Shaping your career for Cloud


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Presentation of Recently held webinar on "Shaping your Career for the cloud" by Janakiram MSV, Chief editor, and Raghavan Subramanian. AVP, Infosys

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Shaping your career for Cloud

  1. 1. Shaping Your Career for the CloudJanakiram MSV, Chief Editor, Raghavan Subramanian, AVP, Infosys
  2. 2. Agenda• Recap of Cloud Computing• Cloud Service Delivery Models• Current Landscape• Cloud Career Roadmap• Discussion and Q&A
  3. 3. What is Cloud Computing?An analogy: think of electricity services… You simply plug into a vast electrical grid managed by experts to get a low cost, reliable power supply – available to you with much greater efficiency than you could generate on your own.Power is a utility service - available to youon-demand and you pay only for what youuse.
  4. 4. What is Cloud Computing? Cloud Computing is also a utility service - giving you access to technology resources managed by experts and available on-demand.You simply access these servicesover the internet, with no up-front costs andyou pay only for the resources you use.
  5. 5. What Powers the App? Application Application Services Management Services Compute Storage Networking Database
  6. 6. What Powers the App? Your Application Database Web Messaging Server Server Server Language / Framework / Runtime Operating System
  7. 7. Infrastructure as a Service Your Application Your Application RabbitVM SQLServer VM IIS VM MSMQ VM MySQL VM Tomcat VM MQ .NET Java VM Windows Server VM Linux Server
  8. 8. Platform as a Service Your Application Your Application SQL Rabbit IIS MSMQ MySQL TomcatServer MQ PaaS .NET PaaS Java Windows Server Linux Server
  9. 9. Current IaaS Landscape
  10. 10. Current PaaS Landscape
  11. 11. Cloud and Developers• Essential Skills • Web Services – SOAP / REST/ JSON • Virtualization – Hypervisor, Virtual Machines, Automation • Think Services – Loosely coupled components, MoM • Parallelization – Leverage multiple resources • Instrumentation – Profiling, tracing and diagnostics • Security – Client side and server side encryption • Cloud API – Services and Management• Platform Choices • Any Polyglot PaaS • .NET • Java • Ruby • Python • PHP
  12. 12. Cloud and Developers Traditional Cloud• .NET or Java Platform • .NET or Java PaaS• Components • Services• File I/O API • Storage API• Synchronous • Asynchronous• System calls • Service Management API• Interactive Debugging • Profiling
  13. 13. Cloud and Administrators• Essential Skills • Virtualization – Hypervisor, VM management • Scripting – PowerShell, Bash and CLI • Backup and Restore – Cloud Storage • Disaster Recovery – Duplicate infrastructure on Cloud • Storage – SAN / NAS and storage virtualization• Product Choices • VMware vSphere / vCloud • Microsoft System Center • Eucalyptus • CloudStack • OpenStack
  14. 14. Cloud and Architects• Essential Design Skills • Service Composition • Design for failure • Loose Coupled services • Asnyc Design • Pub/Sub • Parallelization • Geo-redundancy • Scale out Databases • Cost optimization • Security
  15. 15. Cloud Certifications• Microsoft•• CompTIA• IBM• VMware• EMC
  16. 16. Summary• Cloud is evolving and so are the career roadmaps• Virtualization is key for all the roles• Think Services• Choose the right stack and invest in learning it• Choose the right certification track
  17. 17. Thank you