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Lee's presentation


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Lee's presentation

  1. 1. Cumbria Equality & Human Rights Forum Sol Gray & Lee wicks Lee Wicks RepresentingThe Friends & Supporters of the Furness Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Barrow & South Cumbria
  2. 2. Cumbria Equality Leadership Training• I attended the training this Summer, organised by AWAZ• People of different strands of equality were represented.• LGBT, BME, Disability, Faith etc.• I learned various types of leadership, and dare I Say tips on public speaking !!• I enjoyed the course, esp. meeting new people, in particular people I would probably wouldn’t normally meet
  3. 3. Cumbria Equality & Human Rights Forum• It is a group of people who meet to discuss and ACT upon issues relating to inequality• We have representatives from various organisations inc: LGBT, BME, Disability, Faith etc. anyone is welcome !• Our main aims are to challenge Racism, Homophobia, Islamaphobia, to challenge ALL hate crime, and hopefully eradicate it !
  4. 4. Cumbria & Human Rights Forum AIMS•Motivate people to join & inform them of meetings •We welcome everyone’s contribution•You can leave your detailswith us
  5. 5. Thank you for your time and patience !Please have a Safe journey home everyone !