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Digital Participation


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A short overview of digital participation in Scotland and introduction to SCVO's new digital participation programme. Presented at SCVO's Third Sector Summit, November 2013.

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Digital Participation

  1. 1. #TSS13 Chris Yiu Digital participation Director of digital participation, SCVO 21 November 2013 Third Sector Summit John McIntyre Centre, Edinburgh
  2. 2. Ofcom, Scottish Household Survey At the start of 2013 76% of households in Scotland had internet access Up from 60% in 2008 Below the UK average of 80%
  3. 3. people But today is about Infrastructure is important
  4. 4. 15%Have never used the internet UK = 14% National Statistics
  5. 5. Fill in an online form Search and browse the web Basic online skills Send an email Go ON UK Stay safe online
  6. 6. 30%Lack basic online skills UK = 21% BBC Media Literacy, Ipsos
  7. 7. 1.3 million
  8. 8. UK / Oxford Internet Institute No qualifications 60% Disabled 50% Retired 55%
  9. 9. 82% Not interested 5% Too expensive 3% No computer 7% Too difficult UK / Oxford Internet Institute
  10. 10. The web is for everyone
  11. 11. Sharing Health WorkingLearning Money Public services People
  12. 12. Increase digital participation throughout Scotland Build digital capability in the third sector
  13. 13. 1 in 5charities have little or no web presence 50%need help with web design and social media UK / Go ON UK
  14. 14. Huge opportunity For all our organisations For the people and communities we work with +
  15. 15. What can you do? Third sector Private Public
  16. 16. @scvotweet @clry2