a source of Vitamin E.Shea Butter - From the Karite tree in Africa, Shea butter is tremendously nourishing tothe skin and hair. It also provides a natural sun protection factor.Silica - See Horsetail.Slippery Elm - Native to Eastern N.America. It is used traditionally as a medicine forsore throats, and in skincare can be an anti-irritant and anti-inflammatory.Soy - Native to Asia, this bean is rich in fatty acids and vitamin E, and readily absorbedby the skin. The oil is extremely moisturizing.
  12. 12. Spearmint - Of the mint family, Spearmint is used as a tea, in cooking and in cosmetics.It is wonderful in summer skincare, as it is cooling and reviving.Spikenard - An ancient flowering plant that grows in India and the Himalayas. It hasantibacterial properties for skin, and is used in aromatherapy for tension, stress, migraine,nervous indigestion and insomnia.Spirulina - Super blue-green algae. See Algae.St. Johns Wort - An herb traditionally used in European folk medicine as an anti-depressant. In skincare, it has potent antioxidant properties.Strawberry - A low growing berry, powerfully high in antioxidants and vitamin C.Sugar - Often of the sugar beet, sugar is an excellent exfoliant and natural AHA.Sugar maple - A tree found on the Eastern seaboard of N.America. This tree producessweet syrup, commercially used to flavor confections. In skincare, it is moisturizing andworks as a natural AHA.Sulfur - An element of the Earth, smelling similar to a bad egg. Sulfurs healingproperties are reputed throughout the ages, as it contains anti-microbial, anti-fungal andantiseptic characteristics. It is very effective in the treatment of acne.Super-Oxide Dismutase - Enzyme considered to be a potent antioxidant in humans.Surfactant - Foaming agent used in cleansersSweet Almond Oil - See Almond.TTangerine - A sweet, orange-like citrus fruit used for the oil in the peel. In skincare, itcan help to reduce stretch marks. In aromatherapy, it is used as a muscle relaxant, beingsedative and calming.Tea - Used for centuries, Camellia Sinensis - including black, green, and white tea -contains potent antioxidant as well as anti-carcinogenic properties. It is found across Asiaand Africa. Rooibos, a shrub found in Africa and unrelated to Camellia Sinensis, isconsidered "red tea" and contains many antioxidants and minerals as well. A cosmeticpreparation using tea delivers antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant properties tothe skin.Tea Tree - A shrub brush commonly found in Australia and some parts of New Zealand.The oil in skincare can be a powerful warrior against the bacteria that cause blemishes.Thyme - A culinary herb native to S. Europe, it possesses potent antioxidant properties.In aromatherapy, it is cleansing and purifying.Titanium oxide - Considered to be the safest of all sunscreens. It is an inert earth mineralused as a thickening, whitening, lubricating, and sunscreen ingredient in cosmetics.Turmeric - Plant source of a spice made from the dried, ground root; the extract is calledcurcurmin. When used in skin care, it has potent antioxidant and skin-lighteningproperties.VVanilla - The vanilla bean is used to flavor food, drink and cosmetics. The plant is asource of polyphenols, which are potent antioxidants activity and can be anti-inflammatory.Verbena - A small tree found throughout Europe. The lemony fragrance is used inaromatherapy to energize and refresh.
  13. 13. Vetiver - A tall grass found in parts of Java, Haiti, Japan, Indonesia and South India.Aside from the use in fragrances, Vetiver can be used to alleviate the inflammation ofacne, and excess oil production.Vitamin A - Very high in beta-carotene, an amazing antioxidant, particularly as retinoland retinal palmitate.Vitamin B - Essential vitamin for stress, it helps skin retain moisture.Vitamin C (Calcium Ascorbate) - A building block for healthy gums, teeth, skin andbones. Considered a potent antioxidant for skin, helping to prevent the signs of aging.Vitamin D - Essential for health, and a powerful antioxidant. Safe sun exposure is toutedas an important part of Vitamin D production in humans.Vitamin E (Tocopherol Acetate) - A powerful biological antioxidant, and considered anantioxidant superstar. Is used to help scars fade, and also as a natural preservative.WWheatgrass - The leaf buds of the wheat plant provides powerful ingredients such aschlorophyll, amino acids, minerals, vitamins, and enzymes.White Birch - An ancient tree of N. and Eastern European origin, known for the whitepaper-like bark. The extract is known to have potent anti-inflammatory properties, and isbeneficial in the treatment of inflamed conditions such as acne.Willow - The willow tree yields a natural form of Salicylic Acid (aspirin) in the bark.The extract is anti-inflammatory, and is useful in reducing inflamed conditions such asacne.Wintergreen - A small shrub that is native to northeastern N.America. In aromatherapy,the oil is similar to peppermint. It revives and can ease pains associated with fitness orillness.Witch Hazel - An herb traditionally used in N.American medicine as an anti-inflammatory. It can also have potent antioxidant properties.XXanthan Gum - Used as a thickening agent.YYarrow - An aromatic, perennial herb that grows in many forested areas. Yarrow isconsidered to be a multi-use herb, and in skin care can act as an astringent. It may haveanti-inflammatory properties.Yerba Mate - An herb used for the preparation of the most popular tea-like beverage ofS.America. It has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.Ylang Ylang - A fragrant flowering plant grown in the tropical rainforests. It can helpnormalize sebum production in oily skin types, and is considered an aphrodisiac. It is alsobelieved to lower blood pressure.Yucca Extract - A plant grown in hot, dry climates, its juice is used as a soaping agent.It is anti-inflammatory.ZZinc Oxide - An Earth mineral, zinc is primarily used in cosmetics as a full-spectrum sunprotection factor. It can be a significant anti-irritant and antioxidant, and is useful in thetreatment of acne.