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Cedar Ridge Weekly Report


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Cedar Ridge Weekly Report

  1. 1. Cedar Ridge Wind – How to Create the Weekly Site Report Click on the Cedar Ridge Weekly Report Template in the “Weekly Site Report” folder.Once the excel file has opened, click on the “Power Curve Raw Data” folder on the report.
  2. 2. Locate the Server Computer on the Vestas Scada.Right click on the “Server”, highlight Reporting and select Power / Wind Curves.
  3. 3. The Add cure(s) screen should appear. 1. Highlight all turbines in the Select park units” 2. Select “Scatter” 3. Select “Use Corrections” 4. Time Period (4 weeks) 5. Click “Generate”
  4. 4. After clicking “Generate” an excel document should have opened and populated with data, shownbelow. Click on the Copy to Clipboard.
  5. 5. Right click on Cell B9 in the weekly report and select “Paste”.
  6. 6. Now click on the “Performance Report Raw Data”, setting up for the next report.On the Vestas Scada, right click on the “Server” computer again, highlight “Reporting” and select “Report Generator”.
  7. 7. The “Report generator” page should appear as shown below. 1. Select all Turbines 2. Select “Performance report” beside “Template” 3. Select “Custom” for the time period(Sunday to Sunday) 4. Click “Generate”
  8. 8. After clicking “Ok” an excel document should have opened and populatedwith data, shown below. Click on the Copy to Clipboard.
  9. 9. Right click on Cell B8 in the weekly report and select “Paste”.
  10. 10. Create Standard Availability Report Select “Standard Availability Report” as the Template and select Generate.
  11. 11. Copy to Clipboard
  12. 12. Paste into Cell B9 ofthe Availability RawData Tab
  13. 13. After you have loaded all reports, select the “CRW Weekly Summary “ tab and press F9. This runs all thecalculations in the report.Then complete the “CRW Weekly Summary” and “Versify Logs” folders just like normal. Save and send.