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Researching Digital Media


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Presentation at TXST Graduate Research Symposium

Published in: Education
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Researching Digital Media

  1. 1. RESEARCHING DIGITAL MEDIA Cindy Royal, Ph.D. A s s o c i a te P r o f e s s o r S c h o o l o f J o u r n a l i s m a n d M a s s C o m m un i ca t i o n Tex a s S t a te U n i v e r s i t y c i n d y roya l .c o m w w w. s l i d e s h a r e. n et / c l royal / r e s e a rc h i n g - d ig i t al - m e d ia
  3. 3. PRODUCERS The Journalist as Programmer: A Case Study of The New York Times Interactive News Technology Department - #ISOJ Open Innovation in Digital Journalism: Examining the Impact of Open APIs at Four News Organizations – NM&S; Aitamurto & Lewis Innovation Processes in Online Newsrooms as Actor-Networks and Communities of Practice – NM&S; Schmitz-Weiss & Domingo The New Journalism: Goosing the Gray Lady – NY Magazine Lone Star Trailblazer: Will Texas Tribune Transform Journalism? – CJR Theories: Media Sociology/Social Meaning of News; Diffusion of Innovation; Programmer/Journalist Methods: Case Study, Ethnography, Interview, Survey
  4. 4. PRODUCTS Interactives of Olympic Proportions: The Dif fusion of Data Journalism at The New York Times The Interactive News Graphics of the Guardian and the New York Times ( – Marije Rooze Twitter First: Changing T V News 140 Characters at a Time – #ISOJ Twittering the News: The Emergence of Ambient Journalism – Journalism Practice  Theories: Dif fusion of Innovation; Interactivity  Methods: Content Analysis, Qualitative Methods
  5. 5. PEOPLE  Pew Internet and American Life Project  The Benefits of Facebook "Friends:" Social Capital and College Students Use of Online Social Network Sites – JCMC; Ellison, Steinfield, Lampe  Its Complicated: The Social Lives of Networked Teens – Danah Boyd Mobile News Adoption Among Young Adults: Examining the Roles of Perceptions, News Consumption, and Media Usage - JMCQ; Chan-Olmstead, Rim and Zerba Methods: Survey, Interviews, Focus Groups, Observation Theories: Uses and Gratifications; Media Ef fects, Impression Management; Identity; Cultural Theories; Virtual Community, Social Capital; Network Theory
  6. 6. PEDAGOGY  Creating Collegiate Media Opportunities in the Classroom Using Social Media: A Case Study of Experiential Learning  Journalism Schools Need to Get Better at Teaching Tech Where the Girls Are – Nieman Journalism Lab  Curriculum issues  Online Learning & Distance Education Methods: Case Study, Experiments, Thought Pieces Theories: Dif fusion of Innovation; Network Theory; Experiential Learning
  7. 7. DATA Pew Internet U.S. Census U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Centers for Disease Control and Prevention World Bank Open Data Sources Patchwork Nation Texas Tribune The Guardian
  8. 8. BIG THINKERS Social Networking Sites: Definition, History and Scholarship – Boyd & Ellison Social Networking Sites…Revisiting the Story So Far: A Response to Danah Boyd & Nicole Ellison – David Beer Lawrence Lessig Henry Jenkins Clay Shirky Manual Castells Sherry Turkle Chris Anderson’s – The Long Tail and Free
  9. 9. INTERSECTIONS The intersection of the roles of producer and consumer; citizen journalism; user -generated content Cross-disciplinary collaborations Programmer/journalist; team collaboration on data projects/process Teaching technology in communication programs – Web design, programming, data Use of social media in the classroom –, TXStateMCWeekcom, Seek inspiration from data presentations to incorporate into academic research Making research more useful/accessible
  10. 10. OPPORTUNIT Y NYT, Nov. 2012