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GDPR & how it impacts your UX / content work


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From May next year, the General Data Protection Regulation will go into full effect. You might think that this has not much to do with your UX work, but then you’re wrong. Because the GDPR will have great consequences on how we deal with privacy and personal data, and is also applicable to your work processes.

Clovis Six and Saskia Videler will give you a primer in GDPR and offer you a crystal clear overview on how to implement GDPR in your workflow.

– As a UX researcher Clovis Six often gets confronted with privacy issues in the projects he works on. But as a white knight of privacy, he always saves the day with his knowledge and resourcefulness, whilst protecting the privacy of the user. He feels like it’s his duty to get the privacy conversation going.

– Saskia Videler marries content + UX in her practices as content strategist. Through a thorough understanding of the end-user, she’ll make sure that they will be able to perform their tasks.

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GDPR & how it impacts your UX / content work

  1. 1. (This presentation may save you +20mln euros!)
  2. 2. Hello! We’re Clovis Six & Saskia Videler
  3. 3. What we’re going to talk about… GDPR, UX and content
  4. 4. GDPR: General Data Protection Regulation Deadline: May 28, 2018
  5. 5. Quazu case
  6. 6. Asking for personal information
  7. 7. Be clear about your goals
  8. 8. Allow for viewing, editing and deletion of data Ps: check out for a cool case about this!
  9. 9. Data controller is always responsible (and liable in case of breaches or neglect) controller processor
  10. 10. GDPR Task Force Feat. DPO
  11. 11. Privacy by design Feat. Privacy by default
  12. 12. case Quazu’s new check-out
  13. 13. Look before you leap!
  14. 14. Assess your research setup
  15. 15. Research Privacy Ship
  16. 16. Fix your user representation
  17. 17. “Can we get the raw data?”
  18. 18. Design with privacy in mind
  19. 19. Account
  20. 20. Check-out > Account Privacy Policy
  21. 21. Check-out > Payment
  22. 22. Check-out > Delivery
  23. 23. Get yourself some GDPR glasses and look at everything you do for a few seconds through those glasses.
  24. 24. How to fix your privacy policy
  25. 25. How to fix your privacy policy Clear, unambiguous language. No jargon or legalese. Example from
  26. 26. How to fix your privacy policy Use icons to communicate the privacy policy Icon set from Aza Raskin at Mozilla
  27. 27. How to fix your privacy policy
  28. 28. ● Ask for consent and data in context. Be clear, transparent and fair. ● Handle personal data with care. Allow for viewing, editing and deleting by data subject. ● Know your dataflows! Risk assessments need to be done regularly. ● Fix your privacy policy. Make it easy to understand, no legalese allowed! ● GDPR is actually good for UX It will guide design and content towards transparent, clear communication and trust. 5 key takeaways
  29. 29. More info The official text of the regulation: The regulation explained by the European Commission: protection/index_en.htm The podcasts we’ve made about GDPR, UX and content: Privacy by Design guidelines: Remember to check with privacy experts and legal professionals for your specific situation.
  30. 30. Efficiently Effective Podcast Thank you!