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Rest quiet


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RestQuiet Holographic Chips provide a safe, new approach to getting a peaceful night’s rest. CieAura RestQuiet Chips are a safe natural alternative we believe will assist in achieving a quiet night’s rest.

More than one CieAura Transparent Holographic RestQuiet Chip can be used at a time.
Chips can be placed on either side of your head
Chips are non transdermal; nothing enters the body.
RestQuiet can be used multiple nights; 16-24 combined hours.
If you are on medication, consult with your doctor before using.
For best results RestQuiet should be worn every night. If you have limited results the first night keep using them for at least one full week.
On rare occasion, during the first application, a slight temporary headache may occur due to the body detoxifying.
Do not keep the Chips in your pocket as they are activated when they come within two inches of your body.
Keep away from strong magnets as they can erase the chip.
The RestQuiet Chip is most commonly placed on the Temple, either side, right before bed. If needed, you can use one Chip on each Temple.

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Rest quiet

  1. 1. RestQuiet Holographic ChipsLack of rest is a serious threat to wellness. Studies link poor rest with an increased riskof chronic disease, and doctors have long recognized that a lack of rest can weakenthe immune system. Even modest rest loss can diminish the immune system’sresponse to disease and injury. Like the food we eat and air we breathe, rest nourishesthe body and provides energy.A study at the University of California San Diego indicates that chronic rest problemsshorten life expectancy by more than a decade. About one-third of the people in theUnited States have trouble getting a good night’s rest.There are many products on the market that help people rest, but most are pills withthe potential of unwanted side effects, including short-term memory loss, impairedphysical ability and long-term dependence.
  2. 2. RestQuiet Holographic ChipsCieAura RestQuiet Holographic Chips provide a safe, new approach to getting a  peaceful night’s rest. CieAura RestQuiet Chips are a safe natural alternative we  believe will assist in achieving a quiet night’s rest.1.More than one CieAura Transparent Holographic RestQuiet Chip can be used at a  time.2.Chips can be placed on either side of your head3.Chips are non transdermal; nothing enters the body.4.RestQuiet can be used multiple nights; 16-24 combined hours.5.If you are on medication, consult with your doctor before using.6.For best results RestQuiet should be worn every night. If you have limited results  the first night keep using them for at least one full week.7.On rare occasion, during the first application, a slight temporary headache may  occur due to the body detoxifying.8.Do not keep the Chips in your pocket as they are activated when they come within  two inches of your body.9.Keep away from strong magnets as they can erase the chip.
  3. 3. RestQuiet Holographic ChipsThe RestQuiet Chip is most commonly placed on theTemple, either side, right before bed. If needed, you canuse one Chip on each Temple.Between the ankle and the heel (in the little hollow spot)on the inside of the left foot is a meridian point calledKidney 3 — it is also a good placement to assist insedationAnother location that can be effective is in the center ofthe forehead.Remember that the RestQuiet Chip will not put you tosleep, but will allow your body to get into a deeper REMsleep once you do fall asleep.