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How to use the wiki site

  1. 1. How to use the Wiki site
  2. 2. Posting your comment 1) Type your comments here and leave your name 2) Click here when you are done
  3. 3. Posting on wiki (sharing site) 1) Click on “edit”
  4. 4. Posting on wiki (sharing site) 2) In the “edit” mode, you can type in the space like a word document Please give a title to your post and leave your name 3) Click on “save and continue” from time to time. When done, click on “save”
  5. 5. Posting on wiki (sharing site) 4) To post images/files Click on “images and files”, you can use this function to upload scanned images or any files TIP: You can draw out reaction schemes and scan them into images to upload and share with your classmates
  6. 6. Posting on wiki (sharing site) 4) To post images/files Click on “images and files”, you can use this function to upload scanned images or any files 5) Click on “upload files”
  7. 7. Posting on wiki (sharing site) 6) Go to the directory where your file is saved. Select the file you want and click “open”
  8. 8. Posting on wiki (sharing site) 7) Your file will be uploaded and appear here
  9. 9. Posting on wiki (sharing site) 7) Double click the file link to insert into the page NOTE: All other files (videos, word documents, powerpoint etc) can be inserted the same way!
  10. 10. Posting on wiki (sharing site) 8) You can then resize the picture! 9) Click “save” when you are done
  11. 11. Posting on wiki (sharing site) 10) To insert hyperlinks to websites, click here 11) Type in web address here 12) Click on “save” when done
  12. 12. Uploading videos (I) 1) Go to insert, select “videos”, then “upload videos”
  13. 13. Uploading videos (I) 3) Select video file and click open 2) Click browse to go to directory where video is saved 4) Click submit when done
  14. 14. Uploading videos (I) Wait for video to load…time taken depends on internet connection speed!
  15. 15. Uploading videos (I) 5) Click on “insert plugin” when this screen appears
  16. 16. Uploading videos (I) 6) Click on “save”
  17. 17. Uploading videos (I) Your video will be ready in a while, after a few clicks on “refresh”!
  18. 18. Uploading videos (II) 1) To embed a video from youtube or some other video sharing site, click on insert, select “HTML/Javascript”
  19. 19. Uploading videos (II)
  20. 20. Uploading videos (II) 2) Click on “embed” in youtube site to obtain code 3) Copy all the contents here
  21. 21. Uploading videos (II) 4) Paste code here 5) Click next
  22. 22. Uploading videos (II) 6) Click insert plugin
  23. 23. Uploading videos (II) 7) Click Save
  24. 24. Uploading videos (II) Your video is ready to play!