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Overview Cloudwords Translation Management Platform


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Cloudwords has successfully disrupted the translation industry with a powerful end-to-end platform created specifically to turbocharge the global translation process. We’re not a translation vendor. Rather, Cloudwords is the first and only platform to fuse workflow, collaboration, financial and project management to streamline global translation projects.

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Overview Cloudwords Translation Management Platform

  1. 1. Powering Faster Global Impact and Engagement Cloudwords helps turbocharge the entire global content lifecycle for your key international markets. The localization of your content, products, and other customer touchpoints using Cloudwords accelerates time-to-market, slashes costs, and creates global consistency for your brand. What is Cloudwords? Cloudwords is a 100% cloud-based platform that puts you and your team in control of your global localization process via automated workflows, a localization marketplace, hosted translation memory, and full visibility into progress, spend, and ROI. No more “management by email and spreadsheets.” Content flow is seamless—no import/export or cut and paste—as you can easily extend Cloudwords to your marketing and content management applications. Chosen by the Best Over 160 global enterprises – including SAP, Verisign, Groupon, LifeTechnologies, Marketo, Shazam and Netsuite – use Cloudwords to optimize the speed, cost, and effectiveness of going to market worldwide. Created by veterans of the translation industry and technology pioneers from, Cloudwords is backed by cloud visionaries Marc Benioff, CEO and founder of, and Storm Ventures, a leading cloud venture capital firm. “Shazam is the largest music and television discovery app in the world. With 300M users in 200 countries, 30 languages on all 7 major mobile platforms, when we need to communicate any update, we require the agility and speed to support our business that we have only been able to find with Cloudwords.” – David Jones, CMO, Shazam Why It Matters: The Challenges of Globalization Globalization is a massive challenge for organizations. Until Cloudwords, there was no solution to address the businessstunting issues associated with pursuing growth in international markets: Lost revenue opportunities Without delivering content, messages, product, and customer experiences in local language, sales and marketing don’t work. And without doing it quickly and nimbly enough, significant amounts of revenue remain uncaptured, and your competition gains share. Unwieldy content explosion Content designed to support sales, marketing, and product is proliferating at exponential rates. Managing the creation and delivery of this content grows more challenging by the day, but trying to do so on a global scale is nearly impossible, and brand consistency continuously weakens, without a content globalization platform. Non - global technology Marketers increasingly rely on technology to perform better. Yet the marketing software, and content management systems in place aren’t inherently capable of driving engagement and demand on a global scale. Wasteful processes Executives have come to tolerate highly debilitating processes in their organizations that support globalization efforts. Team members are wasting exorbitant amounts of time using email and spreadsheets as their localization management tools, cutting and pasting tedious quantities of content, and performing other time-consuming, error-prone manual tasks. Expense Localization is one of the most expensive budget line items for enterprises of all sizes, yet few companies even know the aggregate spend on this vital business process, let alone recognize that they are spending more than they need to. 400 Mon tg o mery Str e e t Ste 1200 | San Fra ncisco, CA 94104 U SA | p h +1 415 394 8005 | CLO U DWOR DS.COM
  2. 2. The Solution An end-to-end platform to manage your localization process, assets, and stakeholders. Cloudwords is a first-of-its-kind enterprise platform for content globalization that fuses workflow, collaboration, financial, and project management technologies with a localization marketplace and hosted translation memory to create a one-stop shop for executing your localization strategy “It used to take us 6 – 10 months to roll out projects in 15 languages – now it takes us 4 – 6 weeks.” – Coupa Software Valuable visibility • eal-time insight into requirements, spend, and progress of all your localization projects globally via dashboards R and reports. • Track your spend by vendor, purchase order, content source, department, and more. • ee the evolution and ROI of your translation memory (number of words, language leveraging, cost savings) S over time. Reduced time to market • ollaboration workspaces, automated workflows, synchronized timelines, and automatic alerts streamline complex C processes across multiple departments, distributed teams, and diverse vendors. • ole-based tools (administrators, project managers, reviewers, etc.) for project and asset management gives your R team full, targeted control over localization development and delivery. Global brand consistency • ake sure your corporate tone and brand sounds unified across the globe with easy centralized access for your M translation service providers to your multilingual assets: glossary, style guides, and translation memory. global catalyst for your technology investments • cclaimed open API and robust developer center ensures fast and easy integration with your content management A and marketing systems. • Utilize pre-built integrations for Drupal, Adobe CQ, Sitecore, Sharepoint, Salesforce Knowledge, and more. Vendor-agnostic Localization • loudwords is not a translation services provider. We’re a pure technology company. This means you can invite C your preferred localization vendors and your in-house team into your private Cloudwords account, and/or you can identify the best localization vendor for the job through our trusted marketplace that features ratings and reviews of first-rate translation service providers. Reduced costs • he gift that keeps on giving: OneTM hosted translation memory lets you share approved translations with T any vendor or project across your organization, which means you only pay for translation of those words or phrases once. • omplete financial transparency and translation vendor quote benchmarking ensures you’re always paying C market rates. • Manage purchase orders and invoicing with vendors. 100% Pure Cloud • loudwords is a 100% native, multi-tenant cloud technology… just like This means it’s been C built from the ground up to deliver the cost, ROI, and ease-of-implementation benefits you’ve come to expect of cloud technology. Case in-point: you can signup and start benefitting from Cloudwords today, without any IT involvement or multi-month implementation delays. For more information on Cloudwords, please visit or join the global conversation on Twitter @cloudwordsinc. 400 Mon tg o mery Str e e t Ste 1200 | San Fra ncisco, CA 94104 U SA | p h +1 415 394 8005 | CLO U DWOR DS.COM