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Low level translation

Published in: Education, Business
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  1. 1. * TRANSLATIONGroup membersFebriyan D.C. 082084248Adi Pangestu 082084249M. Jibril Ridho R. 082084250Haris Yanuar 082084251Rico Ady S. 082084252
  2. 2. *Analizing points1. Is the translation appropriate or not?2. Are the translation and the vocabulary, considered to be polite or not?3. Is it high translation or low translation?
  3. 3. Is the translation appropriate or not?The criteria of appropriate translation:* The subtitle should be the same with the people / artists words in the movie. For example, (Indonesian-English translate) if the people say in Indonesian, the English subtitle must be showed completely.* The translation must be accurate with the language used in the movie.* The translation must be easy to understand.
  4. 4. *Reporter* Indonesia : Eh, oke-oke Pak. Bagaimana dengan bukti-buktinya Pak?* English : ________Drs. Zaenuddin* Indonesia : Eh, mereka itu sangat pintar Mbak, dan mereka tidak akan meninggalkan bukti. Mereka ini adalah pihak asing, ditunggangi pihak asing yang dengan menggunakan teknologi canggih mbak.* English : They are very cunning, Miss_______ They are foreign parties________
  5. 5. From the dialogue above, we can conclude that :1. There are many incomplete translations in the movie.2. The translations are not accurateSo, from both points, we conclude that thetranslations of „Wakil Rakyat‟ movie is notappropriate.
  6. 6. *Basedon the dialogues, we found that many translations andvocabularies that are impolite. For example :Reporter* Indonesia : Apa kucing bisa?* English : Can they use a cat like that?Drs. Zaenuddin* Indonesia : Ya jelas Mbak, mbak pikIr di Amerika gak ada kucing. Itu ada Mbak, disana lebih gila lagi. Ada yang dinamakan dengan “criminal cat”. Itu yang namanya kucing garong Mbak !* Engish : ________ Do you think ______ they do ! and it even worse______ Criminal cat, the one we called______
  7. 7. *The criteria of high translation :* The translation must be appropriate.* The translation must be polite.* The vocabulary used must be polite.The criteria of low translation :* The translation should be appropriate.* The translation should be polite.* The vocabulary used should be polite.
  8. 8. * According to the criteria, we can conclude that the translations of Wakil Rakyat are belong to low translation, because from the movie, we can see that many translated words are suitable for the low translation criteria.