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Clear Asbestos Testing Sydney


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#Asbestos testing is a job to do professionally, to know that, you can read this slide share. And for more information, you can visit this site enjoy for read and thank you

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Clear Asbestos Testing Sydney

  1. 1. Asbestos Testing Sydney
  2. 2. Old houses often have lots of charm and character. However, despite of the charm, they can be hazardous to your health. One of the hazards often exist in old houses is asbestos. Due to its popularity in the past, many manufacturers produced ACM-based products in large scale quantities. This is one of many reasons why most old buildings in Australia contain asbestos containing material (ACM). Studies shown that exposure to ACM fibres can lead to the development of an asbestos-related disease (ARD). In most cases, the victims get in contact with the deadly fibres while they are performing a DIY home renovation work. Without knowing the hazard, they’re scrapping, sanding, hammering, and dismantling the building structure. This causes an accidental disturbance of the ACM, which is often hidden beneath the building parts. Reference: testing-sydney/
  3. 3. Asbestos is a fibrous mineral, which was commonly used in Australia in the 1970s. It was used mostly in the construction industry to add strength, fire resistance, and durability of a product. This dangerous material was used in many parts of a building such as in wall sheeting, roofing, fencing, and ceiling parts. Nowadays, there are approximately 3,000 products have been identified to contain this deadly mineral. Fibre exposure incident often occurs since many people lack of awareness about the risk of ACM exposure to human health. It has been reported that many homeowners have a high potential risk to suffer from an ARD, like mesothelioma and lung cancer, because they are conducting a DIY renovation without understanding the danger of ACM exposure that may occur.
  4. 4. Is your house free from asbestos? However, the danger of ACM contamination only exists in old properties, which were built before the 1990s. So, if you live in a newly built home, you have nothing to worry about. But, if you’re living in an old house, you have to take an extreme precaution, especially if the type of ACM found in your home is the friable one. So, do not try to do something reckless like performing a removal yourself or using DIY asbestos testing kits to identify a suspected material on your own. Let the expert to handle such job! It is the wisest choice to prevent you from any risk of exposure. Despite the facts above, you don’t have any reason to be panic. Even if you live in an old property, it doesn’t mean that ACMs are present in your building. The best option that you should take is hiring a licensed assessor to do a thorough inspection of your place. A sampling procedure may also be carried out as a part of asbestos testing Sydney services. About ACMs –
  5. 5. . What can an assessor do for you? An assessor will perform a complete investigation at your property to identify if any ACM resides in the building and contaminate it. Briefly, he will conduct these steps to get an accurate asbestos testing Sydney result, and they are: •Checking the building history. A removalist will check your ACM register document. If you don’t have such paper, then you will have to obtain one. The law requires every property owners to have a document that records all ACMs exist in a building. •When the assessor is in doubt, he will take some parts of the suspected material for sampling and asbestos testing Sydney purposes. The bags of sample will be sent to a registered lab, which is approved by NATA for further analysis. •After the identification process is done, you will get a full report, including the lab analysis result. This report is crucial to determine the next preventive action needed to keep you and the other occupants from the exposure risk. With proper certification, skills, and experience; the assessor will perform the investigation process with ease.
  6. 6. Further measures for ACM remediation processes After the identification work has been carried out, several actions will be taken. They will depend on the ACM type, its condition, and its level of contamination. You can choose either one of the following services: 1. Asbestos removal Sydney: You will need this service to remediate a contaminated property. The service includes the removal of contaminated materials, disposal, and decontamination process. Before taking this service, it’s vital to conduct a preliminary inspection first, as well as to carry out an asbestos testing Sydney work to get an insight what kind of ACM exist in a property. 2. Asbestos management plan: This service is mainly to help you in creating a good control plan; for identified or assumed ACMs in your property. This plan helps to ensure that the building occupants are taking an extra precaution when finding a contaminated material.
  7. 7. 3. Asbestos roof removal: If your roof is made of ACMs, you must contact a licensed removalist to ensure a safe and clean roof removal process. 4. Emergency repair: When an incident happens and causes an uncontrollable release of fibres, you need this service. Or a car just crashes on your super six fences? You’d better call for this service. 5. Soil remediation: When a contaminated material degrades, it can make the fibre dust spreads into the soil. If the contaminated soil is not cleaned, there’s a possible chance for the fibre to go deeper and contaminate the ground water. A soil remediation service can help you to prevent a wider contamination. 6. Air monitoring: An air monitoring is necessary to keep the contamination level under control. 7. Demolition: When a building is heavily contaminated, and it’s beyond a remediation job, the last resort that can be taken is to demolish the structure. Our members can help you to prepare a demolition plan and demolish your contaminated structures.
  8. 8. 8. Asbestos consultant: If you are in doubt or you don’t know what to do with the contaminated products in your building, you can ask for a consultant to help you out. As regulated by the law, an individual who is interacting with this hazardous product must obtain a license from SafeWork. This is crucial to make sure that the work is performed correctly, in accordance with the safe work protocols and current regulations. So, choose your help wisely or you can end up exposing yourself to the hazard. Or else, you can take the easy way by getting the help that you need through Clear Asbestos Removal Sydney. Reference: tos-testing-sydney/