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Microsoft Dynamics Marketing


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In this session we will take a look at Microsoft Dynamics Marketing which is a marketing campaign management tool from Microsoft that is designed to help marketing professionals plan and deliver engaging campaigns that return concrete, quantifiable results.

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Microsoft Dynamics Marketing

  1. 1. Pankaj Shukla CRM Functional Consultant By Vivek Shah CRM Technical Consultant Cloudfronts Technologies LLP Microsoft Dynamics Marketing
  2. 2. AGENDA  Introduction • Microsoft Dynamics Marketing (MDM) Introduction  Campaign Management • Campaign Automation Canvas • A/B Testing • Landing Page • Inbound Campaign Single Opt in? Double Opt in. • Lead scoring
  3. 3. Microsoft Dynamics Marketing Organizations that deal with complex multi-wave, multi-stage marketing efforts across multiple channels and need a single tool to manage all that and have it be integrated with Dynamics CRM. Dynamics Marketing supports both in-house marketing and marketing agencies. For in-house marketing, all marketing initiatives will be associated with the company that has licensed the Dynamics Marketing instance; while at an agency, the agency company owns the Dynamics Marketing instance and uses it to support marketing activities on behalf of their clients.
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