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Sol's presentation


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Sol's presentation

  1. 1. Cumbria Equality and Human Rights Forum Sol Gray and Lee Wicks
  2. 2. Sol Gray My names is Sol Gray and I represent FMCM, BME Community. I am a trustee and co-ordinate a children’s club called A Journey Around the World; this is a themed club to raise awareness of different cultures. The main aim of the organisation is to dispel myths of racism and to promote harmony in the community. I was invited by Andrea Aldridge to the Cumbria Equality Leadership Training.
  3. 3. Cumbria Equality LeadershipTraining June 2012 AWAZ and CERC Who was there? BME / LGBT / Disability Learning Leadership Styles, Explaining our work and present our own organisations in the community Best outcome – University residential experience , quality of the course, speakers, gain knowledge, Network and make new friends.
  4. 4. Cumbria Equality and Human Rights Forum What is this? who we are? What we can do for this to happen? We are a group created after the Leadership Training Program from many members of different organisations who work actively in the community to help voice out the right of every person. Under the umbrella of diversity we see a dynamic of cultural changes and beliefs We believe in integration and inclusion We are a team and we work towards the same goal TEAM Together We Achieve More
  5. 5. Paths for next CEHRF Meeting We had a few meetings after the Leadership training course to discuss the future of the forum. 1st meeting: June – Penrith. The outcome was to see initially the EHRF grow with it’s own members. 2nd meeting: September – Kendal. We brainstorm on delivering themed workshops and activities. Today we are here to explain what we are doing, who we are and what we want to achieve. 3rd meeting: December – Ambleside . Two days Residential Workshop to brainstorm and network with Community leaders. We will work and integrate skills, knowledge and ideas to promote a smart, incredible and outstanding Human Rights Forum.
  6. 6. Paths for next CEHRF MeetingWe also have three events lined up for nextyear…!March: Elimination of RaceJune: LGBTNovember: DisabilityVenues to be confirmed
  7. 7. Paths for next CEHRF MeetingSo…if you want to join us and you think you have the energy, creativity and skills, please sign our forms and talk to us over lunch ...Thank you very much for listening.