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Debt negotiation advantages bb

  1. 1. Cambridge Life Solutions Debt Negotiation Advantages
  2. 2. Debt Negotiation Advantages You may save on the principal amount you owe. For example, if you owe $10,000 to your creditor and  We want settlements as payment in Cambridge Life Solutions negotiates the debt down to $4,000 full so our clients can get out of debt the quickest You save $6,000 in principal in addition to over $12,500 in potential interest if you kept servicing the debt  Its also important to save the most amount of money on their debt possible With Cambridge Life Solutions debt negotiation program we focus on getting the debt you owe reduced, not  Lowering interest rates do help but lowering your interest rates with Cambridge Life Solutions debt negotiation program reducing the debt down in principal, saves client much more
  3. 3. Debt Negotiation Advantages Doing our program is not publicly listed on your  When you join a debt negotiation credit report program your debts may appear as “late” The words “debt negotiation” is not on your on your credit report until a settlement is credit report agreed to and paid for It is very different then if you did a “credit counseling”, “consumer proposal” or  Once the settlement is paid the account “bankruptcy” may read as “paid”, “settled”, “settled The options which would publicly display on for less than owed” your credit report that you did that method of debt relief and it would last for years  But nothing is publicly written on your credit report as “debt negotiation”
  4. 4. Debt Negotiation Advantages Cambridge Life Solutions offers very  There are no prepayment penalties short term programs to finish you program sooner You can choose anywhere between a 12 to 36 month program  The quicker you save your funds for settlements, the sooner you can become debt free The shorter the term the quicker you get out of debt  Many other debt relief programs run Typically the greater savings a client for much longer receives in settlements with their debt  Credit counseling and consumer proposal for example can run for 3 – 5 years in length
  5. 5. Cambridge Life Solutions Cambridge Life Solutions wants you to know there are some advantages of doing our debt negotiation program versus the other debt relief options out there
  6. 6. Debt Negotiation Advantages Another advantage of Cambridge Life Solutions  That is the root of the issue typically when it debt negotiation program is that you save your settlement funds in your own chequing or comes to debt savings account  Everyone wants to get out of debt…. You are always in full control of your money We don’t take your money and send it to your  But it’s the spending and saving habits that creditors need to be improved in order to ensure getting into debt again is not going to happen any Once a settlement is reached we advise you in further writing where to send your settlements funds to your creditor A big advantage by using this method is that consumers start to develop better savings habits because of this….
  7. 7. Cambridge Life Solutions About the Author Cambridge Life Solutions has settled millions in consumer debt and each month that number continues to grow On average, once we have received a settlement offer from a creditor on behalf of our client it shows over 60% in principal savings. To daily tournaments which would only require small buy-ins but provide whopping jackpot prizes
  8. 8. THANK YOU!