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What's New in Power BI

The all new Microsoft Power BI updates and features

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What's New in Power BI

  1. 1. What's new in Power BI ! JUNE 2015
  2. 2. Agenda • Introduction to Power BI • Comparison with Power BI for Office 365 • Architecture Diagram of Power BI • Power BI Designer • Features of Power BI • Demo • FAQ
  3. 3. Introduction to Power BI • Collection of services and features that enables you to find, analyze and visualize data • Three primary elements - Dashboards - Reports - Datasets • Directly connect to all the important data using datasets, create reports and share dashboards • Pin important information to dashboard in the form of tiles • Stay updated by scheduling data refresh
  4. 4. Comparison with Power BI for Office 365 Power BI for Office 365 Power BI Development Platform Excel 2010/2013 Excel 2010/2013, Power BI Designer Visualizations Bar chart, column chart, pie chart, line chart, geographical maps Includes new visualizations like tree map, radial gauges, funnel charts, combo charts Report Hosting Office 365 service Technology Rendered Silverlight HTML 5 Refresh Capability Weekly / Daily Weekly / Daily / Hourly* *Note: Power BI is still in Preview mode & some of the features are yet to be released
  5. 5. Architecture Diagram of Power BI Different Data Sources Report Creation in Excel / Power BI Designer Upload report to Data Cleaning Data Transformation Data Modelling
  6. 6. Power BI Designer • Dedicated report authoring tool • Can connect to different sources like SQL, SaaS applications, Azure, flat files and many more • Import data, transform data, create powerful reports and visualizations • Ability to create data relationships and DAX measures • Easily publish to service* *Note: service does not support data refresh for designer files
  7. 7. Features of Power BI • Dashboard combines multiple data visualizations in a single interface • Q & A using Natural Language Processing • Share reports and dashboards within organization • Refresh reports and dashboards to get latest updated data every hour/day/week • Mobile app for iPad, iPhone and windows tablet
  8. 8. Demo • Demonstration of CRM Sales Module for Opportunity and Lead • Following are the metrics for Lead - Leads by Rating - Leads by Source - Count of Leads in different stages • Following are the metrics for Opportunity - Estimated Revenue for Opportunity (Top Opportunities) - Actual Revenue by Month
  9. 9. FAQ • Can I share dashboard outside of our domain? No. We can only share with people in our own organization. Also the people that you share it with must have Power BI account • Is the new Power BI service free? Power BI is available in two different options: Power BI Free and Power BI Pro available at $9.99 user / month Also Power BI Designer is available for free download • How can I customize charts in Power BI Designer? Colours are assigned automatically. We do not have the option to customize colours as in power view but this might change over a course of time as Power BI Designer is still in preview mode • Useful Links Power BI Blog : Download Power BI Designer: Power BI Pricing: Licensing Updates:
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